Flower Essences for Assimilating the Incoming Light

High vibrational light continues to wash through the planet in enormous waves. If our experiences hearing from you are representative, it seems safe to say that it’s a complex time for all of us.  Assimilating this light into our energy systems is a serious undertaking.

A GHF friend described these waves of light as requiring that we let this light fill us completely without resistance.

This friend’s discussion of resistance was helpful to me. It gave me a framework for understanding the process we all face when assimilating this incoming light.

To own where each of us resists the light is to open the way for Flower Essences or other tools to release this resistance so that the light can fully illuminate us. When we release our resistance then light can flood us with its greater truth.

Some of the resistance is clinging to old stories we tell ourselves. The more we want to hold onto these old stories, the bigger the resistance. A lot of these stories are unkind things we hold to be true about ourselves. A willingness to give these old stories to Divinity to handle supports a release of resistance and a greater assimilation of the light.

Following our Flower Essence nudges however we get them is also a gift to our release process, as following these nudges mean we get fine tuned Flower Essence support for releasing specific blockages and tangles.

I also feel that there are some all purpose Flower Essence friends that can carry the day whenever we are not sure which Flower Essences are calling.

With or without a nudge, I have been using a lot of Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue lately. This one helps the light come into our electrical systems without as much interference from our memories. It supports our whole electrical systems to receive this incoming light, and that is really the name of the game right now.

(Peach blossoms are an ingredient in E.F Super Glue)

I also lean on Flow Free for its mysterious and profound abilities to support cleansings of all kinds. I get log jammed in inner arguments, emotional tangles and other sorts of resistance most every day. Flow Free helps me just let go, keep going and release.

Flow Free is the ultimate secret weapon for dismantling perfectionism. This is a time in which “shit happens” about every 15 seconds. To take responsibility for all these messes (as perfectionists are apt to do) can be paralyzing. Flow Free helps us accept that doing our best is all we can do, and even our best efforts will come with complimentary messes.

Flow Free with a splash of Equanimity can remind us we have no idea what the current planetary improvisation is supposed to look like.  To assume we were expected to accomplish the 12 labors of Hercules over the weekend and thus save the planet is a bit too much pressure considering this energy shift is uncharted territory for one and all. Flow Free frees us from these mind expectations so we can pick ourselves up “when things go wrong” and begin again with optimism, good cheer and hope.

Wound Healing is another one I reach for. Our wounds keep us prisoner of stories that are no longer true.

And who could forget Grounding? All its many Tree Flower Essence ingredients help us stay rooted to our eternal identity even as the winds of change roar through our lives.

Of course, I can’t close without mentioning Golden Armor. Some folks are resisting this light in a pretty aggressive way and their “temper tantrums” ( to quote the GHF friend who inspired this post) should not derail us.

The work of processing the incoming light, releasing our own pockets of resistance and trying to be there in solidarity with all creation is enough of a job description without taking on the negativity of some rotten apples.

Energetic sanctuary is a birthright.

Cabin Fever

Right now there is one thing you all share in common.  The weather in your world is nicer than it is here.

There it is.  I have thrown the gauntlet.  The grass IS greener ( and warmer) on your side of the fence- because here the grass is either covered in snow or peaking through in patches of dirty brown.

Because I can be prone to exaggeration, I thought it only fair to check the weather in Wasilla, Alaska.  Full disclosure- I talked to one of you in Wasilla yesterday.

Maybe I am exaggerating and everyone we connected with BUT our friend in Wasilla is experiencing better weather than here.

IF THAT WERE TRUE I would have to eat crow and admit I am exaggerating about our putrid weather.  But I am not.   I just checked the weather in Wasilla- Its 41 degrees in downtown Wasilla.  Here at the north pole, its 39 degrees.

Close but no cigar, Wasilla.

It makes my head spin as I hear descriptions of your spring weather.  Some of you are actually feeling the heat- too much of it according to one GHF friend in Louisiana.  As I load wood into the wood stove and keep the insulated underwear in the rota, it’s  very hard to imagine being too hot or even warm enough.

I try to be upbeat that I need knee high boots to cross our snowy yard.  I try to be upbeat that our thousands of Snowdrops are blooming away UNDER A BLANKET OF SNOW.  I try to enjoy the exercise provided by shoveling snow.  I really do TRY TO HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE, but frankly I am tired of snow.

I am also tired of the chipper winter lovers in my midst who tell me how they ARE SO HAPPY that it is still snowing.

Really? My cabin fever is so bad I can hardly summon a fake smile when these snow lovers wax on about their plans for one more weekend of snowboarding the Adirondack high peaks or how they CANT WAIT TO STRAP ON THEIR SNOWSHOES for a ten mile walk.

I would like to send their perky attitudes and the snow they LOVE SOOOOO MUCH north, far north- but maybe this is not possible since we seem to be at the north pole.

So instead, I plant seeds in an effort to pretend I still believe in spring.  I drink my Flower Essence water with everything I can think of for cabin fever.  Yes, my water is pink with a couple dozen Flower Essences, but who’s counting.  My favorite activity is to imagine burning ALL MY WINTER CLOTHES- because I am so sick of my winter wardrobe that I can’t imagine ever being willing to embrace these layers and layers and layers again.

Yes, I know I WILL get over myself- We WILL have a brief couple of weeks of warmer weather before another long winter begins. My winter wardrobe WILL look fresh enough by then.  I WILL get an hour or two to gloat in front of the snow lovers who can’t stand the humidity on a 70 degree day.

Clearly even though I have lived in New Hampshire for 38 years, I am no native- It still boggles my mind how MANY neighbors complain about the humidity on the three days each summer when it is actually warm.

Oh well, we all have to bloom where we are planted and I got planted here, on this arctic tundra with my endless attractive long underwear at the ready- and I AM JUST LOVING IT.