Mother Nature Stays in the Limelight during Will’s Graduation Weekend

The bear got over his dislike of bright lights and NPR radio and came back every night for a week until he had destroyed the last live hive and all our remaining honeybees found themselves without a queen. Thanks goodness for Jim who was more realistic about the bear getting over his phobia of all night radio. While we tried to protect the remaining hives, Jim created a second story (hopefully bear proof) home for two new hives of bees that arrived this week from Georgia.


These two hives are now installed and living off stored honey as the weather has been rather volatile and nary a Georgian bee has poked it’s head out of the two hives.

Will Sheehan got to enjoy the strange weather up close and personal when he graduated from high school in a chilly deluge.

Here he is taking shelter post ceremony with Grace and Jim- Grace is the one wearing pearls.

He finally chose to go east to college in Maine next year. Vive the Maine turnpike!
On the night of Will’s graduation, we had a party during which the ceiling over the stove began to collapse under the weight of water.

Closer inspection revealed the hot water heater upstairs had sprung a major leak (as in streams of water shooting across the room from a broken heating element). Urgent trips to the hardware store were followed by the brain trust of Jim, his brother Stephen, our friend Michael, Will’s older brother Ben and Will’s brother in law Miguel all spending a couple of hours upstairs trying to solve the plumbing crisis. The ladies of the family tried to fill in the void and keep the conversation loud enough to be heard over the sound of men running up and down the stairs with wet towels and plumbing tools.

Periodically the group would pause for snacks or toasts of the graduate or simply bring down another load of wet towels only to disappear again when the fix didn’t hold.

On my first official visit to Jim’s house during a Thanksgiving almost 40 years ago, his uncle had everyone deal with a plumbing crisis by running buckets of sewage up into the woods behind Jim’s home so it is a fine Sheehan tradition to have a major plumbing malfunction during a family gathering. Fortunately no sewage was involved in this version of the family tradition.

As we went to bed, it seemed our eventful day had ended peacefully with a happy graduate and a ceiling that hadn’t quite collapsed.

When we awoke, we discovered more mayhem had occurred outside. I was so pleased we had gotten our 100 tomato plants in so they could experience snow. I guess I should be grateful it was only an inch of snow as apparently three feet of snow fell on Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, NY and two feet fell in Stowe, Vermont. Whiteface is three hours west of us and Stowe less than two.

This was not the last challenge these brave tomatoes would face as last night we had a heavy frost.
In between cleaning up broken trees, shrubs and Flowers in the gardens yesterday,
we had time to wrap the tomatoes in season extender clothe for the expected frost.

It is early Memorial Day morning. I am waiting for the sun to warm things up a bit before I unwrap each tomato and see which plants made it. Going to the local farm stand is looking more and more likely and for Jim who found himself wrapping plants in the chilly dusk last night with me, probably a lot more desirable too!
What will we find under this clothe? We will see in a few hours. Just how Jim wanted to spend his Memorial Day with me: hauling brush, washing and folding heaps of towels used during the plumbing leak AND unwrapping a hundred tomato plants.

MayMay’s Last Lesson

Our dear MayMay died this Monday.

On the weekend before she died, she threw an impromptu party, and many old friends and neighbors came to bid her goodbye and have a last nuzzle. She received emails from those friends who could not say goodbye in person, and each email hug was given her by proxy with a whisper in her ear of who it was from.

MayMay was a very social dog with a vast group of friends, and she became close to everyone connected with the daily life of the farm. Even the UPS guys knew her well, and many of them would look for her when they came in the door if she was not already at their feet awaiting their greetings.

She loved coming to work each day and waited at the door to greet everyone arriving each morning. If someone in the office had been on vacation or away for any length of time MayMay would wiggle and moan with complete joy at their return. Just a few weeks ago, she went into complete ecstasy when Alli returned to us after a winter working with sled dogs out in Colorado. MayMay never left you in doubt about how much she loved you.

During the many years when Lynn wrote labels each Tuesday, MayMay would lie on Lynn’s feet the entire day, and when it wasn’t a Lynn day, she would lie in the middle of the floor by the door expecting a cuddle from everyone who passed as well as prompt service at the door when she needed to go out to smell the breeze, observe the goldfish or go roll in the grass.

If things got dull for her during a work day, she would come up to the folks on the computer and knock their elbows until she got some love. There was no avoiding a relationship with MayMay for those more reticent about dogs. She was in the face of any newcomer with complete confidence that here was a new friend. And soon friendship would prevail.

When she wasn’t in the office, she was supervising all the gardening, taking long walks with various Sheehans or chasing objects. We used to say that MayMay’s brother Riley was all golden and she was all retriever because he had no interest in running after anything whereas MayMay would retrieve from dawn ’til dusk and still be ready for more. If no ratty old tennis ball was handy she would try and get someone to throw rocks for her.

MayMay had a thing about rocks. She couldn’t get enough of them. At some point during every walk she would pick up a rock- often a surprisingly big rock- and carry it about in her mouth only to drop it back at the farm in one of her rock piles. There was no stopping her in this rock collecting which is why we have already started taking her various stashes of rocks to place on her grave. A rock cairn seems the perfect way to celebrate her, and she has already done all the hauling for us!

MayMay didn’t have a mean bone in her body. The cats loved her and she loved them. She never had a squabble with her brother Riley and welcomed Reina into the pack with complete abandon. When baby Grace arrived, she let baby Grace pat and prod her and in recent weeks she let her crawl all over her as well. She just loved contact.

In her last week, she gave me an enormous reminder of what matters and what doesn’t. As you can imagine, any dog here has to learn garden manners. From puppyhood, MayMay was flawless in her garden manners, and I never had to worry about her hurting any plants. However the last week of her life she spent a good deal of her time completely ripping up the garden outside the front door. At the beginning of the destruction, I tried once to move her out of the garden onto the lawn, but she returned at once to the garden with an unexpected determination and continued her crushing, trampling, digging, rolling and general flattening.

This final project was so many jokes and comments all rolled into one. MayMay was demonstrating to me what an effort she had made her whole life to be good in the gardens. I got to see exactly what she could have done everywhere if she hadn’t been so deeply respectful of the place. More importantly, she was reminding me that dogs and love are so much more important than gardens. She was giving me a big ONLY LOVE MATTERS inservice. In this destruction she gave me a surprise gift to remember her by- a big crushed plant area that I now pass by with a smile on my face- a big smushed area of plants that makes my heart fill with love and not horror. Oh MayMay! Gone but never forgotten!

Waiting by the office door for folks to arrive for work. She could look quite pensive before her people showed up on time for her loving greeting.
Sharing her post with Reina.
Reina, Riley and MayMay receiving a treat from Emily.
Visiting with Lizzy during the work day.

Always sure that she was meant to be in the center of everything, here she is at Lizzy and Miguel’s wedding rehearsal, demonstrating how she is part of the service.

Last summer she would spend the day with the men down clearing the hedgerow. Here Ben pauses to try (unsuccessfully of course) to get her to give him the rock she has in her mouth.

She begins, “THE FLATTENING”



In the hero’s journey, there are obstacles placed in the way of continuing one’s journey. These obstacles are sometimes called “threshold guardians.”

Humanity is on a hero’s journey to expand its understanding of itself, and one of the threshold guardians at this particular point of our collective journey is Lyme disease. Lyme disease represents a thought form that we must wrestle with and move beyond in order to continue our journey home to conscious oneness with divinity.

Each of us on our hero’s journey confronts and moves beyond the thought form of Lyme disease in a way perfect for us. There is no right or wrong in how we each tackle the threshold guardian of this thought form.

Some of us have decided to tackle it through experiencing the physical condition of Lyme disease. Some will move through the threshold in a different way. All of us must make this journey in one way or another as the threshold guardian of Lyme disease represents an illusion of separation and conflict that individually and collectively we must move beyond in order to experience ourselves as a collective unified energetic field.

Collective unified energetic field; I know that is wordy. Sometimes realities sublime and simple seem to be the hardest to describe. The threshold guardian of Lyme disease brings forward our attack from outside ourselves/”other” consciousness so we can dismantle it. Crossing this threshold will free us from any illusions that self and self-interest do not encompass all beings.

One of the most awe inspiring things for me as I worked on this project was the way I experienced the selflessness of those who are most directly tackling this thought form through living through and beyond the Lyme disease process. Their work is a brave way-showing for the rest of us. Our culture has such a decidedly judgmental framework about disease and those who gets sick . Whereas these courageous way-showers work not only to cross this threshold for themselves but show us all it can be done. This rings a bell for all humanity of confidence and hope.

At this juncture, through the grace of Nature, we can move beyond this threshold without any more people needing going through the physical disease process of Lyme disease.

Flowers and the Angels and Elementals of Nature do not hold the same illusions of separation we must disband and therefore, it is with Nature’s gift of Flower Essences that we can find a way-shower mix for all of us that can move us through this threshold in a different, more gentle way.

I loved the name the Angels chose for the mix: Beyond Lyme. There it is. This mix is not about keeping us in the thought form of attack by others outside ourselves. It is about releasing these ideas and moving us beyond these thought forms.

Almost everything about this mix surprised be except, of course, that the Angels and Elementals of Nature and the Flowers of creation could support us so completely to move Beyond Lyme and past this threshold guardian to a new experience of reality.

We must all move beyond this threshold guardian as represented by Lyme disease. This means the Beyond Lyme mix is helpful for just about everyone!

It is available from Green Hope Farm for $9 for a half ounce bottle and $30 for a two ounce bottle. As the significance of this mix becomes more clear, we will share more information about it, and please let us know your questions so we can ask the Angels and Elementals to answer them!
Beyond Lyme contains these Flower Essences: Aloe Ciliaris, Bottlebrush, Burdock, Carrot, Celandine, Cherry Tomato, Coralita, Cosmos, Dill, Echinacea, Echinops, Eggplant, French Marigold, Giant’s Causeway, Ginseng, Jade, Jamaica Dogwood, La Belle Sultane Rose, Larkspur, Lemon, Magnolia, Maltese Cross, Nodding Ladies Tresses, Orange, Pennyroyal, Queen Anne’s Lace, Radish, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Rudbeckia Cappuccino and Cherry Brandy, Sea Holly, Self Heal, Spiderwort, Teasel, Top Chakra Teasel and Wild Ginger