Flower Essences and the 7 Stages of Grief

This week my husband, Jim, will finish (for now anyways) this unexpected experience of teaching middle school students from home. Since the beginning of the quarantine, he’s connected to his students via zoom and other online methods, and nobody has enjoyed it except maybe the stockholders of Zoom.

At his end of the year staff meetings, the teachers will divide into three teams to plan for three contingencies for the next academic year. The first is that school children will physically return to school in September. As his school is currently locked down better than Fort Knox, this option feels farfetched. The second option is that students may start at school then be sent home if and when there is a flare up of the virus. The third is that students may stay home for the year. As with all of our situations, there are layered complexities of mandatory desk distances, masks, fever meters, the challenges of humorous and human exchanges via zoom and the governor’s mandate that, no matter what, THERE WILL BE NO RECESS.

Yes, we all have a lot of grief to deal with as we navigate these unprecedented and unknown times.

Someone mentioned the 7 stages of grief to me, so I looked at the list and was struck by how specific Flower Essences can help us navigate specific kinds of grief. In addition to the absolute life raft of our Grief & Loss combination Flower Essence mix, I want to offer up other Flower Essences suggestions for specific stages kinds of grief.

So why the cross out of stage? I balk at the term “stages of grief.” I might like the grief process to be linear with us crossing off the stages like items of a checklist, but that has not been my experience of grief at all. Grief is a surprising visitor that arrives unexpectedly then comes and goes as unpredictably. I also don’t think we have to complete one stage “successfully” before tackling another or that we are even in control of the way our grief moves through us. We have choices about how we respond to our grief, but not control of grief.

In any case, why are we so focused on stages and checking things off on a list? Oh that’s right, we’re in the end of a patriarchal age in which goals are the thing. The everything.

“Oh yeah, I did stage four today, Denial! What a challenge, but I did it and now I’ll do stage five tomorrow, the Alpe d’Huez.”

This is not the Tour de France. Which of us aren’t feeling many different griefs at times? I suspect we are going to bounce around from one kind of grief to another as we adjust to our new world, AND THAT IS OKAY!

All this to say, I hope we can look at this list of different griefs not so much as a patriarchal to do list that must be navigated in order but more of a considering the common ground we all face as our world changes. May this discussion remind us to be incredibly compassionate to ourselves and everyone else as we deal with the many seismic shifts we navigate right now.

Shock and Disbelief– As with so many of you, my shock has been a visceral one as I deal with a daily life turned on its head. There are also moments in which it feels like this must be a Fellini movie. As mentioned previously, I don’t leave the farm that often, but garden centers do have a way of singing a siren song to me. It’s bizarre to go get plants and find myself surrounded by gardeners with homemade Flower masks like mine ALL ACTING AS IF THIS IS NORMAL. It reminded me how big this is, and how I don’t at all grasp it.

Orange is the color to help us manage shock. It grounds and stabilizes our electrical system and Orange Flowers also do this. Orange Hawkweed helps us stay calm and keep our energies organized and smooth when we are freaked out. Maltese Cross is for when we have gone through a tearing apart experience of grief and loss. This one is deeply stabilizing for violent changes in circumstances. Grounding Flower Essence combines many Flowers to help us stay in our bodies. It carries the calm vibration of the many Tree Flowers it is made from.

Denial– 2020 was always going to be about seeing more clearly things we didn’t necessarily want to see then trying to process what we’ve learned. As we go through many disorienting and traumatic experiences together, we need to see clearly through our own eyes and not assume the filters other people want us to use are valid. How do we see with clear eyes and not get so overwhelmed we splinter off into denial again?

We have some excellent Flower Essences for this. The beloved Eyes of Mary helps us see truth but from a higher perspective so we do not lose hope. Eyes of Mary is also called Forget-Me-Not. This quality of holding us to the truth makes it a very apt Flower Essence for right now. Eyes of Mary is the Flower’s name in other places including France. I chose to use Eyes of Mary, not to be a pompous Eurocentric prat, but because I like how this name suggests its connection to the higher vision of dear Mother Mary who is with us constantly right now. She and this Essence help us see clearly without fear and this is good, because fear is the root of denial for most of us. Another wonderful source of support is Through Angels’ Eyes, the Venus Garden Essence from two years ago. This one helps us see the Divinity and the abiding Light within us all and all situations. If you find yourself overwhelmed by what you see, Bottle Gentian is another game changer. Part of its I AM affirmation is, “I AM the calm at the eye of the storm.”

Many of us, me included, have used Purple Viper’s Bugloss from Santorini during this time as it helps us feel safe when our lives have been flipped on their heads. Scarlet Runner Bean is another that helps us face our fears so they don’t have such a grip on us. And where would we be in 2020 without our Flower Essence combination Be Fearless? The Angels had us send this off to you as a gift in the winter, and it remains a steadfast source of support.

Bargaining– Bargaining is a complex dynamic in the grief experience. Over the years, my bargaining has involved me pleading with Divinity to do specific things for me because I didn’t like what’s happened. My bargaining also has involved me hoping that if I explained myself better to Divinity, then events would be undone. My bargaining meant going over things I could not change with a fine tooth comb as if finding something I hadn’t noticed before would do the trick. I’ve spent a lot of time bargaining, but I try not to linger there anymore. It’s an understandable but not helpful way for me to engage with Divinity and with my life circumstances.

One reason for this is that bargaining is almost always about me trying to bring a different result to something that already happened. I probably have written way too many blogs about my losses. From the first blog, none of it could be changed, yet often I felt if I pleaded my case more eloquently, there would be a different outcome.

Now when navigating loss, I TRY to see the half glass full a little sooner! We’re all getting a chance to practice this skill, aren’t we? I am not an Angel. Recent losses saw me doing a wee bit of bargaining/pleading with Divinity/teeth gnashing, but I try to move on in practical and kind ways. When I ask for help, I ask for help to accept and deal with what is. I do what I can with the worldly plane of the situation, and remember the rest is not in my hands.

Maybe that’s a gift of being older. I don’t have years to spend rehashing this or that loss, nor do I want to. I was so affronted when bad things happened to me earlier in my life. Yet, eventually I used these experiences to shape our Flower Essence collections which has been a great blessing. I made lemonade from lemons, but not before I cried a lot over spilt milk. Now, I’m less interested in the spilt milk.

I am not judging younger Molly. It was my nature to expect people to be as interested in fairness as I was, but in truth, not everyone is. Writing, processing, seeking Flowers to help me heal was always my way forward, but I don’t clamor to add hand wringing to those activities anymore. There is a lot we can’t control right now, but we can work on some of our responses (and yes, you can read all my early blogs where I hadn’t learned any of this!).

To help me let go of my bargaining habit, I am grateful for Flower Essences like All Contracts Null & Void, The Letting Go Flower and Flow Free. These constant companions offer a never ending font of support to let go of my ideas about what I am owed by life. 1. The losses are nonnegotiable. 2. I am lucky enough to still be here. I try to gently let go of pretty much everything else with the help of these Flower friends.

Anger– I once heard an Ascended Master quoted as saying anger is one of the last things to go as we spiritually evolve, but it does go. I look forward to that! Meanwhile there is Outburst (one stop shopping for anger!). In addition, Indian Pipe and Arbor Garden expand our sense of self in a way that helps us not identify with our small self but with the oneness of the Divinity that unites us and with the abiding peace beneath the surface chaos.

Once in awhile, as I break free of a chain of patriarchy, I’ll have the detachment to see myself as a player in a play in which we are all part of the same company working towards the same ends with different roles to play. Somebody has to play the arch villains- I am so glad it is mostly not me. This detachment, no matter how fleeting, helps me see the brilliance of other people’s acting and take their behavior a lot less personally.

Guilt– As we see more clearly, it can be hard not to be derailed by guilt. Consider guilt the wake up call but once awakened by it, we don’t have to wear guilt like a hair shirt. This is how patriarchy has immobilized us Light workers: We’ve been told what we see is ALL OUR FAULT and this has sidelined us into endless self defeating self criticism. Do the world a big favor and leave the guilt behind and get on with being your Light. The world needs you and your Light. If you want to transmute wrong doing, the Violet Transmuting Flame and its corresponding Violet Transmuting Flame Violet Essence make great tools. If you simply want to dump the endless guilt messages piled on you by patriarchs, All Ego Contracts Null & Void is up to the task. I also suggest Wound Healing as so many lifetimes of taking the rap for other people’s bad behavior has left many Light workers with wounds like shame which are not ours. In addition, Cardinal de Richelieu Rose is an incredible ally for taking back the truth of your Light and shedding the garbage others would have you carry as yours.

Depression– The Woad is in bloom right now giving the honeybees and humans much delight. This Flower once made the most important blue dye on earth, second only to Indigo. That this mind boggling bright Yellow flowering plant creates a blue dye expresses such alchemy.

But Woad‘s gift to us is in the wisdom it learned when it had to find itself after a radical shift in its purpose. With the introduction of Indigo from the east, Woad was abandoned as a useful plant by everyone in the western world. It was no longer the source of all blue dye in Europe. Woad offers support for all of us as we must abandon most of our habits, our ways of thinking about things even our livelihoods and find new purpose and a new sense of ourselves. Woad found purpose in being its Light even when dismissed by the culture. So can we.

Yellow is the color for lifting depression so reach for any Yellow Flower Essence that calls to you if and when these times find you struggling with despair and depression. Sunflower, Gorse, Mustard, Yellow Mullein and Yellow Mullein from Crete are wonderful allies. Sunflower reminds us we really are superheroes and will figure this out. Gorse helps us when we feel all is lost because Gorse knows this is never true. There is always a way forward. Mustard noted recently that not only is it good for all deep seated depression, but it is particularly helpful in a time in which people feel less important than their technology. Yellow Mullein and Yellow Mullein from Crete remind us WE CAN DO IT! We can respect the individuality and preciousness of all sentient beings and find our common Divinity even while wearing a mask!!!!

The final kinds of grief are about moving on and beginning to accomodate the changes and feel hope. I love Fragrant Ladies Tresses for its ability to remind us that even if we do not know how, healing is coming. Please know that all of us here are sending Love as we collectively find our way forward in this new life we are in.

Welcoming the Light- Possible Ways to Proceed and Flower Essences to Help

Last night as I went to bed, I asked the Angels to guide me about anything else I should add to my last blog.  I awoke feeling that I needed to write a follow up blog that explained very specifically what I was talking about with this, “Welcoming in the Light”

As I began to write, I noticed this note in front of me from a dear GHF friend:

“Morning Molly, …I went back and read some of your posts about this Light coming in and while I completely get it and trust you, I don’t know exactly how to do it.  Given the state of the world and the issues I help people with every day, it is such a challenge to follow the Light.  So here is my request of you if you are game: give us a roadmap like you have for clearing our space, our land. Who do we call in? What exactly do we say? When do we do it? What Essences would give us the most support? …Can you please give us a road map… Sending big love to you forever and always”, Annie

First of all, I appreciate the Angels sending me another nudge to write a more specific blog and also a big thank you to Annie for listening to your heart and writing me. Green Hope Farm has always been a collaborative creation.  You all have been in the thick of guiding me to Flowers and helping me grasp what spirit is sharing.  I thank you.

Okay, so maybe to go step by step through what Annie asks and share one possible practice for welcoming this Light into our energy systems.

Annie asks, “Who?”

You are not separate from Angels and Elementals and the Creator. You are not bugging them when you ask for help. Does your right hand get irritated when your left hand needs a scratch? Okay then, no more feeling badly about asking for help from ANOTHER PART OF YOURSELF. We are leaving behind a world in which the erroneous idea of hierarchy is an organizing force. We are learning that all of us are ONE. Please no longer view yourself as less than ( a good illusion to ask to dump in the cleaning part of this).

I call in SO MANY beings so often- When I hear tell about an Angel’s particular gifts or an Ascended Master who offers a particular skill, I add them in. 

*You can call in the Creator, however you describe this being.

*You can call in your higher self.  

*You can call in your Body Elemental (see Green Hope Farm Flower Essences Vocabulary 101 on Resources page for an explanation of who this is and why you want this being at ALL healing events in your life).

You can call in Pan, the head of all Elementals. Elementals are responsible for manifestation. Elementals bring all thought into form and Pan is the best at this.

You can call in Angels and Archangels. When my spiritual path opened up many years ago, I learned about the Archangels by the color ray they are associated with. Archangel Michael serves on the first ray, the blue ray of Faith, Protection and God’s Will. Among other things, he is a Godsend when we need support in spiritual battle or for protection. Archangel Jophiel serves on the second ray, the yellow ray of Wisdom, lllumination and Constancy. This would be a good time to work with Jophiel because this is a confusing time in which it is hard to discern truth.  Archangel Chamuel serves on the third ray, the ray of Love. His gifts are so many. Just thinking of him makes my heart flood with love and thanks.  Archangel Gabriel serves on the fourth ray, the white ray of Purity, Order, Ascension, Discipline and Hope. Many children are close to this Archangel, and he often brings us messages. Archangel Raphael serves on the fifth ray, the green ray of truth and healing. He is an excellent Archangel to call in about all matters of health. Archangel Uriel serves on the sixth ray, the purple and gold ray of Service, Ministration, Peace and Brotherhood. This list sounds sort of dry but he is a very powerful Angel and will help us solve interpersonal strife and turmoil. Archangel Zadkiel is the from the seventh ray, the violet ray of Freedom, Forgiveness, Justice and Transmutation.  Call him in if you are working with the Violet Transmuting Flame of forgiveness and transmutation.  Two other Archangels I learned about are Archangel Sandalphon, a gentle powerful Archangel who stands by those going through ordeals and helps us stay grounded and Archangel Metatron, a profound help in this big transition we are in, offering support to shift our vibration and also stay grounded and protected.

I also call in any Angels I work with be they some I know I work with like the Angels of the farm and some that I work with at night and don’t know I work with. Sometimes I will say, please help me any Angels relevant to what I am working on.

If you want, you can say, “Angels of the Light.” Long ago, I had an experience one night on Bermuda in which Angels took me forward into the future. One of the things I remember from that wild ride ( and like most spiritual travels I awoke NOT remembering all I was shown) is that when the Angels appeared, I very earnestly asked, ‘Are you Angels of the Light?” I can remember their very merry peals of laughter as they noted how darn serious I could be. Regardless, I remain quite careful about all this.

I also call in Ascended Masters. These are master teachers who graduated from Earth and know how we can solve our human challenges. For example, St Francis and St Patrick are two Ascended Masters offering support. I also love to call in Mother Mary and Mehera Irani, two embodiments of the Divine Feminine.

Annie asks, “What exactly to do and say?”

The goal of this process is to clear out low vibration energy from our energy system and THEN welcome in the Light pouring into the planet.

I ask for help with the cleaning first. Remember you are cleaning your mental body, your emotional body, your etheric or memory body and your physical body. These are described in this recent blog and also in the Green Hope Farm Flower Essences Vocabulary 101 on the Resources page.

Before I get into the knitty gritty of the clean up, perhaps it would be good for me to explain why I am so focused on energetic cleaning. It is NOT about self judgement or feeling unworthy unless I clean myself up. NO! It’s the exact opposite.

When we leave behind the false mental construct of better than/worse than and know that we are all one, there is nothing to prove to anyone about anything. While once we held onto ideas, emotions and memories to prove our worth, we realize this is no longer necessary. Yes, when we make mistakes, we need to apologize and make restitution, but clinging to the reasons and defenses behind why we made the decisions we made just bogs us down.

Earth’s energy is rising. She is filling with much greater Light. Provided we clear out our old stuck energy, we get a rare opportunity to fill with the same Light as dear Earth. If we dump all the energetic misunderstandings we have been carting around for millennium, we get free access to this beautiful joyful Divine Love and Light.

This Light is very motivating. Clinging to old stuff doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. I want to keep on dumping the old stuck stuff. Yes, each day more comes up as I am human, but I can just let go and ask for help to clean it out and welcome in the Light in its place.

How to dump?

I use the structures of the four bodies as a way to organize what I ask to clean out.  With the mental body I ask to have things like worry, doubt, mental anguish, thoughts of inequality or looping critical thoughts removed. We have been a mental culture for a long time, so there are lots of ideas to be dumped. If it is a truth, it will come back to you so don’t worry you might clean out too much! If in doubt, throw it out!

Recently, I have been asking to release the worthless mental construct of righteousness. Look at where all this righteousness has gotten our country- split in two! My family of origin was so into righteousness. I am sorry I ever wasted a moment wallowing in this notion. I have a long way to go, but each day I love the big dump of this mental construct!

With the etheric or memory body, I ask to have things like memories that bring me nothing but pain and bitterness released. If I am nursing a grievance, I am probably storing some memory here that serves to reinforce this grievance so if I clean it out, I can end the waste of time and space this grievance represents.

With the physical body, I ask to release anything that doesn’t serve my health and well being. BE SPECIFIC! These dear ones are there to help!

With the emotional body, lots of feelings that came up in the day are worth throwing into the pot for cleansing and release. I ask to release anger, guilt, fear, grudges, bitterness, impatience- anything that I can think of that is not love. Sometimes, even though I was not raised Catholic, I will go down through the seven deadly sins just to be thorough. I really don’t want to hold onto any of this stuff, so I try and identify what is in there and needs to go without judgment. THIS IS NOT TO SAY EMOTIONS ARE BAD! It is to say I need to feel them and let them go to make space for this Light and Love which frankly feels a lot better than any other emotion.

As mentioned above, this is a process done best without any mistaken ideas of self-judgment or criticism. We are all in one big soup of humanity. Who knows whose energy anything is. I could beat myself up about some emotion that actually was just sent to me by someone else or that I picked up when I was talking to someone else. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, all that matters is not holding onto this stuff that doesn’t serve us.

I always ask that everything that needs to be cleared out be released through a christed grid and sent to the central sun to be transmuted. The christed grid is a filter that washes the energy clean so it has no imprint of me on it. The energy returns to source with no return address on it. This is perhaps overkill to both send stuff to the central sun for transmutation AND send it out through a christed grid, but I would just as soon have the anger I am feeling about something or someone gone for good and not cycling back around again to me or anyone else.

When I have listed everything I can think of, I visualize it all flowing out through the bottom of my feet. Then I welcome in the Light. Sometimes I visualize the Creator pouring it down through my body starting at the seventh chakra or crown of my head. I go down through my chakras welcoming the Light first into my crown then down to my third eye/sixth chakra, then down through my throat chakra, then down to my heart chakra where it feels so at home. Then on down through the rest of my chakras.

I try and remember that whether I feel this energy coming in or not, it is moving through my system.  However, it surprises me how day after day, I feel this energy so clearly. This is why I keep writing that I feel there is something completely different happening here on Earth than anything we have known before. It has been fun to hear from many of you who are also feeling this Light.

I try to do this practice twice a day for at least a half an hour each time. When I am finished, I try and always remember to Thank everyone I called in to help me.

I do not think this complicated routine is necessary to receive this Light. I have found myself overcome by this Light at unexpected moments, often when I am doing something quiet. My hope is that one day all of us here on the planet will be one with this Light all the time.

One reason Flower Essences are such a fantastic tool for this process is that they know how to be this Divine Light in form. We are all in an enormous process of adapting to hold much more Light than we have ever held in our energy systems while in human bodies. Flowers can walk us through the whole process and show us that it can be done. They are also a great comfort.

The Flower Essences for Common Concerns document on the Resources page has many specific suggestions for topics like cleansing our various energetic bodies and welcoming in Light.

Here are some Flower Essences that seem particularly relevant right now.

The Taiwan collection– This collection is very focused on freeing us from mental bindings and any kowtowing to old structures that hold us back. Each day, more of you choose Essences from this collection. In addition, when people ask the Angels to make them custom mixes, the Angels have used this collection as their go to collection for freeing us to let go of the old and welcome in the new.

There are so many other Flower Essences I could mention! I feel overwhelmed with choice. As I write the greetings on your invoices, all your selections give me joy as I recognize the wonderful perfection of what you have chosen. It is almost like meeting each Flower Essence all over again. As you choose them and I think, “But of course!”

Feeling unclear what the priorities are, I asked the Angels to pick a group to highlight. How I love learning from their choices!

The Angels of Green Hope Farm most especially Thela and the Angels of Flower Essences note, “First, trust your intuition, your dreams, your Flower Essence choices even as they seem unlikely and bizarre. Most of the plot is out of view right now, so it would be very hard for you to know the whys of the Essences calling to you. TRUST! TRUST! TRUST!

Here are five that would serve most everyone right now, but again, follow your own intuition first and foremost.

Yellow Water Lily– This one helps you anchor in the real- DIVINITY and pay no attention to the rest.

Trillium– Trillium embodies the balance of spirit in form. Molly was surprised by this choice, but right now with the winds of change so strong and the riptides of plot surging in all directions, the solid star of David configuration of this Flower and its Essence allows you both to stay physically in your body while also welcoming in the Light which is your essential self and destiny.


Indian Pipe– This is another wildflower that shows you how to hold fast and feel beneath the surface chaos to the abiding peace of true reality. This one anchors you in the ancient dream of collaborative co-creation on this planet and a humanity vibrating with its true nature of peace.

Mustard– Mustard untangles and releases certain kinds of mental confusion, despair and anguish which have blossomed in response to the industrial age. This one helps you unlink from the bindings of the Kali Yaga machine age, and find freedom to remember a truer experience of self.

Bottle Gentian– There is much to be revealed, known and experienced in the days and years ahead. Some of it will be painful to witness. This one will help you remain composed, clear sighted and radiantly sure footed in your purpose as things unfold.

A family of Bottle Gentian Flowers

The Light Pours In

In between the many garden tasks of spring, shoveling snow, for example, after Monday’s rip snorter of a nor’easter, I ponder what to write about in a new blog. Each time I muse about this, I get the same shove nudge from the upstairs crew Angels. They say,  “Write about the high vibration energies coming into the world right now.”

Frankly, it’s all I want to write about, as you surely do not need an update on the new, sassy dishes coming out of my quarantine kitchen because this Light is so unbelievably fantastic!

Yes, yes, the grid of a New Earth has been firing up for a few decades.  We have noted the vibrational shifts over the years- but WOW!  This uptick is just…. WOW! It seems a ridiculous understatement to say the Light coming in represents a vast shift in vibration. This is like saying the sun is warm.

Some have seen me as too optimistic and hopeful and Mollyanna-ish with what I have said and written. I get it. Sometimes it probably has appeared rather nutty to be so optimistic. However, what I write now is NOT based on optimism (although I remain optimistic). No, I write from my experience of this incoming Light. Words fail me in trying to describe this Light, but I will keep on writing in hopes of encouraging you to welcome this Light energy into your own energy system ASAP.    

This is not Light energy for some of us and not others.  If it waits at the door of your energy system it is not because this Light energy isn’t yours and doesn’t want to be one with you. It IS yours.  If there is a separation at this point, it is because we have bought into a lot of untruths about us not deserving this Light, and this temporarily has given us and still gives us a dramatic but fake experience on the stage set of Earth that we are separate from this Light. But we are not.

And speaking of Stage set Earth, it is, quite frankly, DONE with this play of separation. The curtain is falling on this tired drama, and amen for that! Gaia is on the go and evolving forward to a place of holding space for us to wake up and remember we are one with this Light. Earth welcomes this Light into its matrix to break up all the false narratives that have too long prevailed here.

It’s a new play on a New Earth!

One thing I am gob smacked by is that this Light is not only there for all of us, it is there 24/7.  When I first experienced this incoming Light, I couldn’t believe it would be there in the same way the next day. I still welcome it in each day with a sense of wonder and joy. Holy Cow!  This Light is here to stay! We just need to welcome it in. And I suspect, over time as we learn how to hold this Light in our bodies more easily, it will become the vibration we live in ALL THE TIME!

How do we get to this place where it is the prevailing Light when right now we experience a yoyo energy of bliss in this Light and then thwump back to into the illusions and density of 3D? The Angels tell me the most important thing we can do for ourselves and all creation is to welcome in this energy as many times a day as we can, but at the very least, when we wake up and when we go to sleep.

One puzzle I keep returning to is why do we have to set aside time to acquaint ourselves with this Light if we ARE one this Light.  I get it that we DO need to do this, but why? 

The Angels note that even as the play of separation winds down, most all of us are still tied to our roles as beings separate from this Light and separate from our Creator. We have played these roles in which we’ve been cast as too flawed to receive this Light and its vibration of pure LOVE so many times that we think it is the truth.

So when we keep the Light outside ourselves, it is really US keeping the Light out because we can’t believe we deserve it.  But we DO deserve to be the fullness of ourselves and this includes this Light.

The Angels counsel us to be gentle with ourselves if we keep falling into the old illusions even as we work to let them go. We’ve had it pounded into us lifetime after lifetime that we are separate, sinful creatures thrown out of the garden for good reason.  The vibrational soup of the human drama glued this illusion to us so we remained asleep to the truth.  But no more.

This Light is our birthright and its time for us to welcome it into every cell of our being.  Whatever the reasons for the old drama of separation, it is over now. Mighty forces have come to our aid and with them, THE LIGHT IS HERE to help us leave the old roles behind once and for all!

Whereas before the Light coming to awaken us knocked quietly and carried a small lantern casting a measured glow through the door we shut to Oneness, now it is a fireball of radiant loving light that is there at our door!

For goodness sake, open the door and LET IT IN!

And this is not Mollyanna writing with a hope and a prayer. This Light is here . The time for hoping and praying is over. The cavalry has arrived.

In addition to stomping on the illusion that we exist separate from Creation due to some freakish flaw within us and therefore don’t deserve this Light, it’s helpful to dump any other inner garbage so that more of this light can come in.

Like the story of the person visiting the Zen master to “get enlightenment” The master says to the visitor, “Tea first” then proceeds to pour and pour and pour more and more tea into the visitor’s overflowing cup. When the visitor shouts,  “Stop! My cup is full. The master says, “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty, come back with an empty mind.” 

My own process as I work to welcome in this Light is to first itemize anything I can think of that might be considered stuff filling my cup that needs to go. Then I ask Divinity to take it all. Then I ask this Light to fill me (This is the WOW moment! ). I am also making an effort to finish my energy clearing work of the farm with a request that this Divine Light fill the grid all the way to the heart of Gaia.

This Light is so strong that like the hundredth monkey, as pieces of land and various people begin to hold this Light, it will be more infectious that any virus we can imagine and soon all Earth will be humming with this Light.

Quarantine Cuisine

There is a 2 year old, a 7 year old, a 30 something and two 60 somethings living here at the farm right now. In between all of us working to keep the orders flowing out the door, there is another preoccupation…. quarantine cuisine. 

I thought you might like to hear about our version of this culinary style because, well, it might give you a laugh. It certainly won’t give you any cooking ideas!

Week #1  As were survey our chest freezer for the weeks ahead, we pass on the freezer burned frozen vegetables. Week #5  Freezer burn vegetables form the centerpiece of many a meal.

Our coop allows us to buy 20 items at a time. They put our requests/their substitutions out front of the store for pick up. What’s in the box is ours! There are many surprises!

Week #1  Our shopping list: kale, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumbers. Week #5  Our shopping list: Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes, mint chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes peanut butter. If we are very lucky, we win the snack lottery and get one sleeve of cookies.

Week #1  Potatoes are a side dish. Week #5  Potato salad with some very strange ingredients is the meal, served by the chef with a hiss, “and you’re going to love it.”

Week #1  Granddaughter Grace and I make whole grain bread like a scene out of “Little House on the Prairie.” Week #5  Throwing caution and nutrition to the wind, Grace and I make garlic knots three times in three days. Her knot skills are now outstanding.

Week #1  We ask the coop for wraps then shake our heads when we get a 3# bag of bulk flour. Week #5  We ask for wraps and gratefully receive the 3# of flour. MORE GARLIC KNOTS!

Week #1  We laugh at all the memes about toilet paper. Week #5  We wish we had saved those ancient Sears catalogs.

Week #1  In lonely splendor, I eat the sprouts I grow each week. Week #5  A crowd gathers of toddlers and grownups when the sprouts are ready, and they disappear in a flash. Who would have thought a 2 year old would like broccoli sprouts?

Week #1  We find a stash of tough, dried out raisins and toss them back on the shelf. Week #5  We retrieve the raisins and google recipes calling for a massive amount of raisins.

Week #1  Our motto, “Capers improve everything.” Week #5  Our motto, whispered wistfully, “Capers improved everything.”

Week #1  Jim’s nightly rifling through the pantry for snacks yields a cookie or two. Week #5  Jim spends so much time fruitlessly searching for a snack in the pantry we think maybe he has passed out in there from the extreme effort to find something vaguely interesting or palatable.

Week #1  A long row of dried beans displayed in canning jars sit on the shelves, unloved as beans so often are. Week #5  Bean cookery takes center stage. Oddly our efforts yield massive quantities of bean dishes with no noticeable decline in bean inventory.

Week #1  Thank goodness for pasta. Week #5  Thank goodness for pasta.

Sending you all much love! Take precious care of yourselves!

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

How are you all doing? All of us here at the farm are thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all your love and moral support as we shift gears to keep your orders going off to you with a small staff (so far, so good).

I was solo in the office yesterday, so I drafted seven year old granddaughter Grace to help me (I promise it was only when she had finished her remote learning homework). She and her family are sheltering in place here with us so Grace helped to put stamps on packages and generally keep me company. She decorated the room with ribbons and sailed around on a scooter, singing at the top of her lungs. It kept me going! I hope there are quirky, unexpected gifts keeping you going too. Bless you all!

I just had a dream that felt relevant to this time. In the dream, I walk by a basement apartment I lived in during my early twenties and I realize I need to go in and clean it out.

I go into the apartment, and it is filled floor to ceiling with very strange junk. Peculiar Shakespearean play bills, odd kitchen tools that make no sense and don’t work, garish dolls with technicolor hair, shapeless clothing and charmless pieces of furniture. I recognize none of it, and as I examine one bizarre gew gaw after another, I find nothing I want to keep. There also are other people’s tag sale items in big heaps everywhere. It is a sea of useless crap.

I leave to find garbage bags to start the immense clean up, and when I come back, there is a group of young girls who say they will help me clear out everything if they can take anything they want. This seems like an excellent deal to me. As we clean, we talk about Flower Essences and how their energy shines right through the bottles.

Several very old men come in and tell me I need to save stuff in case the owners come back. I ignore this advice. Not very far into the job, which looks to take weeks of effort, I leave the room for a moment and when I come back everything but a few pieces of big furniture have been packed up by the young girls and is gone. I see them merrily departing.

I don’t always have an immediate hit on dreams. Like another of last night’s dreams in which I am rooming with some teenage boys and have to peel potatoes for supper on a toilet lid. I am mystified and a bit horrified by this dream! But this first dream seems ripe for my understanding.

This “Time Out” we are in is quite naturally a time in which we can let go of a lot of old useless crap- old habits, old fears, old ideas, old inner junk. It is all coming to the surface, and we can release it all! And crews of merry Angels are going to help us easily do the clear out just as they did in the dream. Thank Divinity for that!

Two other things I want to say about this dream before I stop. First, as far as those Angel helpers in the dream go, in my waking life I have never seen so many Angels as I am seeing now. I don’t know if it is that more Angels are here or if I am just seeing better because they have cleaned out the basement room in my energy system but HOLY MOLY! Angels are with us! Please ask for their help. They are literally standing next to you. Of this I am sure!

The second thing is about this cleansing process and what is going to fill the void when the old stuff is gone. I have been meditating daily for 36 years. I don’t spend too much time each day assessing how well a meditation has gone. I can’t really know what happens in any given session, but sometimes it feels like the clouds part and light, bright as the sun, pours in with a brilliance that takes my breath away.

In the past, a meditation like that was unusual, remarkable and rare. In the past few months however, it is as if the very Earth has spun her way out of a bank of solar clouds into the sunlight of pure Divinity so that when any of us sit down and close our eyes SO MUCH LIGHT IS THERE. And that light is there to fill us up when we let the old crap go.

Regardless of what the story looks like on the surface, something amazing is happening. Incredible light is flooding into this planet for all of us. We don’t have to practice the lotus position or live in a cave wearing a hair shirt and eating twigs to receive this light. It is there for all of us right now (though speaking of twigs, some of my quarantine cuisine has been about as tasty as twigs).

My dear friends, we are at the turn we have long been waiting for. It is why we came and it is happening. Beneath the very real sorrows and challenges of this time, something amazing is happening.

PS And of course I thought of that great song, so apt for these times, when I wrote my title for this blog!

PS 2 Don’t you just love it that even in my dream I am saying no to patriarchs who want me to hang on to their old junk!

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!