A Panel of Expert Dogs weigh in on the last two years

Moderator: On this magic day, the Winter Solstice, I sat down with some expert dogs (as opposed to dog experts) to talk about the last couple of years.  Here are my questions and their insightful answers.

Moderator:  Can I first ask you to tell us a bit about yourself?

Bailey: I am a Plott hound mix with a gorgeous brindle coat.  As a young pup I was hit by a car.  My back left foot got mangled, and I was no longer able to be a hunting dog.  This was an excellent twist of fate for me as I adore my new family whom I rescued in early 2021.  They let me run to my heart’s content and don’t mind that my favorite activity is licking their ears. I come to work at Green Hope with Vicki.


Bella: I am the ancient and wise one in the Green Hope office, and the others respect me as such. I was a super hero in my youth. Once in a while I surprise myself and everyone else by turning on the jets as I used to do. I come to work with Jen. I chose this photo as I may have lost a toe or two in my adventurous life, but I haven’t lost my sense of humor.


Sheba: My life is quite complex as I manage the comings and goings of the two families who live on the farm property, the UPS man and an office of staff goddesses of the human and canine kind.  I am the only one who doesn’t like Bailey licking my ears, but I always have time for a belly rub. I chose this action shot of me welcoming Bella to work with some fresh office gossip. My rescue papers say I am a miniature poodle.  I am NOT a poodle, thank you very much.  My terrier and chihuahua genes shine through in my chatty behavior, but I have other hidden depths in my lineage. For example, I run like a squirrel, AND I run with the squirrels. You can draw your own conclusions from there.

Sheba giving Bella the 411

Huck: I was a guest lecturer in residence at Green Hope Farm for a number of weeks this year when my people had a new baby and asked me if I wouldn’t mind staying at Green Hope while they got adjusted.  I didn’t mind at all. I love tearing through the hayfields here, and Molly has kindly given me my own bespoke garden to dig. In addition,  Sheba and I are old friends and we don’t mind crowding people on one bed or another. I will be texting my comments today as I am back with my people in Massachusetts. The new baby is lovely, thank you very much. I chose this photo because it shows how handsome I am.  Dogs as well as people stop me on the streets to remark on this.  My rescue papers may say mutt, but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Moderator: Your people may sometimes refer to this time as “the pandemic” or “lockdown” or “a difficult time” or other mysterious terms.  How has it been for you?

Bailey: Wow!  Absolutely the best of times. Lots of teenage boys to rumble with and Vicki to always take me on bike rides so I can run like the wind.  What’s not to love?

Bella: The last two years have been fantastic.  I spend all my time with Jen, and she is better than any lady’s maid on Downton Abbey. Attentive to my every wish.

Sheba: I am one lucky dog. My people always worked at home, so I always got a lot of TLC.  However, for some reason they are even more mellow and seem to have a lot more time for long belly rubs.

Huck: I love my new life.  My people used to have to work someplace called the city, but now they are home all the time. Nothing beats this for entertainment value. There is always something going on and someone to let me in and out when nature calls. At night, they may be a family of four, but I still take up half the bed. Bliss.  

Moderator: How has the food been?

Huck:  One of my people is a toddler and the other a baby.  This means the food that falls to the floor is spectacular and abundant.  I am in hog heaven on a daily even hourly basis.

Bailey: Have you ever lived with two teenage boys? They open the refrigerator every few minutes and inhale the contents. Much to my delight, they always include me in their impromptu feasts.  Things could not be better.

Sheba: I particularly savor the many outdoor picnics the people here have.  There is nothing like a picnic for spilled food.  When the toddlers visit, the spillage is epic, but even the big ones drop copious amounts of food.

Bella: My maid, Jen, provides me with delicate snacks whenever I desire them. She treats me as the Queen I am.

Moderator: What did you think of the masks your people wear?

Huck: I don’t often chew things anymore, but there is something about a mask.

Bella: All super heroes have to wear masks sometimes.

Bailey: I pay no attention to the masks.  For me it is all about what the feet are doing. Kickball anyone?

Sheba: I was pleased when Molly made masks from several fabrics decorated with dogs. I could not understand the masks of sloths, dragon fruit, sushi or CATS, but the dog masks made perfect sense to me.

Moderator: What advice would you give your people for 2022?

Huck: Don’t worry. Be happy. And please pay no attention to the mess two little people generate.  I hoover up all edibles and pledge to continue to do so in 2022.

Bailey: I was bred to bear hunt. Ugh. I much prefer your bear hugs, so keep ‘em coming in 2022. And the snacks.

Bella: Don’t let my infirmities get you down. They do not get me down. I have a rich inner life, and I know I am loved.

Sheba: I pledge not to let the squirrels get inside my head in 2022.  Can you pledge to keep your heads clear of squirrels too?  

Moderator: This is very helpful.  What would you say to the general public?

Huck: Expect the unexpected like yummy things falling from above.

Sheba: When life keeps you outside, throw a picnic in the great outdoors, and invite all the dogs you know.

Bella: When you are as old as me you know life is not perfect, but it is pretty darn amazing.

Bailey: My life is an example of the old adage, “Good news, bad news, who knows?” so that is what I would say to one and all. 

A postscript to yesterday’s blog

I have spent a lot of time since I posted the last blog checking with the Elementals and Angels about what I wrote. These beloveds keep reassuring me that while the message was strong in tone, the intention behind the message was to break our bondage to fear and fear mongerers so we can be restored to a vibration of love, hope, faith and serenity.

This intention reminded me of our new Restore Divine Order and in fact the whole Sovereignty Set. This set supports us to have sovereignty over our physical, mental and emotional self. It is all about breaking the hold lower vibrations have on us so we are free to rise up into higher vibrations of love and light.

This summer, I read and reread a book about Australian first people healing techniques.  The healer at the center of the book first muscle tested patients to find out the belief systems that held them captive. He then worked to release these beliefs before moving on to physical healing.  Because western world people have such an attachment to words and give them such power, when this healer worked with people outside his tribe, he reworked belief systems into positive affirmations that he wrote out and physically placed on his patients. 

Sadly we are assaulted by others using words to lower our vibration and freeze us in fear.  As I consider these forces that hold us in bondage to our fears, I think back to yesterday’s blog’s references to the Wizard of Oz.  The man behind the curtain represents many forces holding us in bondage to lower vibrations.  One specific example is leaders that scare us versus uplift us.  There is a way to explain any situation that doesn’t preclude optimism and hope. Winston Churchill knew this.

Here in his speech after the fall of France in June of 1940, Churchill talks about what appears to be the imminent invasion of Britain by the Nazis.  He talks to the British people but also the Americans, seeking to inspire them to join the fight.

“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. And even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

Our family reads a lot of books about World War II. In fact there is a running joke that no family dinner goes by without someone mentioning World War II.  So naturally today I wondered what would have happened to Britain if Winston Churchill had relentlessly sown fear, despair, and pessimism as our world leaders appear intent on doing. How many would have thrown in the towel with him? How would this have lowered the vibration of Britain and increased the likelihood of invasion? He saw inspiring the people as central to his role as prime minister.  He wrote and rewrote his speeches then practiced them over and over and over again with his wife Clemmie. He recognized the power of words to uplift or defeat.

In June of 1940, many an analyst could have said all was lost for Britain and that any encouragement was misplaced.  Instead, Churchill inspired one and all with his words. Who can be sure that this inspiration didn’t save Britain and beyond from tyranny and fascism?

If we are not going to get any inspiration and hope from those we have put in the spotlight, then it is time to turn the spotlight from these people, make our own deep dive into ourselves  and look within for strength and encouragement.  That’s where we connect with our divine eternal self. It also where we can connect with the Angels and Elementals . Right now they are so very focused and attentive to our requests for help, love, light and encouragement.  The Elementals asked me to write rather firmly yesterday because they want to break our bondage to fear and fear mongerers.  But this doesn’t mean they leave us in a void. What is there within us is so much better, so much more beautiful, so much more light filled and true.

The Elementals reprise the role of Toto

I have been thinking a lot about Divine timing this week. I’ve noticed how often my pushing a situation doesn’t work out so well, but when I let go and patiently wait, things often resolve themselves much better than I could have imagined.  So I was surprised when the Elementals asked me to write the following post without apology and with a rather strong edge to it.  The vehemence of the Elementals reminded me of the bumper sticker, “Mother Nature is Coming and Boy is She Pissed.”  Perhaps the truth is that while aspects of Creation feel we can wander down the primrose path at whatever pace we choose, the Elementals of this planet don’t feel this way.  At least today, they want us to get a move on.  

The Elementals want to talk about bridge building. They put aside the topics of bridge building between cultures, religions, genders, political parties and so many areas where we need to come together.  They explained that the first thing we must do will take care of all these concerns. 

We need to bridge the gap between our surface selves and the eternal verity of our inner beings.

The Elementals want us to look first at the whys of this gap.  Many forces work to keep our daily consciousness divided from our true self within.  Now that our media devices go with us everywhere, we are distracted by vapid and relentless media, 24/7.  We have less guile than the creators of this media maelstrom so we believe way too much.  Our love of horror movies has been hijacked by talking heads who make all life look like a horror movie.  This dissonance distracting us is everywhere, working to keep us disconnected and unconscious of our own disconnection. Too often we encourage the dissonance.

The Elementals reminded me who pulls the curtain back when the Wizard of Oz mesmerizes Dorothy and her companions with the scary routine. It’s Toto. AN ELEMENTAL . All dogs belong to the Elemental kingdom because all animals are Elementals.

Today the Elementals take up the Toto role again.  They called me to write this post.  They say it is time to remember who we really are as well as who the man behind the curtain really is. Elementals particularly in the form of the beloved animals, use every moment of connection to affirm our holiness.  They affirm our journey to reclaim this wholeness. They affirm the destination as real.

But today it’s not all champagne and candy canes.  Today, the message they are intent for me to deliver is one of calling us up short. The animals are very clear how far we have gotten from our true beingness.  Animal communicator Dawn Brunke notes that polar bears call us “surface people” because of our unwillingness to dive into the depths of our being.  We keep the dial up on the muzak so loud we do not hear the still small voice of our hearts.  We ignore body wisdom until our bodies speak so loudly we are stopped in our tracks. We let ourselves be talked out of our intuitions.  We hear the voices of the animals, yet because we are so disconnected from our own animal nature, we kill these messengers and lay waste to their homes. Why do we do these things? Because going to the source within us would mean change, and that is painful.   But the Elementals note that it is still time to go deep and grow up.

What is the significance of Toto pulling back the curtain? As a force of nature, he brings on the moment of reckoning.  We need to see what is going on.  We need to see if we have been manipulated.  We need to know truth so we can reclaim energies spent dealing with illusions.  When Toto reveals all, Dorothy faces the truth and faces her own fear.  She throws water on the witch and sees her dissolve. She reveals the great and powerful Oz for who he is.  This leads her to know herself and her own power to find her way home to self.  We need to do this too.

Even as we resist, our inner being joins the Elementals to call to us loud and clear over the manmade din. We are ever encouraged back to reunion with our deeper, truer self.  Dreams, intuitions, our creativity and our heartfelt knowings: all offer routes to this beingness where we experience the truth that all the universe lies within us. In the world around us nature and the beloved animals stand sentinel, ever guiding us back to rediscover who we are and to help us take our place as co-creators in oneness with them.

 The Elementals want us to pay particular attention to our dreams.

Our true self keeps calling to us with the gift of dreams.  They are a nightly offering to help us bridge the gap from surface to inner beingness.  For most of us, we discard our dreams as insignificant or weird or uncomfortable, strange stuff to be ignored.  The Elementals asked me to say that when we pay attention to our dreams they help us evolve more quickly. Unbound from the constraints of stage set Earth, our dreams can bring us realities dense with personally significant imagery and persona.  Dreams hold bespoke story lines that reveal what we need to see.  They bring things to our awareness so much faster than waking life BUT ONLY IF WE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DREAMS.

The animals echo our dreams in their appearances in our midst, but often we don’t credit these synchronicities as significant or even notice them.  The Elementals explain they ARE significant, like a highlighter going over written words.  But it all depends on us.  The powerful evolutionary force of dreams is something we must take seriously. Dreams are a powerful tool of self realization BUT ONLY IF WE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DREAMS   

I think it extraordinary that Elementals, the manifestors of the natural world we abuse and embodied in the animal kingdom we relentlessly harm, stay at our side encouraging us onwards. Right now we revere a few species and willfully destroy the rest. Here the Elementals are just asking us to go home to self, not even asking for us to see them clearly. May we take this journey at their behest.  May we heal all separation. May we recognize ourselves as one of the animals in community with all living beings. May we be worthy of their selfless love.

Flower Essences and why it matters if we raise our Vibrations

Yesterday I started into a long overdue project to index the blogs I’ve written. The blogs run from 2006 to the present but because of my confusing unique way of organizing any project, I started by cataloguing 2018, 2019 and 2020. One thing I noticed about these years was how often the Angels encouraged me to write about working with Flower Essences to keep our vibrations high.  Here are some of these blogs of encouragement.  There are many more.

The Angels (and their Flower Essences) Encourage us to be Fearless 3/10/2018 with a follow up blog Be Fearless 4/05/2018

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These blog topics left me asking why it matters if we raise our vibrations? Here are some thoughts.

Grandpa Jim is reading aloud Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Long Winter to two of our grandkids. In a scene from last night,  Pa Ingalls is mowing on the far side of a prairie wetland. Instead of sticking to the high road, Laura and her little sister Carrie decide to take a short cut to their father through this swampy area of tall grasses. From the high road they could see Pa and a route across the swamp, yet once they enter into the tall swampy grasses they can’t see where they are going and get very lost.  Just like Laura and Carrie, we need to stay elevated on a vibrational high road and stay out of the low vibration swampy terrain. For one thing, when we stay in this elevated vibration, we realize that the low vibration problems are the result of just one thing. LOW VIBRATIONS. We also realize low vibrations don’t fix low vibrations.

And where do the solutions come from? HIGH VIBRATIONS. Not only that, but high vibrations are much stronger than low vibrations. The laws of physics demonstrate that when both high and low vibrations inhabit the same space, higher vibrations naturally prevail over low vibrations and thus surplant low vibrations and associated problems. 

In making the personal choice to rise up into a higher vibration, we not only support higher vibrational light flooding the planet, we participate in holding it in place and transforming low vibration problems into more healed higher frequency forms.

This transformation of our planet to a higher frequency expression of divinity is going to happen whether we participate or not.  However, it is certainly going to be more meaningful for each of us and more helpful for all of us if we raise our vibrations with the planet versus fight the flow of light and stay in low vibrations.

The light that floods this planet offers us immense help to raise our vibrations. In addition, if we want to tackle specific stuck places in our energy system where it’s hard for the light to flow in, there is no better tool than Flower Essences.

Flower Essences give us a template for taking specific lower vibration frequencies and shifting them up to a higher frequency.  Flower Essences are practical tools which our electrical systems know how to use to help us tune up to a higher more harmonious frequencies.  They are the epitome of efficiency because when we operate from higher frequencies, a lot of dense challenges are resolved at the same time.

On a global level we will solve all our problems when enough of us tune up from self interest to selflessness.  In the meantime, while we await this 100th money moment, what does this tune up look like in our individual lives? A couple vibrational shifts seem to be particularly relevant to our individual journeys right now. Let me begin with the shift from depair to happiness.

Despair and happiness are on the same bandwidth of vibration. Despair is a lower vibrational expression on the bandwidth than happiness.  If we use a musical analogy, despair is a musical instrument played out of tune while happiness is the expression of this instrument in tune.  If we work with an Essence that helps us tune our instrument in the areas it needs tuning, we find ourselves holding a higher vibration that naturally plays a more melodious song. 

To continue the discussion of the despair happiness bandwidth, a specific Flower Essence that helps with despair is Borage.  This Flower Essence vibrates at the high end of the bandwidth. It models an energy of happiness, courage and a keeping on keeping on with a light heart.  If we work with Borage our despair is offered a template for change that our electrical system can easily replicate.  All we have to do is have a willingness to let go of the old vibration of despair and let our electrical system use the information of the Flower Essence like a musician uses a tuning fork. 

What about the current challenge of  “my way or the highway” low vibration attitudes? How do we lift ourselves up to a kinder, gentler, more inclusive higher vibration perspective? Every Flower Essence works to release us from the illusion of separation that leads us to forget we are all on the same highway.

Flower Essences that jump forward as support for this shift include Arbor Garden, Don’t Worry Bee Happy and the new Symphony combination Flower Esssence mix (our seasonal gift to all of you who place an order in the next month or so).  These beloveds help us break up patterns of needing to be right to shift us into a vibration of letting go into openhearted compassion and community, experiences which will give us real joy and happiness.

Another vibrational shift that continues to be front and center is transforming fear into a higher vibrational expression of love. I didn’t imagine how needed our Be Fearless mix would be when we sent it out as our New Year’s gift in 2020.  Flower Essences including Be Fearless help us release our fear and find a state of tranquility, peace, love and fortitude no matter what is going on.  

Fear is the low vibration end of the fear love bandwidth. Being in fear prevents us from being in a vibration of love. They cannot coexist. If we find ourselves in fear, it’s worth making the effort to tune up. Fear freezes us and makes us more easily manipulated. Fear suggests all is lost.

The current chaos is not a sign all is lost. It is a sign that change is underway. When more light pours into a complex energetic system like Earth, there is inevitable chaos as old lower vibration realities die and new higher vibration realities are born. Down in the marsh grasses of fear we may not see this. We may only see the chaos, but up on the high road of love, we can see new life too, flooding in to replace the old. 

We help make this transition more serene by doing what we can to raise our vibrations.  One way we do this is to let go of our attachment to everything that needs to be released. Yes, stoking ourselves with fear and despair may feel comfortable, but it doesn’t t help us and it doesn’t help anyone. We need to release our attachment to lower vibration states, the kind the nightly news keeps ignited.

Right now we are called to let ourselves rise up in vibration and then care about ourselves enough not to plunge ourselves back down into the depths again. This is planetary care as well.  It is okay to raise your vibration from despair to happiness, from fear and argumentativeness to openhearted love.  Being in a place of compassion and love helps everyone so much more than fear and fighting ever will.

Yes, there are reasons to be angry and feel like fighting. You’ve seen me struggle with this! I’m just grateful for these gentle tools Flower Essences, constantly there to help me be kind to myself in my struggles and help me lift myself up once more.  Flower Essences let our emotions flow and teach us what they need to teach us, but they don’t leave us stuck in an emotion and loaded for bear.  They help release us from lower vibrations that lead to reactivity and fighting.

If you read my Thanksgiving blog you might imagine this was a group of people who see things in somewhat the same way.  We do not.  We see what is going on very differently and have disagreed with each other on some big issues.  The grace of our gathering was that being isolated from each other for so long meant we all put aside those differences as not important.  Being together in kindness meant more to us in that moment than being right. Will this always be the mood? I do not know.  I hope so. I’d also like to believe that spritzing everything and everyone with the Flower Essences contributed to the harmonious gathering, but I don’t need to be right about this.  It doesn’t matter how we get to a higher frequency, only that we do.