Flower Essences and why it matters if we raise our Vibrations

Yesterday I started into a long overdue project to index the blogs I’ve written. The blogs run from 2006 to the present but because of my confusing unique way of organizing any project, I started by cataloguing 2018, 2019 and 2020. One thing I noticed about these years was how often the Angels encouraged me to write about working with Flower Essences to keep our vibrations high.  Here are some of these blogs of encouragement.  There are many more.

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These blog topics left me asking why it matters if we raise our vibrations? Here are some thoughts.

Grandpa Jim is reading aloud Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Long Winter to two of our grandkids. In a scene from last night,  Pa Ingalls is mowing on the far side of a prairie wetland. Instead of sticking to the high road, Laura and her little sister Carrie decide to take a short cut to their father through this swampy area of tall grasses. From the high road they could see Pa and a route across the swamp, yet once they enter into the tall swampy grasses they can’t see where they are going and get very lost.  Just like Laura and Carrie, we need to stay elevated on a vibrational high road and stay out of the low vibration swampy terrain. For one thing, when we stay in this elevated vibration, we realize that the low vibration problems are the result of just one thing. LOW VIBRATIONS. We also realize low vibrations don’t fix low vibrations.

And where do the solutions come from? HIGH VIBRATIONS. Not only that, but high vibrations are much stronger than low vibrations. The laws of physics demonstrate that when both high and low vibrations inhabit the same space, higher vibrations naturally prevail over low vibrations and thus surplant low vibrations and associated problems. 

In making the personal choice to rise up into a higher vibration, we not only support higher vibrational light flooding the planet, we participate in holding it in place and transforming low vibration problems into more healed higher frequency forms.

This transformation of our planet to a higher frequency expression of divinity is going to happen whether we participate or not.  However, it is certainly going to be more meaningful for each of us and more helpful for all of us if we raise our vibrations with the planet versus fight the flow of light and stay in low vibrations.

The light that floods this planet offers us immense help to raise our vibrations. In addition, if we want to tackle specific stuck places in our energy system where it’s hard for the light to flow in, there is no better tool than Flower Essences.

Flower Essences give us a template for taking specific lower vibration frequencies and shifting them up to a higher frequency.  Flower Essences are practical tools which our electrical systems know how to use to help us tune up to a higher more harmonious frequencies.  They are the epitome of efficiency because when we operate from higher frequencies, a lot of dense challenges are resolved at the same time.

On a global level we will solve all our problems when enough of us tune up from self interest to selflessness.  In the meantime, while we await this 100th money moment, what does this tune up look like in our individual lives? A couple vibrational shifts seem to be particularly relevant to our individual journeys right now. Let me begin with the shift from depair to happiness.

Despair and happiness are on the same bandwidth of vibration. Despair is a lower vibrational expression on the bandwidth than happiness.  If we use a musical analogy, despair is a musical instrument played out of tune while happiness is the expression of this instrument in tune.  If we work with an Essence that helps us tune our instrument in the areas it needs tuning, we find ourselves holding a higher vibration that naturally plays a more melodious song. 

To continue the discussion of the despair happiness bandwidth, a specific Flower Essence that helps with despair is Borage.  This Flower Essence vibrates at the high end of the bandwidth. It models an energy of happiness, courage and a keeping on keeping on with a light heart.  If we work with Borage our despair is offered a template for change that our electrical system can easily replicate.  All we have to do is have a willingness to let go of the old vibration of despair and let our electrical system use the information of the Flower Essence like a musician uses a tuning fork. 

What about the current challenge of  “my way or the highway” low vibration attitudes? How do we lift ourselves up to a kinder, gentler, more inclusive higher vibration perspective? Every Flower Essence works to release us from the illusion of separation that leads us to forget we are all on the same highway.

Flower Essences that jump forward as support for this shift include Arbor Garden, Don’t Worry Bee Happy and the new Symphony combination Flower Esssence mix (our seasonal gift to all of you who place an order in the next month or so).  These beloveds help us break up patterns of needing to be right to shift us into a vibration of letting go into openhearted compassion and community, experiences which will give us real joy and happiness.

Another vibrational shift that continues to be front and center is transforming fear into a higher vibrational expression of love. I didn’t imagine how needed our Be Fearless mix would be when we sent it out as our New Year’s gift in 2020.  Flower Essences including Be Fearless help us release our fear and find a state of tranquility, peace, love and fortitude no matter what is going on.  

Fear is the low vibration end of the fear love bandwidth. Being in fear prevents us from being in a vibration of love. They cannot coexist. If we find ourselves in fear, it’s worth making the effort to tune up. Fear freezes us and makes us more easily manipulated. Fear suggests all is lost.

The current chaos is not a sign all is lost. It is a sign that change is underway. When more light pours into a complex energetic system like Earth, there is inevitable chaos as old lower vibration realities die and new higher vibration realities are born. Down in the marsh grasses of fear we may not see this. We may only see the chaos, but up on the high road of love, we can see new life too, flooding in to replace the old. 

We help make this transition more serene by doing what we can to raise our vibrations.  One way we do this is to let go of our attachment to everything that needs to be released. Yes, stoking ourselves with fear and despair may feel comfortable, but it doesn’t t help us and it doesn’t help anyone. We need to release our attachment to lower vibration states, the kind the nightly news keeps ignited.

Right now we are called to let ourselves rise up in vibration and then care about ourselves enough not to plunge ourselves back down into the depths again. This is planetary care as well.  It is okay to raise your vibration from despair to happiness, from fear and argumentativeness to openhearted love.  Being in a place of compassion and love helps everyone so much more than fear and fighting ever will.

Yes, there are reasons to be angry and feel like fighting. You’ve seen me struggle with this! I’m just grateful for these gentle tools Flower Essences, constantly there to help me be kind to myself in my struggles and help me lift myself up once more.  Flower Essences let our emotions flow and teach us what they need to teach us, but they don’t leave us stuck in an emotion and loaded for bear.  They help release us from lower vibrations that lead to reactivity and fighting.

If you read my Thanksgiving blog you might imagine this was a group of people who see things in somewhat the same way.  We do not.  We see what is going on very differently and have disagreed with each other on some big issues.  The grace of our gathering was that being isolated from each other for so long meant we all put aside those differences as not important.  Being together in kindness meant more to us in that moment than being right. Will this always be the mood? I do not know.  I hope so. I’d also like to believe that spritzing everything and everyone with the Flower Essences contributed to the harmonious gathering, but I don’t need to be right about this.  It doesn’t matter how we get to a higher frequency, only that we do.