The Journey from 3D to 5D and the in between place

If you’ve read my blogs this year you’ve probably noticed my focus on the journey from 3D to 5D, both the work to ground this 5D light fully into Earth and also live from its principles of unity consciousness.

While the Angels began our work together in the 80’s with much talk about manifesting the fifth dimension, it was one of so many things explained to me that I thought I understood but didn’t.

My reference point to 5D life was the Venus Garden. The Angels explained that this was the place at the farm where the fifth dimension was grounded into form. I spent hours savoring the incredible vibration in this garden, but I didn’t live there. All my conversations and actions didn’t happen in this garden. I still returned to 3D for most of my life. Sometimes visitors to the farm literally couldn’t see the Venus garden. Somehow this made me think I understood 5D, because I did see it. But this was as silly as me thinking I could paint a Van Gogh because I recognized his brush strokes. I didn’t not understand 5D nor did I understand how to live in 5D all the time.

Perhaps this is the way with all sea changes. The Angels began the work with me to shift my vibration up to 5D in the ’80s. Because I could visit 5D back then, I thought there would be little work involved when it came time to live in 5D all the time. I didn’t understand anything about the change process let alone where it was taking me. Now, thirty five years in, I would say I have experienced at least a part of this shift and a glimpse of where it is taking me. I’m a bit more clear about the work and more sure of the immeasurable value of this work.

The vibration of 5D is very compelling, very blissful. There is something so much more real about 5D than anything else I have experienced. It keeps me motivated to get up and keep going when I have fallen back into 3D ways. The pointers that the Angels gave me decades ago have taken on more resonance the farther down this path I go. I reread their old messages with a lot more attentiveness.

Now the rubber meets the road. To live in 5D without an escape clause back to 3D is no joke. I salute those who are doing it. To accept we are one with everything means a level of kindness, inclusiveness and love both inspiring and arduous.

As I try to live in 5D full time, I pour over all the guidance I have received with fresh eyes.

One of the things the Angels conveyed to me from the beginning was that when we are confused it is easier for us to change. I always recall this in times of confusion, but these words return to me now lit up like neon. There is nothing like the way 2020 added collective confusion to individual confusion! May this confusion help us let go and let the light transform us.

I also appreciate spirit’s insights about loss on the way to 5D. The spiritual journey is a losing game we play to shed ego not a winning game to amass more. This pretty much sums up the process of going from 3D life to 5D life. It’s the process of having every ego thing be stripped from us, not so we don’t exist, but so we know who we really are beneath all the ego gunk..

But which of us enjoy being stripped down and sent naked of those identity markers into a sort of void?

The void.

Well, at least I am beginning to see that no matter how uncomfortable and disorienting it is, going into the void is a necessary part of any change and especially this one from 3D to 5D. There has to be a space between the letting go and a new life. There just is not room for 5D if we are still full up of 3D.

Not that I relish this emptying out process…..I spent 2020 earnestly asking for fine tuned help to release my attachment to all things 3D. You’ve read the itemized list in other blogs- my requests for help to houseclean my mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies of all 3D notions of separation including pride and judgment, emotions springing from illusions of separation like anger or a lack of forgiveness, basically any habitual patterns that tie me to the lower vibration of 3D. But did I expect big changes? Not really.

For a very long time, just like so many of you, I have been asking for help to grow spiritually. I would acknowledge that it was challenges that helped me most in this work AFTER I had navigated the challenges. Not so much before! You’d think I would have expected my fine tuned requests to leave 3D behind for good to be fraught with some new challenges, but I didn’t.

Wouldn’t it have been fabulous to have really heard what the Angels said from the beginning and not always be so surprised by the change process. After all, change process indicates both change and a process and yes the Angels were always more than willing to discuss both with me. Oh well. Perhaps the change process requires us to let go of even knowing there will be challenges. That’s the void for you. A letting go of everything.

Yup, there is really no getting around it. In the process of going full tilt from 3D to 5D practically everything has to fall away, and then we have to experience the unknowing, the void, the place in between.

In considering what must go, take for example the habit of backbiting. We need to completely give up backbiting to live in 5D. Backbiting is defined as “malicious talk about someone who is not present.” How do you spell A-R-D-U-O-U-S? In my flawed efforts to stop backbiting I must appear very odd- back pedaling, stopping mid sentence with gulps and strange silences. I am often in an in between place of simply not knowing how to navigate conversation.

I went into therapy in the early ’80s when my second child was born deaf and with a cleft palate. After many months together, this therapist told me that it drove her crazy that I was so intent on “being good”. She said I was like a Flower always seeking the sun. I knew she didn’t much like me, but I experienced her remark as a compliment. It reinforced for me that I was in the beginning of a long recovery process from my mother, Divinity bless her. My mother was someone who only liked conversations involving criticism or gossip. She expected her children to report in on dirt about everyone. The more witty and malicious, the better. If her kids didn’t deliver the goods, she would rage at us. I am still working on methods to handle with kindness and without judgement people who want to backbite in this way and expect me to join them.

Playing in the sunshine with my grandson at lunch today, it occurred to me that children are restful companions when one is trying not to backbite. Backbiting is not yet in a three year old’s nature, and three year olds don’t mind the silence when one struggles to resist cheap 3D comments and go 5D.

My verbal stumblings among adults feels like a tiny price to pay for 5D. I need only remember my tangible experiences of the 5D light vibration pouring into ALL earth right now to know it will all get ironed out and we will find our way to make the whole Earth feel like the Venus Garden.

How amazing that we’ll all get to live in 5D full time once we give up this 3D baggage. I can’t imagine the joy of it fully. That’s part of being in the void. It’s simply beyond our imaginings what is to come. But the feeling of the light pouring into the Earth gives us a bit of a preview and its deeply encouraging. I hope you all feel this light and its encouragement too.

PS One way to sample 5D light and vibration is to choose Essences from our Venus Garden Collection which hold this 5D energy even as they move out from the Venus Garden into the world. I have used photos of this garden in this blog as well. XOX