The Game

Light energy moves at an increasing quicksilver pace, yet the man made world sometimes appears to have an immoveable heaviness.  The new Light pouring in brings bliss and gratitude, but this bliss is sometimes shaken by what fills the frame.  Man made frames seem intent on slowing us down, filling us with fear and keeping us in the illusion that things can’t get better and we need to go backwards to handle the situations we face. 

Nature has a completely different message.  On the micro level it gently and persistently calls us to the truth and power of this incoming Light. It helps us experience this Light as transformative and creative, loving and omnipresent. It encourages us to let go and evolve.  On the macro level Nature speaks of the imbalances we must address, but this is always balanced with support to make the shift from the micro level of Nature.

Meanwhile “the forces that were” bring us a last bitter moment of chaos before the Aquarian age opens up for us all. And it will open up because Nature is with us, Divinity is with us and yes, we are with us. As Coach Taylor in the ‘90s show Friday Night Lights said, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

One example for me of “Us being with Us” is our local employment situation.  For many months, every box store and restaurant chain in the commercial strip closest to the farm has had enormous help wanted signs out front. Some big chains have cut back hours and even closed for stretches due to employee shortages. Post lockdown, local people didn’t go back to jobs that didn’t pay a living wage. Lockdown illuminated their own personal value, and people made different choices about returning to work. 

Recently I’ve noticed the help wanted signs mention significantly higher hourly wages. Sometimes it’s hard to see the power we all actually have in the face of corporate structures, but here we see it clearly.  If these enormous companies want to function in our region, they are going to have to pony up more money to pay employees. After all, these companies ride off the life force of their employees.  Isn’t it about time this becomes an equal exchange?

I love seeing people respect the value of their life force.  It’s the true power of the world.  I am heartened by individuals walking from jobs where their contribution of life force is not honored.

In a game manipulated by powerbrokers, a group of individuals have bested the powerbrokers. A supermarket clerk told me that the pressure in the system meant she had received a $4 an hour raise from $11 to $15.  As the bagger, also getting the raise noted, this is $8,000 more a year.    

Speaking of “the powers that were”, someone sent me an interesting You Tube video in which a person in the US military was talking about a long running project called Stargazer.  This project involved hiring many psychics to predict outcomes for various geopolitical situations.  If a high percentage of psychics predicted one outcome, the military would take that into advisement in figuring out their policies going forward. 

This person explained that when the psychics got to 2012 and beyond, they could pick up no data on any situation.  At first there was concern that this meant there was some catastrophic life ending planetary event in 2012, but later the people in the program came to feel that there was some sort of awakening event after 2012 that made everything so completely different IN A GOOD WAY as to make it impossible for anyone to imagine or predict anything from the then current framework.

There is more to what this person said that I will share in a moment, but I find it really interesting that 2012 was when the Angels began to use the phrase “The Great Leap” when describing the evolutionary leap in consciousness humankind was making.

Addressing the issue of how could it be 2021 with still no absolute sign of this awakening event, the person in the video gave this wonderful analogy.  If we were to watch two grandmasters play chess, we might get a general sense of how the game was going, but for most of us, we would not know who was winning until the very end.  However the grandmasters themselves would know maybe 30 or 40 moves out who was going to win.  The rest of the game would go on in a framework of both players knowing who was going to win. We might be in the dark about the outcome, but they wouldn’t be.

This echoes what the Angels say all the time. The game is over.  The Light won. The Earth and all of us on it will get our awakening. We help this process by welcoming the Light pouring in. And “the forces that were”?  We just have to deal a little longer with them as they muck about a bit longer.  But they will go.  It’s a done deal, and we’ll discover a whole new way of being in their wake.

Bottle Gentian

To restock the Flower Essences in our Wildflower Collection I need to remember when and where I have seen the Flowers in the collection in bloom.  Some beloveds like Dandelion and Goldenrod are hard to miss. When they blossom, they fill the landscape.  This makes it easy for me to make more Essence, though you might be surprised by what a short season Dandelion actually has. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

In any case, it doesn’t make Wildflowers less important because they are common, but it does make it easier for me to restock.  Some Flowers like Bottle Gentian are much more rare, and I need to focus to find them for restocking.  

This is the time of year Bottle Gentian flowers.  It likes to grow in the scrubby terrain between deep forest and woodland fields, but it is relatively hard to find. This year as I walked to a spot where I sometimes have found Bottle Gentian, I came across a family of Bottle Gentian several hundred plants strong.  I was bowled over by this abundance.  I feel fortunate when I find one Bottle Gentian plant, and here there were literally hundreds in a place I had never seen any before.

I sat down next to this amazing community of plants to consider all I knew about this powerhouse of a Flower and soak in its vibration.

I first met Bottle Gentian in the Adirondacks when I was a child. From a very early age, I recognized it had strong plant medicine.  I was extremely happy whenever I met it in the woods. It was so regal with such presence. Later Bottle Gentian was prominently featured in a book of Adirondack Wildflowers a friend and I painted when we were teenagers.  I would not describe the Adirondacks as a Flower filled landscape, so when we made this book, we searched hard for every last Flower we painted.  Bottle Gentian was a standout. It communicated to us its strength of purpose and resilience. It spoke of power used well.

Decades later in the summer of 1995, I was reminded exactly how resilient this Flower is.   I found Bottle Gentian blooming undiminished in an Adirondack landscape that had suffered an enormous blowdown of trees.  The scope of the blowdown/ microburst was immense.  940,000 acres of Adirondack wilderness were damaged by the storm with 126,000 acres completely destroyed with nary a tree left standing. It is estimated that ten million trees were felled by the storm.  When later I went on a seaplane ride to see the destruction, I saw mountains far into the distance with all their trees leveled like matchsticks. 

The night of the storm, the skies had been a strange green color. We played cards, listening to the frightening sound of mammoth trees breaking all around our camp. During flashes of lightning we peered out into the storm. Never had I seen enormous trees do what they did that night, waving like palm trees before breaking in half or uprooting or doing both. We awoke to a landscape of trees fallen like pick up sticks. We felt grateful to be alive.

A few days later, in a completely impenetrable rat’s nest of down trees, I found a resolute Bottle Gentian blooming.  To have survived the storm and lived to flourish afterwards made this cluster of blossoms a dynamo of strength.  I knew this Bottle Gentian would bring a particular vibrational wisdom about facing anything life could throw at us, so I made it into a Flower Essence and added it to our inventory.

Bottle Gentian Flower Essence supports us to hold our energy in sanctity in any situation no matter how difficult or dire. It empowers us to remain poised and serene in the face of upheaval and forceful change.  It helps us see more clearly in any circumstance. During that storm it had shown its grit and courage. It helps us do so too.

In the 27 years since that storm,  I have continued to benefit from this Flower’s strength and learn so much from its Flower Essence vibration. I delight in every encounter I have with this Flower in the wild, so you can imagine my joy in finding so many blossoms this September.

I wondered what strength this family of plants would bring to our Bottle Gentian inventory. I also wanted to know why.  I always want to know the whys.  Not that I always get answers to my questions but still, I ask.  In this case I wondered why so many Flowers this year?  I was talking to the Angels about this as I enjoyed another visit today with this community of Bottle Gentians, and they said in answer to my why, “Ask Bottle Gentian.”

And so I did.

“Greetings.  We bring great strength with our show of numbers. We want to remind you how to be powerful and hold your strength in complete harmony with others.  No matter the size of the group, you can all be in your full power without violating anyone else’s energy system. Look how our Flowers cluster in perfect accord with each other, all given space to flourish and all rising in their full expression.  This balance of power and harmony is one piece of our relevant wisdom for right now.

We also want to support you in the right use of your energy.  Your world is rapidly firing up into higher frequencies, and this requires a lot of energy from you. It can be arduous work to let go and flow with these vibrational shifts.  

We suggest you consider without criticism or shame how you use your energy. This examination is to give helpful insight. There is no need to judge. Do you make space for replenishing activities?  Do you sometimes inadvertently drain away your energy with activities like scrolling social media platforms or watching the “news”?  Do you listen when your body needs rest? Your world so often pushes you to keep going when you are spent and need to rest and restore yourself. Do guilt buttons sometimes make you push past balance so you are left drained?  With kindness to yourself as you take this inventory, consider keeping a full tank as we do. You need energy right now to adjust to the incoming light.  If you have energy, cherish it.  If you are exhausted, arrange to rest if possible.  And remember you can ask for help from all the lightworkers in spirit here to help right now.  See how our deep blue coloring and closed blossom formation suggests holding one’s energy?  Call to us and we will help you do likewise.

We are not asking you to cut people off or being unloving.  Sometimes lightworkers on Earth worry that self care means not doing your lightwork.  Right now your lightwork is self care.  This is the best thing you could do for those around you and those you love; gather your energy so it’s available to support you when you need it.

We send you our love.  Avail yourself to our wisdom.  Call us in. Study our architecture. Take our Flower Essence.  Ask for our help.  We have much relevant wisdom and want to share it with you now.”

Nightgown in the Garden

Very early this morning I went out in my nightgown to pick some Flowers for the office crew and visit with the garden. The sun was just coming up and illuminating the landscape with radiant morning light.  I particularly love how Flower petals glow in this early morning sun.

As I wandered around chatting with various Flowers, telling them aloud how beautiful they were, a new neighbor walked by with her dog.  I have no idea what she thinks of me, and it’s none of my business, but she probably has an opinion.  After all she’s seen me quite a lot in the early morning gardens apparently talking to no one while sporting a nightgown.  Though honestly the most unusual dawn moment must have been when I was heaving a few rocks back in place on a stonewall, also in my nightgown.

It’s just that the dawn calls soooooo loudly that I often run out to catch that early morning light and say hello to everyone before I get dressed.  Soon it will be winter and even I get garbed up with more than a nightgown for winter, but for now, before I put on my gardening pants for the garden work of the day or don clothes for the office, there is usually a dawn moment in the garden in my nightgown. 

What if I were to call out to my neighbor an explanation of what I am doing?  Would it make my behavior seem any less eccentric to shout out “I’m just talking to the Flowers.” And again, what she thinks of me is none of my business and it’s not my job to shift her opinion of me (nor is it possible).

My spontaneous moments of gratitude in the garden and all these questions I had about a witness to these moments made me think about all self expression in this strange moment on Earth.

I use the word moment here for a reason. I am very grateful that the Angels repeatedly tell me this is a moment which we are moving through not an experience here to stay.  Phew!  However, it is a moment that calls us to be our authentic selves then let the chips fall where they may.

Many of us could say that about our entire lives and many lives before that.  We’ve been called to be our authentic selves in communities that don’t necessarily get us or agree with us. And given that circumstance, we also recall how the chips fell out. Very badly at times.  It makes even a benign expression of our true shimmering glorious self an act of courage. 

Being in our truth is not a challenge because we don’t know who we are, but because we have been slammed for being ourselves.

It’s been a long time since I was disowned by my family of origin, but there are still ripples from this of both the inner and outer kind. One outer example is that I hear family of origin news such as the death of a relative in extremely strange ways or not at all. This incivility often leads me back to the original wound of being thrown out of the family which brings its own inner ripple.

Recently, someone sent me a link to a video entitled “Let Them Disown You.” I listened. I understood that the speaker was trying to encourage people to stand in their truth regardless of the consequences. That is a noble thing to encourage.  I would encourage it even after being disowned, but it’s not a simple thing to suffer the consequences of being true to ourselves.

I appreciated the man in the video asking the question, “Why would anyone want to be associated with people who think they own you and therefore think they can disown you?”  How true. However, life is more layered and complex than language.  

Of course no one wants to be in community with people who say they can own or disown you, but I doubt that ideas of ownership ever come in isolation from hundreds of other ideas and emotions in a family system.  To be disowned is to have been in a complicated relationship with a group of people who have complicated reasons for disowning you. And finding the language choice unacceptable doesn’t clean up the feelings that come with being disowned.

Wrenching rejections are experiences of us showing up in our truth only to be told “We don’t want you.” There is no follow up explanation such as, “Your truth exposes our lies and weakness, so it’s easiest to make you the problem.”

If we’ve had these rejections enough, even small moments of self expression can have a shadow of worry.  I hoped that the passing neighbor would see me as harmless.  I got a belly laugh out of describing the moment to the staff, but I also felt the need to reassure myself that I was safe. 

As I work to integrate all the parts of myself that have navigated rejection before, I experience all sorts of emotions and concerns. I try not to belittle any response but instead acknowledge the sadness, fear, anger and other feelings that still surface in the wake of traumas. Today for example, I held the tiny thread of worry and looked to my comforting inner adult that knows that no matter how nutty the neighbor thinks I am, it won’t get me disowned or burned at the stake.

One thing I really love about gardens is how they slow me down to a human pace.  When I dig potatoes, I fork up the earth and pick up one potato at a time. In this sane pace there is the space to hear all the voices within me that need to be heard. There is the space to be kind to myself.  I can contain my reactions then acknowledge and comfort the younger versions of myself that still live within me, healing from earlier traumas. 

As I dig in the earth I am reminded that our dear mother Earth herself brings comfort and support to our healing process. This is one reason why, no matter what the neighbors think, I will keep on visiting the gardens morning, noon and night to talk to all Nature and sing its praises.

I hope you too have a place in Nature that sets you free to be your full glorious self in full expression and comforts you if others don’t understand who you are. I hope you are surrounded by kindness.

Our New Flower Essence Mixes for 2021

Tune Up, Disrupt, Derail & Dismantle Negativity, Gatekeeper, Calm, Cool & Collected, Restore Divine Order and Safe Passage.

These are the Flower Essence mixes created this growing season here at Green Hope Farm. They are available individually or as a set called The Sovereignty Set. They support us to find personal sovereignty in a sea of Divinity.

The Back Story 

This growing season, the beloved Flowers and the Angels and Elementals overlighting these Flowers upped their game.  They stepped forward early and often to explain about mixes they wanted to co-create this summer.  They talked to me each day, taking me deeper and deeper into the strengths and purposes of these new mixes.  A number of new Flowers needed to be grown, and all through the gardens, specific Flowers were tenderly nurtured. 

Our screen porch sits amidst the gardens

Each day saw me on our screen porch taking notes.  There was so much to learn.  I felt like I was starting all over again with Flower Essences after my first thirty five years in the classroom.  As some of the new Flowers flourished in the garden, I couldn’t believe I had never grown these precious friends before. Holy Basil, how did I not know you before? And how wonderful to meet you now! 

When it was time to make the mixes, I was the hands assembling the ingredients and my partners the consciousness holding these creations.  WOW.  These mixes fill me with awe and a heck of a lot of healing Light. I spritz myself and all passing people and animals many times a day with this group of six, always with a sigh of wonder and gratefulness. 

No matter the confusing world events, when I come back to my work with the Flower Essences or give myself a spritz, there is an enormous and palpable energy of YES, we can solve any problem and YES we do it NOW.  

Purpose of The Sovereignty Set 

The focus of this set is on the inalienable right of all of us to the sovereignty of our own energy systems and the blossoming of our true self. This mean clear energy fields. This mean unassailable energetic boundaries. This means clarity about our Divine identity. This means truth time. 

It could seem paradoxical that as humankind awakens into a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and Divine oneness, the focus of these mixes is on sovereignty.  In considering this, I think of my relationship with the Angels and Elementals.  We communicate in many ways. I hear them. I see them moving about the gardens and in the skies over the farm. They create synchronicities and wondrous moments in the gardens with the Flowers, the weather, the animals, birds and insects. I feel their love in so many ways, but I have never felt violated by them.  They never violate the boundaries of my energy system.  If I want their help or their counsel, I must invite them to help. No matter how seamless our work together, I have never felt crowded. Even in our closest of interactions, I am aware they respect me as a unique being and respect my energy system boundaries completely. This is the template they share with us in these mixes. Personal sovereignty in an ocean of Divinity. 

In this time when there is so much disrespect about each individual’s sovereign rights, they set the bar and make me know it can and will be done.  We will come into unity consciousness with a consciousness of complete respect for each other. And we have teachers including the Angels and Elementals and tools like Flower Essences happy to show us the way. 

Zinnias in Safe Passage

The Sovereignty Set Specifics 

As you read about these six Flower Essence mixes, you may notice that some Flowers are present in more than one of the mixes and described as bringing different strengths and purposes to different mixes. The Angels explain that this set is a musical piece or fugue in which individual Flowers are introduced and then taken up into other parts of the musical piece.  In each mix they are used differently in order to build on the healing vibration of the whole musical composition of six mixes. These mixes demonstrate the immense and varied gifts within every Flower Essence and the sublime healing they offer when they sing together for us. 

You may want to work with only a couple of these mixes much as you might be called to listen to one part of a musical composition separate from the rest of the piece.  Sometimes we need support on one specific aspect of our energy system more than another.   

You may feel called to work with the whole group, and if this is so, you will find the set listed in the Angel sets section of the website.  You can work with the set in any order.  I go through a sequence of spritzing each one around my head and body. Sometimes I follow the order of how the Angels describe them, but often I do not. Time is only a construct so any order will work in Divine Order. 

Sunflower, one of the Flower Essences in Tune Up

Tune Up 

The Angels introduced Tune Up halfway through 2021.  They wanted to get timely support out to one and all as we navigate this shift of the Ages.  Now they include Tune Up in this set. 

The Angels put Tune Up first in the set.  It primes the pump for the work ahead.  It creates a foundation for the work of the other five mixes. The Angels have described the whole set in musical terms, and they explain that Tune Up is the overture, beginning the work that will be done with greater depth by the mixes that follow.  It sets the stage.  It grounds us. It introduces us to all the healing themes to come and also softens and opens us to begin the healing work.  It stands alone, yet it also deeply supports all the other mixes in this set. 

The Angels asked each Flower Essence to explain its presence in Tune Up. Here the Flowers speak:   

Sunflower: You are a super hero. You can do anything. Let us show you the pattern of your perfection. 
Pine: Cooling respite beyond battle. We hold you. 
Birch: We peel back and remove what needs to be removed. We do so with calm so you can remain in calm. We get to the bottom of things with you. 
Meadowsweet: You are loved. We bath you in sweet love. We soothe over firing circuitry. We help you rest in love. 
St John’s Wort: We are the very best fire fighters. We help you keep the sunshine and shed the burn. 
Cardinal Flower: We help you in the seriousness of your healing intention. We uplift you in your dedication and focus. We help you release energies that mislead. No more hair shirts. 
Yellow Mullein: Yes you can do it. Stand in this knowing without fear. You can and will do it. 
Oregano: If it doesn’t belong within you, it’s got to go. Only true self and source. We help you clean house. 
Raspberry: Total harmony. Aligned with Divine energy, only light exists. 
Tansy: We blast away any misplaced energy no matter how long it’s been clinging to you. We support your freedom and sanctity. 
Lion’s Ear: Wise elders gather with this Essence to give you bespoke healing support. A gift beyond measure. 
Yerba Mate: We re- map cell patterns after illness or challenge. We bring immense protective energy. 
Corn: The deep perfection of energy organized by Light. This downloading is the wisdom of the ancients. It takes you forward in community of unity consciousness. 
Osteospermum: If betrayal has been a part of your journey, we help you experience your wholeness on the other side. 
Willow: The immense gift of flexibility makes all things possible. 
Purple Queen Snap Bean: Harmonious shifts. Dissolving the impediments of self judgement. 
All our Marigolds including French Marigold: As masters of love, gratitude and harmonious mutation, we take you across the threshold to spiritual freedom and liberation. 
Fragrant Ladies Tresses: We help you let go and let grace prevail. 
Angelica: Indivisibility with the Divine. Spiritual freedom. Wound healing. Never underestimate how many Angels love you. 
Borage: Happiness is yours for the taking. 
Mehera: Because the destination is the source. 
Jade: It’s a wild woolly ride but green energy is with you and that makes all the difference. 

Fireweed is a key player in the next mix

Disrupt Derail & Dismantle Negativity 

Like mosquitos on a perfect summer night, negative energies run interference as we reach for the stars.  And to the stars we shall go. The tipping point has passed. The Light will prevail on our dear planet. Nothing can stop us, yet who doesn’t appreciate a mix that helps minimize negative interference?  So here is a mix to disrupt, derail and dismantle negativity as we move through this time into greater Light. 

Powerhouse Flower Essences in this mix support us to clear our energy field of all discordant, warped or unnatural energies. In fact, everything that is not our own energy is cleared because only our own energy belongs in our energy field. Anything that is not our energy must exit our energy systems.  

This mix works in many layered ways. Entry points for energy vampires or anything that seeks to disturb are dismantled. Cellular memory of untruths of any form presently embedded in us are removed so Divine truth can prevail and we understand our right to energetic sanctuary. Our life blood is protected and purified. The housecleaning is profound, thorough and deep. Chaos and discord are transmuted into harmonious energy and disabled from replicating or enlarging in scope. We receive support to break any chain that binds us so we experience the sovereignty of our energy field. After the clear out, many of the Essences in this mix enhance a force field of Light around us. 

Why did the Angels want to create this mix in addition to the wonderful Golden Armor? They explain that this mix and Gatekeeper augment the work of Golden Armor to deal successfully with more sophisticated attacks on our energy system.  

Like all Flower Essences, this mix offers itself in service to your Light and you remain in the driver’s seat.  This mix will help you regulate deconstruction and removal of negativity in your system much as a site supervisor would organize such a project.  It is composed of very strong Flower Essence allies but the volition remains in your hands and the sanctity of your energy system is never violated by an Essence. 

While the other mixes in this set have closed with each Flower speaking a bit about its purpose in the mix, some in this group explain themselves collectively and some individually.  

Bee Balm, Blackberry, Bleeding Heart, Burdock, Calliandra, Cardinal de Richelieu Rose, Monkey Tail, White Calliandra- We work as a unit to support you in the work of clearing and purifying your life’s blood.  This is key to clearing your energy field. 

Celandine- Help to clearing your energy field down to cellular units. 

Cherry Tomato- For breaking any negative chains that bind negativity in your energy system. 

Dandelion- In this mix, I serve to ignite your abilities to thoroughly cleanse and clear your energy system.    

Elderberry- I show you that like me, you have a “don’t mess with me” energy with powers to clear your energy field. Not only do I demonstrate how to use this power to stop lies and other negative energies from inhabiting and enlarging their presence in your energy field, I show you how to rid yourself of these energies once and for all. 

Fireweed- I am a very strong elemental cleanser. I help you breakthrough to a new level of energetic sovereignty. 

Garlic- I share with you my force field of Light that rebuffs and clears negativity so you can make this strength your own. 

Lion’s Ear- We, the Lion’s Ear collective of spiritual guides oversee the entire healing work of these six mixes and support you in whatever ways you ask for our support. 

Niella- I share the skill of clearing the individual chakras of ANY disturbance or negativity so that each energy center can spin to its fullest in complete sanctity. 

Orange Hawkweed- I make sure you sweep out every cobweb and clear your field completely. I help you harness your creativity for this task. 

Pennyroyal- Removing the pull of negativity, I help you dismantle negative thought loops and other negative patterns that might once have held your interest. 

Purple Sensation Allium- I support you to go into your energetic core then flow out in every direction, removing everything that does not belong in your field. 

Radish- I help amplify the power of your efforts. 

Rhubarb- I help you enlarge the scope and breadth of your efforts. 

Rue- I ignite within you the absolute certainty you deserve to live in complete and total energetic sovereignty. 

Scotch Thistle- I help you clear your emotional body with great thoroughness. 

Silver-rod- I show you the way to remove all disturbances in your energetic field. 

Wild Parsnip- I help you transform any chaotic energy into its higher octave of harmony and peace. 

Gatekeeper includes the incomparable Watchman Hollyhock


The only thing that should be in your energy field is your energy.  No one else and nothing else belongs there.  While Disrupt, Derail & Dismantle helps us clear our energy fields of energies that should not be there, Gatekeeper demonstrates how to keep our energy field sacrosanct. This is a complicated skill to learn, so Gatekeeper also helps us maintain these energetic boundaries until we learn how to do this for ourselves. 

Gatekeeper, as with all 2021 mixes, is serious about its purposes. 

Sometimes it is stories we tell ourselves that lead to us letting our boundaries be violated. These are often not even our stories but the stories of larger groups and institutions. One of the problems with institutions, be it a family system or a larger organization such as a nation state, religion, business, social or educational community, is that they often support violations of our individual energy fields in order to maintain themselves.  This is because institutions are almost always intent on preserving themselves, not individuals. Institutions often hammer home ideas that confuse us about our energy boundaries, insisting institutional values that violate us but support “the greater good” are more important than listening to our own inner values. This leads us to opening our fields to energies that are not our own. 

What is the premise of most organizations? That we are separate and different from each other and must maintain our separateness using collective organizational power over others.   Violations of our energy field result when we fall into this illusion of separation, with its pervasive confusion about better than/worse than or more powerful than/weaker than. For example, we might be encouraged to feel as a member of a nation state that we are more powerful and more important than others and deserve more of everything including energies rightfully belonging to others.  In truth we are all one indivisible force field impacting each other while free to maintain our own energetic boundaries.  

In the illusion of separation we believe we must have power over others in order to be safe or that we must give someone our power and allow them to be in our energy field protecting us. We may also hold the confusion that love means opening our field and giving our energy away to someone.  We are taught that as others are separate, they may need our energy more than we do or need us to carry them energetically. There are so many ways we have grown confused about energetic boundaries and confused about who owns our personal life force. 

No matter how we got into a situation of unclear energetic boundaries, Gatekeeper supports us to close the energetic loopholes and find energetic integrity, energetic coherence and energetic sovereignty.  This is our birthright. 

Once we understand ourselves to be indivisible with the Light and never more or less powerful than anyone else, we better understand our right to energetic integrity and sovereignty. Gatekeeper supports us to close energetic holes, dissolve illusions and close any gaps in our energy field made by divisive, chaotic and mistaken ideas of power imbalances. 

All this requires courage because to give up the proscribed ideas and rules of groups and other institutions is to experience ourselves on a truly level playing field.  Connection is never about dividing people or using people in any kind of transaction.  Instead it is an improvisation in which we connect as Divine beings free to find a deeper experience of another and self in any interaction.  It is connection without imposed parameters of control and no imposed structure. We go into each encounter not to fix or be fixed but to experience the wholeness and holiness of each other and ourselves.    

Here is a brief explanation of why these specific Flowers are in this mix. As with all these mixes, additional gifts come from the way they dovetail together to bring a collective energy to this mix. 

Angelica- Ignites the experience of unity consciousness within us by illuminating the Divinity in every cell of every one of us. 

Bear’s Breeches- Shows us how to transform our wounds into an expression of appropriate boundaries and maintain this energetic sovereignty. 

Dandelion- Helps us maintain the integrity of our energetic field during times of metamorphosis and change when old doubts, fears and other emotions can creep back in and throw us off track. 

Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue- For the mending of unhealed memories which leads to closure of gaps between our physical and etheric bodies.  This closure brings energetic cohesion and strength. 

Eucalyptus- Brings order and calm to the process of closing gaps and releasing old ideas and emotions that left us confused and energetically vulnerable. 

Goldenrod- Help to break the ties that bound us to group notions that don’t feel true to us. Support to stand in our own truth and no longer open our energy system to ideas that do not feel true to us. 

Konigin Von Danemark Rose- This Rose offers wisdom about discernment, metabolic balance and energetic coherence. 

Lilac- Cultivates our spiritual spine so we unequivocally know our right to energetic sanctity in all situations even those in which much pressure is brought to bear against us. 

Lion’s Ear- Connects us to Light beings guiding our way at this juncture of our evolution. 

Golden Armor- Our old friend brings the playbook on energetic sanctity. 

Mexican Poppy- Shares wisdom about energetic sanctity in heated situations. Dismantles energy of peer pressure. 

Radish- Amplifies our force field of Light. 

Rattlesnake Master- Supports our discernment in high stakes situations including when negativity has doubled down on us. 

Scotch Thistle- Of particular help to those who have given away their energetic sanctity in an effort to be loving. Restores the balance of love with appropriate boundaries. 

Snapdragon- More support to have spiritual spine. 

Spiderwort- Discernment. 

Spruce- Helps us close gaps in our energetic field specifically the physical and etheric body link. 

Sunflower- You are the super hero of your own life.  You are not a side kick there for someone else or something else. You are there for the Divinity within you and your unique Divine purpose. 

Tansy- Working both on a cellular level and also on a societal level, I break up and remove anything that seeks to disturb. 

Teasel- Offers us unrivalled support to keep our energy fields clear of everything that is not our Divine self. 

Torch Flower- Taps us into the life force within us that can accomplish this work of energetic sovereignty. 

The Watchman- Brings us focused protection 24/7 of all chakras even when we sleep. 

Wild Ginger- I make sure the foundation of healing created by this mix is strong and will endure.  

Yerba Mate- I nourish you in this work, shining my light on every cell as you seek to create an energetic system of integrity and Light. 

Both Konigin Von Danemark Rose and Royal Purple Smoke Tree are in Calm, Cool & Collected

Calm, Cool & Collected 

Anchored in the center of our being is the experience of unshakeable confidence in our Light, unassailable calm in the face of any challenge and knowledge of self as Divinity. 

This kind of calm, cool & collected is no attitude but an experience of truth.  Even as this time can feel like the antithesis of calm, cool and collected, the truth is that the Light is us and never diminishes. We prevail as imperishable love. This Flower Essence mix hands us the road map to this state of being and walks with us to this place of calm, cool & collected. 

Its cast of Flower Essences unite to support us.  

Angelica reveals our oneness with Divinity.  

Applemint shows us how to cool down.  

Borage encourages.  

Babies’ Breath softens the blows.  

Aloe Vera soothes and restores burnt territory.  

Chamomile offers tranquility and peace.  

Wise Corn helps us ground in eternal reality.  

Dill empowers.   

Eucalyptus shows us how to release extreme emotions via the lungs.  

Eyes of Mary reminds us of the higher truth that only Divinity is real.   

Fireweed soars us into higher truth.  

Garlic bathes us in positivity.  

Konigin Von Danemark Rose shows us a way to balance and regulate our nervous system. Maltese Cross helps us mend.  

Plum is a tool to stabilize the root chakra.  

Royal Purple Smoke Tree helps us find a soft way to go forward, breaking down overheated chain reactions.   

Ancient Redwood whispers of strength, integrity and the long view.  

St John’s Wort de-escalates the drama.  

Water Avens cools the firestorms.  

Yellow Mullein helps restore our confidence.  

Yerba Mate takes us deep into self-care, showing us how to protect and nourish on the cellular level.   

Working seamlessly together, these beloveds gift us with their hard earned wisdom so we too can find calm and cool and a collected confidence in who we are. 

The Angels had me grow Tea Tree aka Manuka for Restore Divine Order
Beloved Tuberose was also grown for Restore Divine Order

Restore Divine Order 

The name Restore Divine Order suggests that Divine Order can be lost. It can never be lost because Divine Order is.  Love and Divinity are the only real things while the rest is a shadow, a fleeting movie reel of illusions.  Sometimes we get lost in these movies and forget who we are.  So the work of this Essence is to restore our experience of Divine Order and our Divine Self.  We appear to need this right now. The plotline of the movie has sucked us in so far that we forget who we are or that it’s a movie. 

Think of this Essence as an Angel that interrupts us in the movie theatre and ushers us out of the theatre to a place where we remember that we are Love and Light in a sea of Love and Light.  This Flower Essence mix snaps us out of our amnesia, back to knowing the sovereignty of our energy system.  We remember we are Divinity experiencing itself, ever free and safe. We are neither rescuers nor victims. We reclaim a power that is already ours.  All illusion that needs to be released, even illusions that clung to us for eons, now return to formlessness.  We can see it was just a movie.  We step into the real story, our energy systems in optimum Divine order and our eyes and hearts wide open to who we are.  

Angelica- It is really very simple. You are Divinity in a sea of Divinity. 

Cedar- I open the gates of remembrance. 

Dandelion- Burdens relieved and transformed. 

Dill- Expansion. 

Epimedium- Putting back together what needs to be put back together. In this case it’s our experience that only Love is real.  

Eucalyptus- Complete release into emotional freedom. 

Feverfew- I cushion you and remind you of the verity of peace so you feel safe as you leave the theatre. 

Fragrant Ladies Tresses- If you trip on this journey out of the theatre, I pick you up and remind you to keep the faith. 

Holy Basil- I bring the shift of ages to your consciousness. 

Honeybees in the White Hawthorn- Stabilizing you dear ones during this transition. May you feel our waves of harmonious energy supporting you. 

Indian Pipe- Peace is the abiding reality. 

Jamaica Dogwood- Genetic Divine order. 

Konigin Von Danemark Rose- I am an undercurrent in this whole set of six offering emotional tranquility and balance. I help your energy system rest in this. 

The Mary Rose- The heart knows. 

Magenta Snapdragon- Returns the focus to what is manifesting outside the movie theatre.  

Queen Anne’s Lace- I take you out of the territory of illusory doubt once and for all. 

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean- Spiritual freedom.  

Sunflower- I help you reclaim the power that is already yours. 

Sweet Alyssum- It’s time for higher consciousness to prevail. 

Tea Tree- I bring the restorative power of love to your hearts. 

Trillium- I support this shift that is a perfect balance of spirit and matter. 

True Wood Sorrel- Nothing can disturb this peace. 

Tuberose- I AM union. 

White Wild Wood Violet- I am a comforting friend you can lean on as you leave the theatre. 

Wild Parsnip- Internal and external chaos, both rise up in me into their sublime expression of Divine order. 

Yellow Water Lily- Here we are, the experience of Divinity in a sea of Divinity, afloat in this time yet ever anchored in our true identity as Divinity 

Early days in Safe Passage
Another early season photo
As the garden grew, we found ourselves lingering in its vibration. The Angels asked that we move through the garden only from north to south to keep the birth energies flowing ( the bench also had to go so the energy could flow).
Later in the season it became difficult to get all the Flowers in one photo. There were just so many!
Teddy Bear Sunflowers proved robust even in the face of the deer
One last view where you get a sense of the Nasturtiums encircling the whole garden

Safe Passage 

This year’s Venus Garden brings us to the threshold and on to the birth. It is time. We walk this path of rebirth with the promise of Divinity that this will be a safe passage with not a soul forgotten. We are in this together, indivisible. Nothing is outside this shift of ages. No one can be forgotten. We are one. 

In the garden the birth is reflected in the design of the Flowers. Thyme, White Snapdragons, Four O’Clocks and tall Sunflowers usher us into the journey, this birth. They remind us that it is time for this shift and that we are not alone. Instead, we are surrounded by light workers ready to help us help ourselves. And rise up we must. As we follow the path of pine needles through the garden, we too rise up in self-mastery as vivacious Teddy Bear Sunflowers in a sea of Sweet Alyssum. 

Ringing the entire garden and sheltering the Sunflowers in particular are an abundance of Nasturtiums. They support us to stay grounded, steady in our hearts with our minds calm. 

The path encircles the heart of the garden. There at it’s heart is a ring of Mehera Marigolds, love incarnate, entwined with one splendid Yellow Marigold of gratitude. They surround Holy Basil, the Flower that takes us to the next evolutionary level. Holy Basil, the first Flower to cross the threshold in the evolutionary ladder, knows we can do it and empowers us to make the leap. It keeps us rock steady and confident as we go forward. The Marigolds chime in with their wisdom about metamorphosis as well as love and gratitude. 

Into the precision of the plantings, Cosmos, Mustard, and Nicotianas volunteer to remind us to speak our heart’s truth, one to the other, stay connected as we proceed and let go of everything that is a burden, as in everything but love. 

As we pass the threshold of the birth, joyous Zinnias enfold us along with those wonderful light being guardians that have been with us throughout. They stay with us now in the form of Lion’s Ear collective. Could there be better allies as we blossom into our new selves? 

This astounding garden was built on the sacred energies of the previous of 28 Venus Gardens. I would like to thank all those in spirit and in human form who helped to make manifest these Venus Garden healing mandalas. This year in particular I was supported by the healer who planted the Alignment Garden with me in 2005, Kathy Skolem. I can get a bit exuberant and even a bit relaxed as I follow the garden designs as given to me by the Angels and Elementals. Improvisation is sometimes key, but this year required precision and a very specific adherence to the design given. This garden takes us on a route to New Life. This meant we needed to follow the map exactly as given by those in spirit that know the way! Kathy supported the energy of precision. Together we planted this garden following the exact design of the mandala. The results astounded us all. 

I am so grateful we get to have the energies of Safe Passage live on in this Essence. No words do justice to the energy of this garden or its Essence. It embodies and therefore shares with our electrical systems the next iteration of LOVE to be made manifest on this planet. It helps us all to support this blossoming in each and every one of us. It births us into this New Life now. 

The Captain of my Boat

During my childhood Adirondack summers, our family hosted sailboat races every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.  A motley collection of sailors would arrive at our dock towing their snipes, a sailboat with a jib and mainsail large enough to need a crew of one but small enough to have a good sail even if the wind wasn’t up.

Our family was responsible for setting the course.  If the wind was coming in one direction we would set a three point course in the smaller bay to the south of our dock.  The sailors would agree on how many times round they would sail the course. The direction around the buoys would maximize beating into the wind because that made for a better race with more strategy and skill involved. If the wind was right we would set a larger course in the main body of the lake.  This meant a much longer race as it was a many mile course with four mile legs. 

Before the race, my father was preoccupied getting our snipe ready. My older sister was usually his crew so this left me to go out with my younger brother to drop the buoys to mark the course.  Once everyone had their sails up and were tacking back and forth at the starting line, my brother and I would start the race. First we gave a five minute warning, then a one minute warning and then a go signal.  We would wave towels in case our ridiculously inadequate megaphone was hard to hear.  As the race progressed, we were the committee boat, racing off to rescue anyone who got hung up.

Besides the delight of being a very young teen left to tear around in a big motorboat unsupervised, there was the character study of the captains of these boats. 

One older gentleman had the best boat.  He was the inventor of marine plywood and took the quality of his boat and his approach to every race very seriously. The trophy awarded at the end of the season to the sailor who won the most races never left his cottage wall as he won all the races.  His glamorous wife was his crew. Wearing colorful rain gear and a diamond as big as the Ritz, she looked fresh as a daisy even after very wet races.  I long remembered the race when she reached into a cooler and handed me a frozen Babe Ruth bar. I had never tasted anything so good. One Saturday late in my teenage years I crewed for this glamorous couple’s eldest grandson.  We did not win. As we landed on our dock after the race, we were greeted by both a furious grandfather and father who chewed us out for the mistakes we made.  The family was uber competitive.

But the person that made me think about writing this blog was an irascible Scotsman whom I shall call Mr. V.  Mr. V had been in the mining business and had spent most of his career in the jungles of Central America.  An extremely portly gentleman, he always pulled up to our dock in his gleaming Chris-Craft with his teeny tiny wife at his side.  Mrs. V was one of the smallest and most wrinkled people I had ever met which made the story that she had delivered her children alone in the jungles of Nicaragua even more amazing.  She was a doctor so apparently she knew what she was doing, but I very much hope that “alone” was inaccurate and that she had a local midwife to help her.  I never dared ask her the full story. It all seemed so wildly improbable that this miniature person had given birth to Mr. V’s children let alone in a jungle.  She was the epitome of a stoic putting up with Mr. V’s sailing day histrionics.  Add to this giving birth to his children in the jungle, and she was in a category of unapproachable immortal.

Mr. V towed his boat from about as far away on the lake as you could get.  He had a house on one of the fingers of the lake, a good ten miles from our dock.  Once we dropped in for a tour of his home. While we were used to the creepy deer heads that decorated most Adironadack camps, we were still startled by the walls of his home covered as they were with enormous stuffed amphibians and strange metal contraptions.  Perhaps if I had known more about mining I might have recognized what all the hardware was. The snakes and alligators spoke for themselves.

As a heavy set gentleman, Mr. V was always searching for a small person to crew for him. With his weight in the boat, he needed the lightest crew possible if he was to have any chance of racing well in a light breeze.  He trolled the waters of the lake dragging in one callow youth after the other as no one wanted to crew for Mr. V more than once.

One reason for this was that Mr. V was terrible sailor. He seemed to have no sense of the wind or any idea that he needed to change his way of attacking the course from moment to moment as conditions shifted.  He came in with the same game plan week after week and followed it no matter how dismal the results. Each race he would immediately set off on a tack that was ill advised, leaving him well behind the field from the beginning. 

Though we never set a course near rocks or submerged stumps, he found them as metal filings find a magnet.  This led to many races in which my brother and I towed him and his wet, cold crew back to our dock. Of additional relevance to his crew was the fact Mr. V was not the most patient of gentleman and always loudly blamed his crew for problems that developed during the race.  His rants alarmed my brother and me so much that If Mr. V arrived for a race without someone to crew for him, we would high tail it into the woods to be sure he wouldn’t lean on us to fill in for him.  Fortunately the lake usually coughed up another young victim for him, and we were off the hook.

So what got me thinking of Mr V? So much of this time is about who we choose to Captain our boat. The wind is up and we need to let go of the shore where we’ve been, but who is going to Captain our boat? So many Captains are like Mr. V.  Full of bluster, unwilling to learn from experience, intent on doing the same old thing over and over again even as it doesn’t work, certain they are right in spite of evidence to the contrary.

While I certainly can stray into letting a Mr. V steer my ship for a moment, I choose the Divinity within me to Captain my boat. So many Mr. Vs clamor for our attention right now, claiming an expertise that they do not have. At best these Captains can offer unhelpful generic advice unconnected to our specific circumstances. At the worse, their advice steers us right out of the purpose and flow of our lives onto submerged stumps.  That’s the thing about listening to the Divinity within us.  It’s current guidance precisely for our situation.  It’s Divinity speaking directly to us in each now.

As we leave behind the Piscean Age and head into the Aquarian Age, we can salute the up side of the Piscean Age with its encouragement of direct mystical relevation, direct contact with the Divinity within us.  But we need to throw out the structures of interference created by all organizations resistant to the idea that each of us is meant to have a direct experience of Divinity without someone else “guiding” i.e. controlling us.  If an organization or person says the only way to proceed is via their guidance or methods of operation, following this advice is like crewing for Mr. V.  Maybe once in a blue moon his rigid game plan worked ( though I never experienced this), but almost always a boat steered by him was bound to flounder or land on the rocks.

People often wonder why we are so open ended about how to use our Flower Essences.  This summer as I dive deeper and deeper into the world of Flowers, I am so very glad that our basic advice has always been: trust your own guidance about what to do with the Flower Essences.  If you feel that you are to rub them on your feet, rub them on your feet.  If you feel you are to spritz a mix over your head  five times a day, I salute your guidance and support you in it.

 I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but something about this summer as I visit so deeply with the Flowers makes me think of what this vista must be like. I feel I am looking into a vast and breathtaking landscape of healing that I have only just begun to glimpse after thirty five years in the garden.  When you tell me that you were guided to work with a Flower Essence in a new way for a new purpose formerly unknown to me, I am excited and happy. The Flower has spoken deep in your heart.  The Divinity within you has listened and felt the truth and power of the Flower.  As you share your direct, felt experience, my point of view is expanded by yours.  I may never get guided to use the Essence in the same way as you because we are distinct Divine beings in a sea of Divinity, but I know you have received wonderful guidance in perfect alignment with your glorious being.

I am grateful for every moment I remember to let my inner Divinity captain my boat and I am grateful for every moment you do too.

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!