Some Interesting Questions from You!

As of yesterday, our New Zealand vagabonds are back in our midst but during their three week sojourn, I helped Elizabeth keep up with the email. I always love reading your questions because I learn so much from them. Here are a sampling of questions from last week with my answers.

Question: What Flower Essences do you have for the five things our souls want?

I wasn’t quite sure what this question was asking but I loved it. Later, when someone else asked the same question, I learned it was a reference to a specific class that a teacher who uses our Flower Essences was giving. But in the meantime, the question got me thinking about what our souls want and what Essences would help our souls with these concerns.

Answer: Interestingly enough, all the Flower Essence suggestions that came up in response to your question are from our Venus Garden collection. The Venus Garden is created anew each year with a completely unique Angelic design focused on supporting all of us through the specific learning lessons of the particular growing season.

While at first I thought these learning lessons were just about what was happening at the farm, it rapidly became clear that each year’s garden is created to support the spiritual work of all of us. The Flower Essences we make from this garden are among the most significant spiritual movers and shakers in our entire collection and continue to serve us in profound ways long after the garden itself has been tilled back into the earth.

So in answer to your question, “What five things do our souls want and what Flower Essences would help with this happening?”

1. Love for Divinity– My suggestion for a Flower Essence- Mehera, our White Marigold Flower Essence. While most everything changes in the Venus Garden each year, the Angels always include this Flower in their design for the Venus Garden. Love for divinity is that central to all our paths.

2. Gratitude to Divinity– My suggestion for a Flower Essence – Our Gratitude Flower Essence made from all the Flowers in the Gratitude Garden, the version of the Venus Garden created in 2009.

3. Alignment with our Spiritual Purpose– My suggestion for a Flower Essence – The Alignment Garden made from all the Flowers in the Alignment Garden, the version of the Venus Garden created in 2005. This Essence is all about helping us align with our spiritual purpose as well as align all the systems of our body for maximum health and wellbeing.

4. Spiritual Growth– A number of Venus Garden Essences support this concern. Last year’s version of the Venus Garden was called Love It and Leave It and its Flower Essence combination mix supports us to give our all to our spiritual path while also practicing the challenging art of letting go of outcomes. The Sunflower Spiral, the 2001 version of the Venus Garden, concerned understanding what was our spiritual business and what was the job of others ahead of us on the evolutionary spiral. This was a version of the Venus Garden where the Angels could be heard singing when we walked by the garden. I love the Flower Essence combination we made from this garden both because it helps us feel how loved and supported we are and also helps us know more clearly what is our spiritual work.

5. Spiritual Transformation and Transmutation– I saw this as different from spiritual growth in that it is about letting go of older versions of ourselves to be born anew. Phoenix Rising was the Venus Garden version from 2000. It helps with rebirth after firestorms and also helps fuel our spiritual path. The Eight Garden version of the Venus Garden from 2010 is all about spiritual transformation and transmutation. This helps us bring things in and out of manifestation in a genuinely miraculous way.


Question: Is it safe to take Teasel Flower Essence for my Lyme disease while I am working with colloidal silver? I have been told not to take Flower Essences while I am using this silver.

Answer: I am completely puzzled by why anyone would tell someone to hold off on Teasel Flower Essence while he or she was taking colloidal silver. In fact, I never understand why anyone would tell anyone not to work with Flower Essences while working with another healing modality. Flower Essences never burden our physical system because they are not chemical. Flower Essences are electrical information that offer data that can only help us to raise up our vibration. They cannot do anything detrimental to our systems because they are strictly electrical data. They can in no way interfere with another positive protocol but so often help us get the very most from other protocols. We have literally thousands of healers who use them in conjunction with massage, reiki, chiropractic treatment, psychotherapy, past life readings, cranial sacral work, allopathic medicine even homeopathic remedies. Some practitioners are concerned if a patient works with more than one modality at a time they will not know which cured them. I don’t feel most people who are feeling healthier care which modality cured them. They are just glad to feel better.

I would trust your own sense of this, but I personally would not hesitate to use Teasel Flower Essence at any time- I would also check out our Beyond Lyme Flower Essence combination for further support with healing from Lyme disease.

Question: What would you suggest for carpel tunnel?

Answer: For some reason, I thought of the Camino 2- Healer’s Toolbox collection first for this- specifically The Rhythm of Growth, a remedy that relates to the shoulder girdle. I know this is a wrist thing but the shoulder girdle is part of this dynamic. I would also consider some of the new Colorado ones to help the nerve passages fire correctly, specifically Whiskbroom Parsley with its I AM affirmation “I AM the clear flow of electrical data through my system.” and Musk Thistle “I AM the restoration of my electrical circuitry.” Healthy Coat and Outburst are excellent for inflamed tissue, and I also use Flow Free every day at the Angels’ behest as it helps keep nerve impulses flowing as well as everything else flowing.

Question: Are your Flower Essences safe for children?

Answer: In light of what companies are putting in the foods our children eat, it is so good you are asking this question!
Here’s a little bit more information about our Flower Essences- but email with any questions-
We make our Essences from organically grown Red Shiso made into a tea then mixed with white vinegar. This is our stabilizer to keep the Flower Essences vibrant. The white vinegar is a non GMO product.
The Red Shiso is an edible salad ingredient used extensively in Japan and also now used in America in spring green salad mixes. It just happens to have a preservative function as well as be delicious, so we make a tea with it and use it for its preservative function. We learned about it from Japanese friends because it has been used for its preservative function in Japanese cooking for thousands of years.
These are the only ingredients in the Flower Essences as the Flowers themselves are not in the Flower Essences- only their vibrational wisdom which is energetic not chemical.
If you have any concerns about giving these to your daughter internally, Flower Essences don’t have to be taken internally to work. You can rub them on her skin or even have her carry the bottle around in her pocket. Children love Flower Essences and seem to know how they want to work with them from an early age. Check out the section in our Guide on working with Flower Essences with children.IMG_1856

Angel Answers about Earth Grid Shifts with a Shout Out to Rosa Gallica

I realize that so much of what I learn each day comes from you all asking me to ask the Angels specific questions- Here is a question from yesterday with what I learned from the Angels-

Question: I need help! My cat, Little Kitty is really struggling. He is half Siamese and is crying almost incessantly. It doesn’t seem to be physical- Can you ask the Angels and Molly for some suggestions?

What I learned from the Angels:

This is a Grounding issue.

The Earth has an electrical system much as each of us has an electrical system.

In recent years, the Earth’s electrical system or grid has evolved to hold much higher electrical frequency. This is part of the evolution of the Earth itself as a sentient being, but it is also an opportunity for all of us. Our actual planetary home is helping us with our own efforts to evolve and raise our own electrical vibrations by raising its own!

For our own health and wellbeing, it is important for us to connect our own electrical grids to Earth’s electrical grid. This is going to help us stabilize our electrical systems during this time of much electrical change. Grounding to the Earth grid will not slow down our spiritual growth. Instead it helps us stay in vibrant physical shape during shifts in our vibration and shifts in the planet’s vibration. We don’t have to be vibrating at the same rate of speed, but we do need to be connected to the Earth so that energy moves through us in a coordinated manner.

Flower Essences have always been about spiritually evolving while remaining grounded in our physical bodies. That is the point of them. Learning has to happen when we are in a physical body for us to evolve, and Flower Essences support this. (To get even more specific, we literally have to be in a physical body to reach God realization.)

Grounding i.e. staying in our physical bodies with our subtle bodies and soul firmly in our bodies and our bodies firmly planted on Earth has always been a focus of our work. It meant we created a Grounding combination Flower Essence mix. This is an excellent Flower Essence combination for right now. The Grounding mix has many Tree Flower Essences in it. Tree Flower Essences help us root to the Earth grid because that is one of their strengths. Redwood also was specifically suggested for Little Kitty.

The Angels also suggested Flow Free or the new ones from Colorado, Whiskbroom Parsley and Musk Thistle as they improve and smooth energy flow in our bodies so our personal electrical grids can more easily connect to the Earth grid.


Finally the Angels talked about ROSA GALLICA also known as the Apothecary Rose, a very ancient Rose.

One of the very first Roses in our garden and really in any garden, Rosa Gallica explained many years ago that it was here to help us connect our personal electrical grid to earth’s grid. For whatever reasons to do with the evolution of this planet and everything on it, ROSA GALLICA’S TIME OF SERVICE HAS COME AGAIN.


The Angels have been recommending this Essence for just about everyone and every animal. Even for someone asking about abundance issues yesterday, the Angels said the most pressing work was to BE HERE NOW in abundance work and that Rosa Gallica was the Essence for this. As the Angels said to me, “This Ancient Rose friend’s time has come to serve humanity in this pressing and vital work. Get it bottled Molly!”

It has had a quiet presence on our additional Flower Essence lit but yesterday it was flying out of here by the droves. My first job after this blog post today will be to bottle more!