Grounding: Expansion and Rootedness, Flower Essences and Lighting the Way for the Children of the New Earth

What exactly does it mean to be grounded in our lives here on Earth?  In considering this question, it occurred to me that the Star of David is an excellent visual representation of being grounded in a balanced way.

The Star of David is composed of two unilateral triangles. The triangle with the wide bottom reflects being fully present in the now and in the physical matrix of Earthly life. The triangle with the open side up represents our connection to spirit and higher realms while also remaining in our physical bodies.

Both the reaching up to spirit and the rootedness in daily life are necessary to grow spiritually and live a balanced life on Earth.

Trillium Flower has the geometry of the Star of David.

Another image for this balance would be a tree with its great branches reaching out skyward and its roots going deep into the earth. These are two impulses moving in opposite directions, yet balance comes in having both impulses operate simultaneously with equal strength.

This equilibrium represented by the Star of David is in constance flux for all of us. It is a delicate balance for us to be grounded in our physical lives while also fully open to our identities as spiritual beings.

We all know some who, for now, have shut the door on seeking upwards and outwards.  Perhaps at points in our lives, it has been us. We can’t always fully know what suffering has led us or others to dig in and close down to anything but life in a body. All we can do is send  love and compassion. What a sorrow that any of us have lost our  joy and the desire to embrace life’s great unfolding mysteries.

Sometimes trials and tribulations can lead us in the other direction so we are not present in our physical bodies or physical lives. Sometimes it can feel safer to not be physically present down in the mud of the whole messy experience we call life on Earth..

One thing that has been a constant in my guidance from Divinity is the encouragement to try and be as grounded to my physical life as possible versus pulling out of my physical life to leave  just a toe in the water.

Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience not visa versa, it makes sense that we might not always want to ground ourselves fully here. It makes sense that having just the toe in the water might feel more comfortable and safe. It can be painful to be grounded in a place that doesn’t hold the light and high vibrations we are used to from our existence off the planet.

However…. one thing the Angels remind me is that it is much easier for us to move through painful events if we are fully in our bodies than if we are not. Why? Because when we are fully in our bodies we can fully move the healing light on offer from Divinity through our entire energy system so we can fully heal the situations we confront. When we are not fully in our bodies, we cannot do this.

Okay, so I used fully about 80 times in that last paragraph.  I guess the Angels want us to fully get this piece of guidance!

This discomfort with being fully in our bodies is an issue especially for the children that are here or who are arriving right now. They come for New Earth. They come for a planet that is in 5D consciousness. They come for a planet holding great light, but our planet is not yet the planet they have come for.

This means that to serve the children and to serve the planet (and  ourselves!), it is deeply helpful for us to be fully here AND for us to fully welcome the light that wants to come into Earth right now to birth the New Earth.

Let’s be the Stars of David in the firmament to light up the lives of the children around us.  Let’s show them it is safe for them to be their light in their precious bodies.


Being this light in form for one and all is the assignment we signed up for. Now it is vital we try to fulfill this task if we can.  All of us who are willing to receive the incoming light and root it into the Earth and our daily lives are needed in a big way.

And again, we move light fully into ourselves and down into the earth when we are fully here.

So yes, avail yourself to tools for grounding.  Any activity in nature has that balance of expansiveness and also a rootedness. Creative activities have this balance as well.

It is helpful when we wear colors linked to the grounding energies of the lower chakras including red, brown, orange and yellow when we feel out of our bodies. Wearing pale pastels is helpful if we feel heavy with earthly sorrows and griefs.

In meditation, the Star of David itself is a wonderful symbol to help you ground to the heart of the Earth while also opening to receive the love and light of source.

For more about this kind of energy work, see the blog called The Elementals Need You that talks about this energy balancing while also giving links to all the blogs I have written about energy balancing and clearing.

The Elementals note here that any time you love the Earth, it helps birth the New Earth.

Flower Essences are obviously a grounding tool I lean on. When feeling out of my body, my go to Flower Essence is our Grounding mix, but I also look to Flowers with deep roots like Burdock and Comfrey  for support. When feeling too earthbound, I love ones from the Venus Garden and other individual Flower Essences including Sunflower which lifts us to new heights. The thing to remember about Flower Essences is they ALWAYS support this balance of expansion and rootedness.

Children and animals instinctively know this truth and that is one reason they love Flower Essences with such gusto. They welcome the chance to embrace the light and express it in their daily lives.  How grateful they are for each of us that do likewise.