The Light Pours In

In between the many garden tasks of spring, shoveling snow, for example, after Monday’s rip snorter of a nor’easter, I ponder what to write about in a new blog. Each time I muse about this, I get the same shove nudge from the upstairs crew Angels. They say,  “Write about the high vibration energies coming into the world right now.”

Frankly, it’s all I want to write about, as you surely do not need an update on the new, sassy dishes coming out of my quarantine kitchen because this Light is so unbelievably fantastic!

Yes, yes, the grid of a New Earth has been firing up for a few decades.  We have noted the vibrational shifts over the years- but WOW!  This uptick is just…. WOW! It seems a ridiculous understatement to say the Light coming in represents a vast shift in vibration. This is like saying the sun is warm.

Some have seen me as too optimistic and hopeful and Mollyanna-ish with what I have said and written. I get it. Sometimes it probably has appeared rather nutty to be so optimistic. However, what I write now is NOT based on optimism (although I remain optimistic). No, I write from my experience of this incoming Light. Words fail me in trying to describe this Light, but I will keep on writing in hopes of encouraging you to welcome this Light energy into your own energy system ASAP.    

This is not Light energy for some of us and not others.  If it waits at the door of your energy system it is not because this Light energy isn’t yours and doesn’t want to be one with you. It IS yours.  If there is a separation at this point, it is because we have bought into a lot of untruths about us not deserving this Light, and this temporarily has given us and still gives us a dramatic but fake experience on the stage set of Earth that we are separate from this Light. But we are not.

And speaking of Stage set Earth, it is, quite frankly, DONE with this play of separation. The curtain is falling on this tired drama, and amen for that! Gaia is on the go and evolving forward to a place of holding space for us to wake up and remember we are one with this Light. Earth welcomes this Light into its matrix to break up all the false narratives that have too long prevailed here.

It’s a new play on a New Earth!

One thing I am gob smacked by is that this Light is not only there for all of us, it is there 24/7.  When I first experienced this incoming Light, I couldn’t believe it would be there in the same way the next day. I still welcome it in each day with a sense of wonder and joy. Holy Cow!  This Light is here to stay! We just need to welcome it in. And I suspect, over time as we learn how to hold this Light in our bodies more easily, it will become the vibration we live in ALL THE TIME!

How do we get to this place where it is the prevailing Light when right now we experience a yoyo energy of bliss in this Light and then thwump back to into the illusions and density of 3D? The Angels tell me the most important thing we can do for ourselves and all creation is to welcome in this energy as many times a day as we can, but at the very least, when we wake up and when we go to sleep.

One puzzle I keep returning to is why do we have to set aside time to acquaint ourselves with this Light if we ARE one this Light.  I get it that we DO need to do this, but why? 

The Angels note that even as the play of separation winds down, most all of us are still tied to our roles as beings separate from this Light and separate from our Creator. We have played these roles in which we’ve been cast as too flawed to receive this Light and its vibration of pure LOVE so many times that we think it is the truth.

So when we keep the Light outside ourselves, it is really US keeping the Light out because we can’t believe we deserve it.  But we DO deserve to be the fullness of ourselves and this includes this Light.

The Angels counsel us to be gentle with ourselves if we keep falling into the old illusions even as we work to let them go. We’ve had it pounded into us lifetime after lifetime that we are separate, sinful creatures thrown out of the garden for good reason.  The vibrational soup of the human drama glued this illusion to us so we remained asleep to the truth.  But no more.

This Light is our birthright and its time for us to welcome it into every cell of our being.  Whatever the reasons for the old drama of separation, it is over now. Mighty forces have come to our aid and with them, THE LIGHT IS HERE to help us leave the old roles behind once and for all!

Whereas before the Light coming to awaken us knocked quietly and carried a small lantern casting a measured glow through the door we shut to Oneness, now it is a fireball of radiant loving light that is there at our door!

For goodness sake, open the door and LET IT IN!

And this is not Mollyanna writing with a hope and a prayer. This Light is here . The time for hoping and praying is over. The cavalry has arrived.

In addition to stomping on the illusion that we exist separate from Creation due to some freakish flaw within us and therefore don’t deserve this Light, it’s helpful to dump any other inner garbage so that more of this light can come in.

Like the story of the person visiting the Zen master to “get enlightenment” The master says to the visitor, “Tea first” then proceeds to pour and pour and pour more and more tea into the visitor’s overflowing cup. When the visitor shouts,  “Stop! My cup is full. The master says, “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty, come back with an empty mind.” 

My own process as I work to welcome in this Light is to first itemize anything I can think of that might be considered stuff filling my cup that needs to go. Then I ask Divinity to take it all. Then I ask this Light to fill me (This is the WOW moment! ). I am also making an effort to finish my energy clearing work of the farm with a request that this Divine Light fill the grid all the way to the heart of Gaia.

This Light is so strong that like the hundredth monkey, as pieces of land and various people begin to hold this Light, it will be more infectious that any virus we can imagine and soon all Earth will be humming with this Light.

Quarantine Cuisine

There is a 2 year old, a 7 year old, a 30 something and two 60 somethings living here at the farm right now. In between all of us working to keep the orders flowing out the door, there is another preoccupation…. quarantine cuisine. 

I thought you might like to hear about our version of this culinary style because, well, it might give you a laugh. It certainly won’t give you any cooking ideas!

Week #1  As were survey our chest freezer for the weeks ahead, we pass on the freezer burned frozen vegetables. Week #5  Freezer burn vegetables form the centerpiece of many a meal.

Our coop allows us to buy 20 items at a time. They put our requests/their substitutions out front of the store for pick up. What’s in the box is ours! There are many surprises!

Week #1  Our shopping list: kale, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumbers. Week #5  Our shopping list: Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes, mint chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes peanut butter. If we are very lucky, we win the snack lottery and get one sleeve of cookies.

Week #1  Potatoes are a side dish. Week #5  Potato salad with some very strange ingredients is the meal, served by the chef with a hiss, “and you’re going to love it.”

Week #1  Granddaughter Grace and I make whole grain bread like a scene out of “Little House on the Prairie.” Week #5  Throwing caution and nutrition to the wind, Grace and I make garlic knots three times in three days. Her knot skills are now outstanding.

Week #1  We ask the coop for wraps then shake our heads when we get a 3# bag of bulk flour. Week #5  We ask for wraps and gratefully receive the 3# of flour. MORE GARLIC KNOTS!

Week #1  We laugh at all the memes about toilet paper. Week #5  We wish we had saved those ancient Sears catalogs.

Week #1  In lonely splendor, I eat the sprouts I grow each week. Week #5  A crowd gathers of toddlers and grownups when the sprouts are ready, and they disappear in a flash. Who would have thought a 2 year old would like broccoli sprouts?

Week #1  We find a stash of tough, dried out raisins and toss them back on the shelf. Week #5  We retrieve the raisins and google recipes calling for a massive amount of raisins.

Week #1  Our motto, “Capers improve everything.” Week #5  Our motto, whispered wistfully, “Capers improved everything.”

Week #1  Jim’s nightly rifling through the pantry for snacks yields a cookie or two. Week #5  Jim spends so much time fruitlessly searching for a snack in the pantry we think maybe he has passed out in there from the extreme effort to find something vaguely interesting or palatable.

Week #1  A long row of dried beans displayed in canning jars sit on the shelves, unloved as beans so often are. Week #5  Bean cookery takes center stage. Oddly our efforts yield massive quantities of bean dishes with no noticeable decline in bean inventory.

Week #1  Thank goodness for pasta. Week #5  Thank goodness for pasta.

Sending you all much love! Take precious care of yourselves!