The Great Escape

To say there is a lot of planetary action in Capricorn right now is the understatement of the new decade.

As a child, I was led to believe that being born in Capricorn was an indication I would grow up to be a charmless, humorless, driven and exceedingly materialistic jerk.

My own experience of this sun sign is that it has brought me much wisdom about right relationship with Earth as well as opened me into a deep and powerful connection with nature. I truly cannot imagine having co-created Green Hope Farm with my beloved Angelic and Elemental partners without my Capricornian connection to nature (or my Capricornian mountain goat constitution).

With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn right now and Saturn and Pluto almost to the exact point of conjunction with each other, we’re all getting a taste of Capricorn energy right now.  Yes, I know it can be a bit serious, a bit constricting, a bit dour but it is also a chance to dive deeper into a  loving partnership with Gaia and all beings of Nature. It is a time to live in greater harmony with all that is. And this planetary focus in Capricorn helps us with this vital work.

Another thing I consider EPIC about this January’s energetics is that they give us a chance to CLEARLY see our ego bindings to those who call themselves authorities AND THEN HELPS US BREAK THESE CHAINS.

There is something relentless about Saturn in Capricorn. It illuminates every last one of our bindings to government, academic, societal and religious structures, their ideologies and the people who would tell us these constructs are more powerful than us or our light.


We don’t have to see this press of energies as a marching order to continue to fall in step and do as we’ve been told.  Instead, by having all these connections highlighted, we get to cut them ALL loose with great clarity. Then we can let Pluto, the great transformer, sweep them all away into that mysterious place “out there” where Pluto resides.

I’m trying to approach this intense astrology by paying super close attention to everything that triggers me with a niggling should. These shoulds are the rattling of the chains that bind me to old authority contracts. The key to unlock them all is in me now.  It is in all of our hands.

As these mind ideas come to the surface, I can see them and let them go.  The energy of this month brings everything to the surface, but I have to choose to cut myself free. AND I CAN DO IT!

Also……. IT IS TIME.  Saturn is about timing and time and never more so than when Saturn is in Capricorn.  Hasn’t it felt like 2019 (or maybe one’s whole life) has been about waiting for the right time with every last thing working to hold things up? Well now, it is time to be unbound.

It is time to see who or what we gave our power to and end these contracts once and for all.  Each of us belongs only to our own self.

Some of these bindings are pretty blatant and some are a lot more subtle.  One of my triggers is feeling responsible for people and situations I am not responsible for.  This has been an issue my whole life.  I’ve wanted to turn the other cheek so badly that I had to be dragged into some pretty dramatic situations to realize this is NOT always the right way to proceed.   Yes, if you’ve read old blogs you know I am the person that had difficulty breaking off from a brother who tried to kill me and my children and breaking off from parents that funded and in every way supported this brother while he was trying to accomplish the deed. I did break away, but it took the threat of death to get me to give up my bindings to mistaken ideas about what I owed my family of origin.

This is an old story for me now and one I hope I have wrung dry of meaning and purpose.   Whatever freedom and learning I took from it is part of me now, but this Saturn conjunct Pluto energy comes in now to take me further along in the clear out every last binding out of every last corner of my being.


May the Angels’ January gift of Be Fearless help us ALL fearlessly welcome the project and do the work.

It is time for all of us to be meticulous about how we use our energies and what we bind ourselves to, because we need our own energy to birth our new selves for a New Earth.

At a certain point in the birth process, the mother-to-be has to stop taking care of anyone else in the room and give all her strength and focus to the birth itself.  Afterwards she can step back into a different role as caretaker of self and child, but in the birth, she must go deep into herself to find all her own strength and free it to do this work of birth.  This is where we are. We need all our energy to give birth to our new unbound self.

This configuration of planets means the timing is specific. Cutting ourselves free from bindings isn’t a casual task we can put off. It is the most vital task for us right now.

It’s like the jailor has left the building to go get donuts.  We’ve got the key in our hands. We can free ourselves right now! The passage out of the building is clear. It’s time to go! So get up and go!

As I was considering what needs to be cut free in my life, I realized that I would not have birthed Green Hope Farm had I stayed in the quagmire of my family of origin.  Mercifully, my children and I survived my family of origin’s insane drama so it is easier for me to be grateful that it cut me free from that dynamic.

Now something else arises to be born in me and all of us.  I must do the cutting so this birth can happen. I don’t need the absurd over the top dramas to tell me this is so. I know it.   We all know it, and we all know what we need to do. We need to trust what we know over what we are told by experts or really, by anyone else. We need to take back our power about everything. We need to be willing to have no one understand us and keep going in what we need to do even if no one understands us, and probably no one will.

A mother giving birth knows how she needs to move and what position she needs to take, yet women giving birth are still put in stirrups. No more stirrups for us be they ones foisted upon us or those we put ourselves into.

It may be that no one is going to give you props for going for a life free of bindings. You may even question your right to do this too.  You still need to go for it!

We’ve had so many thousands of years with these bindings.  To a certain degree, we are comfortable with this prison and sometimes want everyone else to stay there with us. BUT IT IS TIME.

As we unbind ourselves, may we support others to unbind themselves too.  Most of all, may each of us do what we need to do to leave our jails. Mighty forces have our backs in this right now.  They are shouting in our ears, “GO FOR IT!”

And after the great escape? What lies ahead?

Life may surprise us yet.  We may just find that the other side of this serious Capricornian work lies the expansive joy of Aquarius. Just ahead at the bend in the road lies a world still out of sight but one that will be more beautiful and magic than we can imagine.


All Ego Contracts Null & Void– Whatever the authority contract, its time to rip it up.

Soul Retrieval– Your soul belongs only to you.

Be Fearless– Our gift with any order through January. Please see the previous blog for more about this.

Alex Mackenzie Rose– The courage to do what we need to do.

Queen of the Night– A flashlight to help us see in the dark.

Centered Birth– Because we are giving birth to a new self AND a new planet.

The Sacred Feminine– This is the part of us that sees the chains and knows what to do to break them all.

The Sacred Masculine– This is the part of us that will help the Sacred Feminine to do the work.

The Way Forward– Life is a Camino. We may not know where the trail is going, but the yellow arrows will show us the next step.

Fisterra– Breaking these contracts means the end to so much that needs to go. Yet with these endings comes new beginnings.  Fisterra helps us feel the beginnings just out of sight waiting for us.

Of Moss, Mold and a New Balance of Energy

Thirty years ago, while learning energetic protection tools from a lovely group of Angels, it was suggested to me that I pull from my spine the sword of protection placed there within each of us by Archangel Michael. This sword can be used to cut us free from all inappropriate energetic bindings and attachments.

In my mind’s eye as I pulled this sword from my spine, I noticed it was covered in gorgeous green moss.  As I savored the beauty of the moss, a compassionate Angel voice quietly suggested that it wasn’t exactly a great thing that my sword of protection had been unused for so long that it was covered in moss. And so the penny dropped, and I took up my sword again.

This December, many decades later, it was not moss but mold that concerned us in Angel meetings. Only this time I wasn’t the only human talking to the Angels but was in community with the lovely humans here at the farm and in the greater Green Hope Farm community.

We had received a spate of email from many of you suffering from mold problems.  Those of us here in the office felt this mold issue was similar to various experiences we’d had of having our boundaries violated or playing energetic host to someone or something that did not deserve our energy. 

Because this concern with mold felt both mysterious but familiar, we decided to do a group meditation on the topic of mold. We hoped to find out what mold was trying to show us and to get information from our spiritual guides about their perspective on mold.  What followed was an incredible learning for all of us, bringing clarity about our light and how we care for it or fail to care for it.

And frankly, I would have shared what we learned a lot sooner if we had not been battling our own version of mold on the website with hackers constantly shutting down this blog.  Thanks to webmaster/mold blaster Ben Sheehan, today the blog is back up with stronger boundaries than ever.

So to share what we learned….

As 2020 begins, we face a planetary epidemic of inappropriate use of other people’s energy by individuals and organizations calling themselves the rightful owners of these energies. In 2020 we see this power dynamic more clearly than ever. Yet all is not lost. Not only are there mighty forces with us to help these inappropriate contracts dissolve and die, but with greater clarity comes a new resolve within us to end our role in the dynamic.

Just as the collective is under pressure to change, we too are called upon to fearlessly dismantle any patterns in our personal lives that allow our light to be taken from us inappropriately. Moss and Mold guide us in this.

Why would we have a mold build up in our system? Why would we have let something that does not have our best interests at heart proliferate within us at our own expense? Why was it almost entirely women writing to us about mold problems?

Womankind has a history of needing to appease physically or socially more powerful people in order to survive. A recent close encounter with an Opposum reminded me that sometimes we’ve even had to play dead in order to survive.  Since the rise of patriarchy, we’ve often had our energies taken from us by those who say, “Your energy is of no value but we want it anyways.”

And we have often devalued our energy in response to this dynamic, buying into the big con.  Because no one would work so hard subjugating others if the energy they were taking was not intrinsically of great value.

This has been a big con- that our energy is valueless- and we need to throw out that lie right now.

Our light energy is the most precious commodity of them all.

It is time to respect our light more fully and give it the vessel of protection our sacred light deserves. It is time to take seriously our role as holy temples of energy. 

Energy does not flood through some more than others by accident.  Light energy is something we have earned through lifetimes of effort. As lightworkers, we have earned ever ounce of our light, yet even when someone didn’t beat our light out of us, we often bought into the big con that we owed our light to whomever wanted it in the name harmony or to be “a good person” or to trade it for something we’d been told we needed in order to be whole.

We were always whole.

So yes, we have a history of lifetimes of being killed for holding onto our light for our own heart driven purposes. We have had to manage our own safety in situations in which more powerful forces have demanded our light from us.

In this life as well, if we have remained steadfast in holding onto our light energy to use in divine order, we have often been mercilessly attacked by every unconscious force out there, because unconscious people can easily be used and manipulated to take light that is not theirs to take.

It has been my experience that the degree to which a lightworker has been attacked is often the degree to which this lightworker has held their light and used it in service to greater light.  The more we have stood in our light, the more attacks we have dealt with. Often this has been a rough gig.

Sometimes it has been too much. Our walls have been breached one too many times, and we have let the mold spores in and laid down our sword of protection. Sometimes it is more insidious than this. Habits of not valuing ourselves creep in when we aren’t paying attention, and we let others set the rules of engagement so we are drained of our light.

But we can let these old dynamics go.

We can return to our true selves ready to fully embody ourselves as the sacred vessels of light inviolate that we are.  As we own our role in what happened, we find our freedom to rise up again and go forward on a planet ready to have our back in a more direct way than ever before.

If we can look at the compromises we made not through the patriarchal lens of duality but the 2020 lens that it was all for learning, then we can unburden ourselves of regrets about the past and lay it all to rest once and for all. 

We can support the holy temple of our bodies to be the chalice of sacred light energy.  We can protect these vessels as they deserve to be protected, so the light can blossom within us and we can use all we have learned in our history as lightworkers to use our light in accordance with our heart’s divinity.

For those of us here at the farm, we find strength to keep going in this delicate unraveling, rebuilding and re-consecration of our energies by building a supportive community with each other and with all of you.   

What a difference this community makes!

If mold is reflective of energy imbalances, then the healing began as we sat together to meditate and discuss our own individual processes and the collective’s through the lens of mold. We want you to know we have your backs as you seek the energy balance appropriate for your true self. 

As do the Flower Essences!

Early on we decided we wanted to choose a Flower Essence to share that would support everyone to find a new energy balance.

In one of our group discussions, Jen suggested that Be Fearless would be an excellent choice. There were shivers down our spine and joy in our hearts as we chose Be Fearless and decided to send it as our 2020 New Year’s gift.  We then meditated on the words of encouragement we wanted to send you with this gift.

We have been sending Be Fearless out as our gift since early December. We will continue to send it out with any order throughout January. In case you do not plan to order this month, here are our words of encouragement for you to be your most fearless and radiant self:

As we head into the adventure of 2020,

All of us at Green Hope Farm wanted to give you beloveds a gift.

After much contemplation, we decided to send you the gift of our Flower Essence mix Be Fearless.

We send it with hope that you know how much you are loved and in hope that this Flower Essence supports you to


Stand in your truth

Make “mistakes”

Enjoy being you

Throw out any ideas that bring you pain, especially those patriarchal ones

Be fiery and feisty

Shed any self-definition that needs to go

Throw some elbows

Do things differently

Find community that loves the fantastic person that is you

Create the boundaries you need

Let your light shine


Begin again

See your courage, tenacity and wisdom

Take as much time as you need to find the next step on your path

Give birth to what needs to be born in your life

Believe in yourself

Change your mind

Know your heart’s deepest hopes and dreams


Take charge when you need to

Lay down your burdens

Bring your shadow into the light

Stop apologizing for being you

Love your body

Move into the unknown

Let things go especially self-judgments

Trust yourself

Say what you need to say

Know you are love in a sea of love

Dance to your own music

Embrace your destiny

Be independent when you need to and seek people when you need community

Say NO


Be happy

Love and New Year’s Blessings from all of us at Green Hope Farm!

Grounding: Expansion and Rootedness, Flower Essences and Lighting the Way for the Children of the New Earth

What exactly does it mean to be grounded in our lives here on Earth?  In considering this question, it occurred to me that the Star of David is an excellent visual representation of being grounded in a balanced way.

The Star of David is composed of two unilateral triangles. The triangle with the wide bottom reflects being fully present in the now and in the physical matrix of Earthly life. The triangle with the open side up represents our connection to spirit and higher realms while also remaining in our physical bodies.

Both the reaching up to spirit and the rootedness in daily life are necessary to grow spiritually and live a balanced life on Earth.

Trillium Flower has the geometry of the Star of David.

Another image for this balance would be a tree with its great branches reaching out skyward and its roots going deep into the earth. These are two impulses moving in opposite directions, yet balance comes in having both impulses operate simultaneously with equal strength.

This equilibrium represented by the Star of David is in constance flux for all of us. It is a delicate balance for us to be grounded in our physical lives while also fully open to our identities as spiritual beings.

We all know some who, for now, have shut the door on seeking upwards and outwards.  Perhaps at points in our lives, it has been us. We can’t always fully know what suffering has led us or others to dig in and close down to anything but life in a body. All we can do is send  love and compassion. What a sorrow that any of us have lost our  joy and the desire to embrace life’s great unfolding mysteries.

Sometimes trials and tribulations can lead us in the other direction so we are not present in our physical bodies or physical lives. Sometimes it can feel safer to not be physically present down in the mud of the whole messy experience we call life on Earth..

One thing that has been a constant in my guidance from Divinity is the encouragement to try and be as grounded to my physical life as possible versus pulling out of my physical life to leave  just a toe in the water.

Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience not visa versa, it makes sense that we might not always want to ground ourselves fully here. It makes sense that having just the toe in the water might feel more comfortable and safe. It can be painful to be grounded in a place that doesn’t hold the light and high vibrations we are used to from our existence off the planet.

However…. one thing the Angels remind me is that it is much easier for us to move through painful events if we are fully in our bodies than if we are not. Why? Because when we are fully in our bodies we can fully move the healing light on offer from Divinity through our entire energy system so we can fully heal the situations we confront. When we are not fully in our bodies, we cannot do this.

Okay, so I used fully about 80 times in that last paragraph.  I guess the Angels want us to fully get this piece of guidance!

This discomfort with being fully in our bodies is an issue especially for the children that are here or who are arriving right now. They come for New Earth. They come for a planet that is in 5D consciousness. They come for a planet holding great light, but our planet is not yet the planet they have come for.

This means that to serve the children and to serve the planet (and  ourselves!), it is deeply helpful for us to be fully here AND for us to fully welcome the light that wants to come into Earth right now to birth the New Earth.

Let’s be the Stars of David in the firmament to light up the lives of the children around us.  Let’s show them it is safe for them to be their light in their precious bodies.


Being this light in form for one and all is the assignment we signed up for. Now it is vital we try to fulfill this task if we can.  All of us who are willing to receive the incoming light and root it into the Earth and our daily lives are needed in a big way.

And again, we move light fully into ourselves and down into the earth when we are fully here.

So yes, avail yourself to tools for grounding.  Any activity in nature has that balance of expansiveness and also a rootedness. Creative activities have this balance as well.

It is helpful when we wear colors linked to the grounding energies of the lower chakras including red, brown, orange and yellow when we feel out of our bodies. Wearing pale pastels is helpful if we feel heavy with earthly sorrows and griefs.

In meditation, the Star of David itself is a wonderful symbol to help you ground to the heart of the Earth while also opening to receive the love and light of source.

For more about this kind of energy work, see the blog called The Elementals Need You that talks about this energy balancing while also giving links to all the blogs I have written about energy balancing and clearing.

The Elementals note here that any time you love the Earth, it helps birth the New Earth.

Flower Essences are obviously a grounding tool I lean on. When feeling out of my body, my go to Flower Essence is our Grounding mix, but I also look to Flowers with deep roots like Burdock and Comfrey  for support. When feeling too earthbound, I love ones from the Venus Garden and other individual Flower Essences including Sunflower which lifts us to new heights. The thing to remember about Flower Essences is they ALWAYS support this balance of expansion and rootedness.

Children and animals instinctively know this truth and that is one reason they love Flower Essences with such gusto. They welcome the chance to embrace the light and express it in their daily lives.  How grateful they are for each of us that do likewise.


Spritzing with Flower Essences and the Sisterhood of Custom Mixes

Thirty years into a daily life with Flower Essences in the middle of my everything and two things are mainstays: Spritzing and Custom Mixes.

It’s Monday morning.  Soon the office will be packed with Staff Goddesses.  The first thing we will do is have someone make an office Custom Mix for the day and put it in a spritzer bottle.  The second thing that will happen is we will all spritz ourselves.  We will use this mix all day. Tomorrow we will need a new mix.

In my kitchen where I begin my day a couple hours before the office opens, I always have a spritz bottle or two or three of a Custom Mix ready to share with  the people, animals and greenhouse plants of the household . They all know that  a spritz of Flower Essences will begin their days (and close their days at bedtime too).

One wonderful thing that happens to me is that when I am making a custom mix for one of you, I often fall in love with the recipe and make a custom mix bottle of the mix to share here too.  The latest mix I fell in love with was for a GHF friend named Carol. Thank you Carol!  Today I put some of your mix in the household spritz bottle. I also added another custom mix, “Rise above Rage”.  Thank you Barbara! And “Soul Retrieval” and “Forgiveness”. Thank you Tricia! (Tricia worked in the perfume industry for her life work and she now uses her talents  to make the most amazing custom mixes which I happily copy!) Another mix I am using right now was one for Maria. Thank you Maria! (Yes, I often put all of these mixes and more in the household and office custom mixes.)

The sisterhood of women and Flower Essences is a wonderful thing.  I thank you all for your insights into what is going on here on our precious planet and what Flower Essences will help us at this time.

Back to that breakfast scene, all these animals, plants and people graciously welcome the spritz treatment in the morning before they head off to work, school or ( if they are furry cats) a nap before the fire.

Once I am done spritzing everyone, I fill a quart jar with lemon water and add more Flower Essences from a shelf in the kitchen that holds a stash of Flower Essences. You’ll see Mix for Carol right in there in this slice of a long row of Flower Essence friends. Also you can just see the top of the current household spritz mix bottle poking up with its white top.

When the staff Goddesses make the mixes, they use this wall of Flower love shown below.  I will use this wall  later in the day when I am refilling my water jar during work.

These bottles are alphabetical thank goodness! Sometimes though, when picking from these shelves, I close my eyes and just “randomly” pick bottles- I love the surprise and perfection of this method.

Seven year old Grace works from this collection too, proud to be reading the labels for herself.   2 year old Henry prefers the intuitive method. He usually goes deep into the office to the shipping inventory and grabs a full bottle.  His choices are always spot on. So, for that matter, are Grace’s.  I love how much children know about Flower Essences and energy medicine.

Here is Will who is now a grown up.. He taught me a lot about Flower Essences as well as how our boxes were great for forts. ( He had the best hair.)

So why spritzing?  I do not think there is a better way to get the information of Flower Essences into our electrical system than spritzing.   Our electrical system extends out from our bodies  as do our subtle bodies. When we spritz over and around our physical body all of these energetic systems get the information of the Essence simultaneously which makes it that much easier to learn the wisdom that the Flower Essences hold.

Any of our Flower Essences, be they custom mixes or individual Flower Essences, can go in a spritz.  When I make a spritz bottle, I  put drops of Flower Essences in an empty spritz bottle then add water.  You can also use a stabilizer like our Red Shiso if you want the spritz bottle to last more than a couple days.  Once stabilized in Red Shiso, your mix should last for months!

No matter how you decide to stabilize your spritz bottle, it is a great way to stretch your Essences as only a dropperful or two is necessary in one of our 2 ounce spritzer bottles.  Flower Essences don’t dilute down in the same way as chemical remedies so a little Flower Essence carries the same electrical charge as a lot.

I hope this was helpful and that your Monday goes well!  Sending Love from all of us here!

From 3D to 5D and a New Earth


On the road to this new and unknown place called New Earth, a lot of our baggage is intent on falling from our shoulders.  Meanwhile, we  try to decipher what to let fall and what to keep in our backpacks.  What do we need for the journey, and what energies will we find where we are going?

With the new Flower Essences for the year ahead, the Angels indicate what we might need for the transition and new beginnings of 2020.   The Angels offer these tools as helpful in the unknowns of this new territory.  Their suggestions also indicate what we might expect ahead.

Why would the Angels have this clarity? The Angels have an overview of our affairs and a clearer vision of possibilities ahead. They have a better idea than we do of what we will need as we leave home, that old 3D world we’ve loved and hated, and take the journey to a new unknown place of 5D energies in a 5D world. They know 5D in a way we don’t.

When I first began Green Hope Farm with the Angels and Elementals as partners, they spoke often about grounding the Fifth Dimension and 5D vibrations here in the gardens.  At the close of this blog, I have posted the Angels’ description of 5D from our Guidebook.  I went back and read this when the Angels started talking again about 3D versus 5D, and it may be helpful for you too.

In the 1980’s when we began this work to anchor 5D here, it felt like pulling down and pinning a small portion of 5D into the earth. The place the Angels chose to pin the energies was the Venus Garden.  In those early days when the fifth dimension was only anchored in this garden, we noticed that some visitors literally did not see the garden.  It was here but only just here.

Then came three decades where we continued to work to ground 5D into more of the Green Hope Farm grid, but it wasn’t a topic that the Angels discussed all that much. Us humans just dug, planted, energetically cleared the grid and asked Divinity to pour down the incoming high vibrations and ground this light here.

I was surprised when recently the Angels began to frame a lot of what they shared in terms of 3D and 5D reality again.  From what I gather, 5D is here for one and all, and we can begin to co-create a new world in it.  5D is no longer something we are working to access, but the territory we can stand in anywhere on Earth.  Yes, 3D is still there, but simultaneously so is 5D.  We have passed a threshold, and what lies ahead for dear Earth is all 5D.

3D is going, going, gone.

We participate in the speed of 3D’s passage.  It is something we can hold onto or let go of completely.  This may be a moment of mourning for us, because we all know 3D, and now we must let it go.  We may hate how it is all about power and inequality and contrasts of light and dark, but we are comfortable with it.  We know the game even as we sometimes are on the losing team.

5D calls us to transcend the game and begin again in a whole new way.  Not everyone wants to leave 3D, and that in itself is a bit of a complexity for us.  How do we go full tilt into 5D when so many we know and love don’t want to come along?  We have to move into 5D to even understand how to hold this split in choices.  There is so much we don’t know about 5D that we don’t even know what we don’t know.  And yet, the leap to 5D is not approaching but is upon us.

The old paradigms liquify in front of us and new paradigms are sometimes out of sight around the curve in the road, but Flower Essences and so many other tools are here to help us bridge the gap and also cross the bridge fully into 5D.

Since my work is to illuminate the timely gift of Flower Essences, I am going to discuss this new group again, this “Toolbox for a New Earth” and leave it to others to share the other marvelous tools also available to support us right now. I am going to repost the photos of these Flowers too, but the commentary is all new.

 Bear’s Breeches

Look at this plant and remember how it inspired the Corinthian columns of the Greco-Roman world.  This Flower Essence doesn’t tell us we have to hold up the globe like Atlas or take no responsibility for where we are.  This Essence tells us it will help us be one of many, one pillar among like minded souls who want to co-create this New Earth in cooperation, love and harmony.

I like the way Bear’s Breeches both offers us a template for being a structural support partner and also encourages us that we are capable of embodying our share of the light structures of this new 5D world we walk towards.

Bear’s Breeches notes, “Fear not! You are strong enough to do your part to co-create the new structures of the New Earth and you will get support from Divinity and others to do so.”


Support comes from near and far.  In the case of Celery, it comes from the stars.  Our work is to open to receive the energetic support of the stars that love us so much, and Celery and other tools will help us do this.

Celery notes, “This is a big moment for Earth and its inhabitants, and the cosmic light of the stars has come to your aid. Let me help you welcome in this support.”


Our energy system is involved in a complete rewiring as more light of a higher voltage comes into the world for us to integrate and become one with.  Cleome is one of many tools to help us adapt our light system so that we can reboot and handle the upgrade.

Yep, you heard this computer terminology coming from a would be luddite.  We are getting a free upgrade, and the world is offering us many tools to handle the upgrade with grace.

Cleome note, “Your upgrade can be a smooth sailing process. Let me help.”

Corona del Inca

What we have called civilization for the last 10,000 years is, in fact, a 3D structure completely out of balance.  Gaia seeks a new balance and we must join her, for we are the ones who threw her out of balance in the first place.  This journey from 3D to 5D life is a journey this Flower knows how to make.  It helps us ignore those that would trip us up and delay us on our journey.  It offers both a road map and a protective energy to get us where we want to go, to a new place of balance.

Corona del Inca notes, ” This is a journey from the mind to the heart. I know the way.”

The elephants come from the Elemental kingdom as do all animals. The Elemental kingdom offers us so many tools to find harmony as a planetary tribe.  Here the Elephants offer this gift of the vibration of herd harmony.

Thank you Elephants for continuing to believe in us.

Elephant Trunk Loosestrife notes, “It’s time to take your place in the planetary tribe as light bearers.”

From this humble plant comes radiant and helpful light to help us find the humility to end, for all time, our ridiculous feuds with one another.  However we do it, its time to give peace a chance.

Garbanzo Bean notes, “Give peace a chance.”



Like patient parents, the Elementals long gave humanity a chance to learn through destructive choices and behaviors. But now we’ve grown up, and its time to  join them in a cooperative co-creation of equals.  Goldenseal is both the Elementals’ promise to keep helping us and a piece of their radiant light vibration once more offered to us as a sacred gift so we can manifest the Divinity they see within us.

Toddlers no more, we now rise up to  be the co-creators of a radiant and Light filled New Earth.

Goldenseal notes, “We welcome you as co-creators of a New Earth.”

Honey Locust

If you have been one of the legion of souls who has been trying so hard to live a 5D life in a 3D world, if love has been your answer no matter what has come at you, then Divinity knows you are tired and that your grief may have worn your body and your health down.

All Flower Essences are here to restore us, but this one in particular supports us if our grief has negatively impacted out health.  Lungs are a particular place you may feel this.

Honey Locust offers, “Thank you for living a 5D life even as others around you want to react with 3D values and behaviors. Your maturity has been noted.”

Sanctuary, encouragement, restoration, solace, wisdom, love and your very self all await you in your heart.

Rose of Sharon offers, “Come home and dive deep.  Pearls await.”

Snake’s Head Fritillary

Many of us have felt it was our job to take care of everyone no matter their choices.  It’s time to let go, with loving detachment, of those who insist on living the 3D way. It is time to stop pouring all our energies into their useless dramas. It’s time.

Being Florence Nightingale 2.0 means sourcing the Divine wisdom of our hearts before we embark on trying to heal anyone or any situation. The Divinity within us knows what our jobs are and knows when we need to say “No”.

Snake’s Head Fritillary notes, “Saying no is not only okay but necessary.”

Tree Lilac

In the fray, it can be hard to avoid some of this 3D drama so Tree Lilac is here, as are so many other tools,  Angels and healers to give us respite.

If you cannot break away completely from 3D chaos, at least take a well deserved time out in the vibration of this sheltering Flower vibration or other healing vibrations.

Tree Lilac offers, “Rest in me.”

Upwards and Onwards

The topic of my last blog was this radiant Flower Essence friend. What I would like to add here is yes, its really okay to rise up and go on even if others do not want to follow.  Everyone on this planet knows they need to open to the incoming light. You are not responsible if they don’t want to do this work at this time.  Everyone will continue on as a soul no matter what happens. It is time for you to feel free to do what you need and want to do to embrace the New Earth and your New Life.


I have heard the Angels talk about 5D since the first shovelful of soil was turned here. In the many editions of the printed Guidebook, the Angels always included a section about the Fifth dimension. In the last printed edition this was what the Angels said:

“The fifth dimension is both your destiny and already totally present in your lives.  The fifth dimension feels both familiar and more real than everyday reality.  It may remind you a bit of experiences in your childhood.  You experienced the fifth dimension as a child more easily because it was the dimension from whence you had just come. The fifth dimension is the dimension in which Heaven exists. It is the dimension where you coexist with us, the Angels, Elementals and spiritual teachers, and you know this, because you experience us clearly.  It is the dimension where you will reunite with the unlimited part of yourself that knows both oneness with all creation and the unconditional divine love, divine wisdom and divine power that is your birthright.  In this dimension you feel totally present to the NOW and with that, all eternity.  It is a place where your decisions are not reactions to friction but spring from deep felt inner truths.  It is a place where quirky, marvelous miracles slip into your lives with ease. When Emily Sheehan was seven and first stepped into the season’s Venus Garden, she said, “Here is a place where I feel all light and floaty, where I have no worries.” We say, but of course.” 

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!