The Elementals reprise the role of Toto

I have been thinking a lot about Divine timing this week. I’ve noticed how often my pushing a situation doesn’t work out so well, but when I let go and patiently wait, things often resolve themselves much better than I could have imagined.  So I was surprised when the Elementals asked me to write the following post without apology and with a rather strong edge to it.  The vehemence of the Elementals reminded me of the bumper sticker, “Mother Nature is Coming and Boy is She Pissed.”  Perhaps the truth is that while aspects of Creation feel we can wander down the primrose path at whatever pace we choose, the Elementals of this planet don’t feel this way.  At least today, they want us to get a move on.  

The Elementals want to talk about bridge building. They put aside the topics of bridge building between cultures, religions, genders, political parties and so many areas where we need to come together.  They explained that the first thing we must do will take care of all these concerns. 

We need to bridge the gap between our surface selves and the eternal verity of our inner beings.

The Elementals want us to look first at the whys of this gap.  Many forces work to keep our daily consciousness divided from our true self within.  Now that our media devices go with us everywhere, we are distracted by vapid and relentless media, 24/7.  We have less guile than the creators of this media maelstrom so we believe way too much.  Our love of horror movies has been hijacked by talking heads who make all life look like a horror movie.  This dissonance distracting us is everywhere, working to keep us disconnected and unconscious of our own disconnection. Too often we encourage the dissonance.

The Elementals reminded me who pulls the curtain back when the Wizard of Oz mesmerizes Dorothy and her companions with the scary routine. It’s Toto. AN ELEMENTAL . All dogs belong to the Elemental kingdom because all animals are Elementals.

Today the Elementals take up the Toto role again.  They called me to write this post.  They say it is time to remember who we really are as well as who the man behind the curtain really is. Elementals particularly in the form of the beloved animals, use every moment of connection to affirm our holiness.  They affirm our journey to reclaim this wholeness. They affirm the destination as real.

But today it’s not all champagne and candy canes.  Today, the message they are intent for me to deliver is one of calling us up short. The animals are very clear how far we have gotten from our true beingness.  Animal communicator Dawn Brunke notes that polar bears call us “surface people” because of our unwillingness to dive into the depths of our being.  We keep the dial up on the muzak so loud we do not hear the still small voice of our hearts.  We ignore body wisdom until our bodies speak so loudly we are stopped in our tracks. We let ourselves be talked out of our intuitions.  We hear the voices of the animals, yet because we are so disconnected from our own animal nature, we kill these messengers and lay waste to their homes. Why do we do these things? Because going to the source within us would mean change, and that is painful.   But the Elementals note that it is still time to go deep and grow up.

What is the significance of Toto pulling back the curtain? As a force of nature, he brings on the moment of reckoning.  We need to see what is going on.  We need to see if we have been manipulated.  We need to know truth so we can reclaim energies spent dealing with illusions.  When Toto reveals all, Dorothy faces the truth and faces her own fear.  She throws water on the witch and sees her dissolve. She reveals the great and powerful Oz for who he is.  This leads her to know herself and her own power to find her way home to self.  We need to do this too.

Even as we resist, our inner being joins the Elementals to call to us loud and clear over the manmade din. We are ever encouraged back to reunion with our deeper, truer self.  Dreams, intuitions, our creativity and our heartfelt knowings: all offer routes to this beingness where we experience the truth that all the universe lies within us. In the world around us nature and the beloved animals stand sentinel, ever guiding us back to rediscover who we are and to help us take our place as co-creators in oneness with them.

 The Elementals want us to pay particular attention to our dreams.

Our true self keeps calling to us with the gift of dreams.  They are a nightly offering to help us bridge the gap from surface to inner beingness.  For most of us, we discard our dreams as insignificant or weird or uncomfortable, strange stuff to be ignored.  The Elementals asked me to say that when we pay attention to our dreams they help us evolve more quickly. Unbound from the constraints of stage set Earth, our dreams can bring us realities dense with personally significant imagery and persona.  Dreams hold bespoke story lines that reveal what we need to see.  They bring things to our awareness so much faster than waking life BUT ONLY IF WE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DREAMS.

The animals echo our dreams in their appearances in our midst, but often we don’t credit these synchronicities as significant or even notice them.  The Elementals explain they ARE significant, like a highlighter going over written words.  But it all depends on us.  The powerful evolutionary force of dreams is something we must take seriously. Dreams are a powerful tool of self realization BUT ONLY IF WE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DREAMS   

I think it extraordinary that Elementals, the manifestors of the natural world we abuse and embodied in the animal kingdom we relentlessly harm, stay at our side encouraging us onwards. Right now we revere a few species and willfully destroy the rest. Here the Elementals are just asking us to go home to self, not even asking for us to see them clearly. May we take this journey at their behest.  May we heal all separation. May we recognize ourselves as one of the animals in community with all living beings. May we be worthy of their selfless love.