Symphony- Our Seasonal Flower Essence Gift to you!

During this season, we will be sending a gift bottle of Symphony Flower Essence mix with every order. If you want more of this Flower Essence, it’s now available for purchase as well.

Here is the backstory on Symphony and how it was created.

The Green Hope crew gathered shortly before Thanksgiving to consider what we could give you dear ones for a seasonal love offering.  We sat together in silence then shared what we felt. We realized we wanted to support community.  Weary of being divided from each other by events and attitudes, we wanted to meet in the middle, and we wanted to help you meet in the middle in that space of shared humanity. 

We wanted to support the kind of connections we have with you every day of kindness, love, humor and a compassionate understanding that we are all in this together.  In this time of painful contraction and arbitrary division, we wanted to support every possible expansive experience of togetherness. We considered what Flower Essences combined into a mix would help us feel part of community whether we find ourselves alone or amongst others.

As we considered possible Flower Essences we also considered different names for this new custom mix. Too often, the words seemed like they might divide us further instead of healing us into greater harmony.  Then we thought of MUSIC and how Flower Essences are always about helping us be our own unique high vibration music in harmony with all creation.  And then we thought of SYMPHONY.

Yes! A symphony orchestra creates beautiful music arising from the unique and precious expression of every one of its members.  In the music of a symphony each of us is needed to play our unique musical notes. And so we joyfully settled on the name Symphony. May this new mix, Symphony, help all of us as we each take our seat with the orchestra, beloveds amongst beloveds, ready to be part of a bigger, glorious creation, no less than music of the spheres.

Are we ready?  But of course!  The last few years have too often left us feeling alone or in small, diminished groups trying no matter what to express our unique inner music.  Despite constraints, we have learned about who we are and what our music is.  We have learned how to play our instrument well.

So we come to the symphony of this moment, ready to play.  We look around us and are grateful for the company of fellow musicians. Wherever they are, they are with us.

The conductor raps the podium.  The conductor is the Divine unifying force within us all calling us to order. It’s time. We sit up straight, fully awake and listen closely.

Will we know the music?  Yes! We know the score because it’s in our hearts.  Everything is there in our hearts, awaiting us in this moment. The conductor lifts the baton. 

And we begin.

With love from Emily, Jen, Lizzie, Molly, Sam Vicki and all at Green Hope Farm

Alignment Garden, Arbor Garden, Bermudiana, Daffodil, Elephant Trunk Loosestrife, Flow Free, French Marigold, Jasmine, Letting Go Flower. Old Blush China Rose, Peach, Pear, Plum, Sanctuary, To Hear the Angels Sing