The Angels (and their Flower Essences!) Encourage us to Be Fearless!

As I have mentioned before, one of the wonderful things about sending Flower Essences  off around the globe is that it is a constant reminder of how interconnected we are.

Without fail, each week some Flower Essence or a group of Flower Essences are found to be the Flower Essences in particular demand from beloveds all over Earth. We have about a thousand different Flower Essences in stock so these moments of collectivity lift us up and remind us that humanity really is working together to heal ourselves and the planet.

These synchronicities also help us focus our attention on what kind of combination mixes you would like us to make and also what Flowers we should grow for new Flower Essences or seek to find in the wilds. They also give us clues to what we are all processing both individually and collectively.

A recent Flower Essence that has been jumping off the shelves is Golden Wings Rose. This beauty has the I AM affirmation, “I AM freedom from fear.”

Helping us to release our fears has been a big focus of the Angels lately. They explain,

“Fears paralyze. Fears misdirect your energy. Fears discourage. We ask you to BE FEARLESS. In this fearless lies your freedom to grow and to heal. In fact, BE FEARLESS is the name of the next mix we want Molly and the crew at the farm to create.

It is so important to close the door on your fears. Do whatever is necessary to release them. Give them to us! We can transmute them for you.  Release them with each breath you take!

Right now it is best for you to have a streamlined energy system, one that can go with the flow and adjust to changes and new beginnings. Fear is one of the four emotions that open the door for  your energy field to be weighed down by energies that are not your own. Fear is one of the four emotions that throws a monkey wrench into the smooth forward motion of your evolving light body and that of beautiful Earth’s. The other three emotions are guilt, doubt and anger.

Yes, of course there are moments when each of these emotions are appropriate, but what tends to happen in your electrical fields is you logjam the movement of these emotions out of your electrical fields, and this opens your electrical fields so more fear, guilt, doubt and anger that is not even yours enters your electrical fields and bogs you down further.

This is one reason why we encourage everyone to work with Golden Armor. This helps protect your electrical field while you do the work of processing and RELEASING guilt, doubt, fear and anger.

This is also why we have counseled you to be judicious in the amount of media you absorb. There is nothing to be gained from letting fear, guilt, doubt and anger weigh down your electrical field to the point you are swamped. Becoming overwhelmed with bad news derails your electrical fields at this crucial time when your real work is to rise up collectively to shift this planet forward.

As we have said and will continue to say, light and love will prevail and you are all moving forward, but this is best experienced separate from misguided folk who would paralyze you with fear.

We encourage you to pause and take a deep breath before diving into media coverage and ask yourself, “Is it necessary for me to experience this? Will it help me be my best or do my best? Will it add to the light of the world?” Then consider following your intuitive knowing with confidence that you can play your part in the good that is unfolding here on your planet without being scared to death.

In closing, know that we will help Molly to assemble this new mix so it is ready to help you with this housecleaning of fears that in no way serve you or the light of the world!

With great love we salute you. ”