Here’s to a Confident Crossing!

The Angels of Green Hope Farm remarked this morning,

“This time is not a crossroads but a crossing. Humanity and the entire planet are on a journey from one reality to another. You cross from the old to the new on a bridge that feels a bit shaky, but it is not. When you feel uncertain, vulnerable or literally shaken up as you cross this bridge, remember you can and will get to the other side. The collective spiritual momentum will take you across, so do it fearlessly with confidence and conviction. The new territory is in sight. It is worth this crossing. Keep going.”

Confidence is a topic that has come up a lot recently in conversations with the Angels. To support us in confidence the Angels chose a number of new Essences this fall holding information about confidence. Gorse, Harebell from Scotland, Heather, and the Way Forward all support us to manifest this quality. Gorse helps us never lose hope by anchoring us in confidence that there always IS hope. Harebell helps us find the confidence and courage to act fearlessly and with decisiveness even when our choices set us apart from those around us. Heather helps us be confident that we matter. It helps us be confident of our place in the world. The Way Forward helps us confidently choose our direction even when the trail ahead is hard to discern. The Way Forward is a particularly good Essence for everyone right now. We are all crossing the bridge to a new reality that will remain unknowable until we get there.

Here are other Flower Essence suggestions for confidence. These suggestions come from our Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns List which can be found on the website on the resources page.

Confidence: Showcats
Confidence when doing something difficult to do: Alex Mackenzie Rose
Confidence about emotions: Cucumber, Water Hyacinth
Confidence you can handle the emotions you are feeling: Cucumber
Confident self expression when speaking your heart’s truths: Cosmos
Confidence self expression when feeling exposed: Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher
Confidence when you take the road less traveled: Blueberry, Blue Eyed Grass
Confidence for gentle, quiet people: Bog Pimpernel, White Sweet Clover
Confidence that the rebirth process is a good thing: Star of Bethlehem
Confidence about what was learned in past romantic relationships: Seaside Mahoe
You can do it moral support: Yellow Mullein, Coralita, Scarlet Pimpernel from La Rocca
Confidence about being able to follow through on your most pressing spiritual tasks: White Orchid from the Burren
Confidence you can be a beacon of light and leadership: Alika Rose
Confidence for healers: Henry Hudson Rose, Agrippina Rose, Lime
Confidence during spiritual awakenings: Scarlet Pimpernel
Confidence we can change as the times and our spiritual path dictate: Mutabilis Rose
Confidence that healing will prevail: Desert Chicory, Love Prevails
Confidence for children that their time will come: Baby Blue Eyes, Lavender
Confidence for adults that our time will come: Lavender
Confidence we can survive bumps in the road: Eyes of Mary
Confidence everything is unfolding as it is meant to unfold: White Water Lily, Coral Pink Rose, Colorado Native Rose
Moving forward through change confident in your course: Fodder Vetch
Confidence that humanity is evolving in a matrix of eternal love: Climbing New Dawn Rose

The Angels encouraged me to mention once again why Flower Essences are so helpful right now.

This year has seen many waves of energy sweep the planet. As our planet shifts gears, the changes on the planet begin as energetic ones then translate into physical manifestations of change. This is also true for the microcosm of our individual energy systems. As we assimilate the incoming higher energies, our energy systems change and then our physical systems reflect these changes.

The change process has brought some wonderful things and will continue to bring wonderful things. It has also brought temporary energy glitches that result in physical symptoms. For example, many of you have mentioned that as the higher vibrations pour through your individual energy systems, you experience strange burning, buzzing and itching sensations in your hands and feet as the energies seek to move through your systems completely. Flower Essences such as Flow Free, Grounding or The Alignment Garden can help this energy move. This in turn alleviates the physical symptoms.

There is no stopping these symptoms with a chemical remedy as the situation is not caused by a chemical difficulty but by an energetic concern. That is one reason why Flower Essences are so helpful right now.

With such a big energy shift underway, much of what we are experiencing is first and foremost an energetic reaction to the energetic shifts followed by physical symptoms. These physical symptoms often disappear once we resolve our energetic difficulties with the support of Flower Essences or some other energetic tool.

I want to pause here to say that while I describe the higher energies as coming from outside ourselves, this is not really accurate. Since we are one with all creation this spiritual transformation truly arises from within us.

Speaking of energetic tools, yes, we do have A LOT of them! Having grown up in a world where Prell was often the only shampoo on the shelves and jeans meant Levis, I hear you on the sometimes bewildering diversity of Flower Essences we have. The Angels are in charge of expanding our collection of Flower Essences, and they feel strongly about offering a vast choice of Essences. Here they explain why,

“As each of you make this crossing, a lifetime of specific energy system patterns must be upgraded for the higher energies to flow easily in your systems. We want you to have every available tool to unravel any specific glitch your energy system may face during this time of transition.

Our job is to make sure that all the tools you need are there for you. We have been collecting these tools at Green Hope Farm for almost thirty years to be able to offer the most effective energetic information for you RIGHT NOW no matter how you are wired.

Yes, we know it can feel overwhelming when you look at the offerings, but we are part of you, guiding you to the very Flower Essences you need for your specific concerns. If you look at the photos of the Flowers or read the Essence descriptions in a quiet moment, we promise to be with you clarifying and simplifying the process so that you will have a clear sense of which Flower Essence would be helpful. Trust yourself now and always. We journey with you and will not let you down as you take this great leap.”