Flower Essences for Recovery from the virus

As we support those who are recovering from the virus but have not regained their full health, we find ourselves learning which Flower Essences are helpful in what is proving for some to be a long road to recovery.

Today a GHF friend requested Flower Essences to help with his continued loss of smell. He got the virus at the very beginning of the pandemic in early March and still has not regained his sense of smell.  This blog is a discussion of the Flower Essences suggested by the Angels for him.

As we continue to gather suggestions for individuals, we will learn which are general suggestions for all and which are Flower Essences needed specifically for an individual’s unique electrical system. While the Angels chose the group for this particular person, they indicated that this is an excellent list for all those in recovery to consider. The commentary about the Flower Essences comes from the Angels explaining their choices to me.

After the Angels they made their suggestions, they asked me to organize the Flower Essences into categories for discussion.  I found this very clarifying. I hope you will too.

The Angels describe some of their Flower Essence choices differently here. They mention strengths I hadn’t understood these Essences to have. When I was surprised by their list, they reminded me that Flower Essences have so many healing gifts that a relatively short description (such as that given on the website) can’t possibly mention them all. They reminded me that when different situations arise, they have me rewrite Flower Essence descriptions to highlight how they are needed right now.

One case in point is Pansy Flower Essence. The Angels asked me to draw attention to its great wisdom about dealing with viruses. Our old descriptions focused on Pansy‘s spiritual gifts not its more pragmatic ones.


Watch Your Back– The focus of this powerful remedy is the health of the central nervous system as it relates to the chakras. It helps to restore nerve damage and the full flow of electricity through the chakras, the meridians as well as the spinal column. With those recovering from the virus we have seen it used for chronic fatigue type symptoms as well as for this man’s situation with nerve issues in his upper chakras.

The Alignment Garden– This one offers support for the proper reorganization of the nerves after the virus. The Alignment Garden required the most fine tuned and precise work in creating, planting and maintaining this garden and created a Flower Essence combination unlike any other in its wisdom about reorganization and alignment for maximum health, well-being and the full flow of light energy.

Musk Thistle– This is another Essence which focuses on helping us restore order in the chakras and nervous system after our energetic system has gone through tumultuous ordeal like the virus.

Yerba Mate– Yerba Mate helps with remapping cell patterns especially in the upper chakras.

Pansy– When I went to write this blog the Angels noted that Pansy was an under appreciated and significant energetic tool for handling and overcoming viral infections and that anyone would do well to include this Essence in their Flower Essence regime right now.


Mango– Mango cleanses and revitalizes energy meridians especially in the three upper chakras. These are the passageways for electrical voltage to move. They connect from the main chakras or energetic epicenters to other energy points out from the center of the chakras.  In this case the Mango helps move the electrical light energy out from the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras to the related meridian system. This improves healing in the physical vehicle as more light means a higher vibration which means greater health. This Essence is particularly strong for post virus repair.

Silver-rod– The I AM affirmation of this powerhouse says so much about its immense healing strengths; I AM aligned with the electromagnetic field of my Creator and thus can ride disturbances in the field with ease and grace. Isn’t this exactly what we are being called to do right now- deal with and rise above a viral disturbance in our collective and individual energy fields? Thank goodness Silver-rod is there to support us with this as well as support the pituitary gland in its organizational role for so many flow systems in our body.

Celandine– Excellent for cell to cell communication which positively impacts the movement of healing energies. Specifically it offers wonderful support for any illness in which cells are not acting in harmony.


Timely Virus Mix– This Combination Flower Essence created by the Angels in early 2020 can be used in the recovery period as it will continue to offer significant electrical wisdom just as it does during the active virus period and as a preventative tool. Each ingredient is dovetailed for healing from this virus. For example Corona del Inca holds immense wisdom about moving healing light through the crown or corona of the head which positively impacts longterm recovery from the virus.

Recovery– This Combination Essence helps rebuild from the foundation up and is useful in almost any recovery process. It has been a mainstay of our collection since 1994.

Restore– As this remedy was first developed as a tool for smoking cessation, it has a particular affinity for supporting the restoration of health from any damage done to the respiratory system. It will prove helpful for those dealing with any sort of respiratory concern post virus.

Lungwort- an ingredient in Breathe

Breathe– Again, this is a dynamo for repairing the respiratory system as it is affected by this virus. Ingredients like French Marigold have a specific resonance with respiratory repair after a viral infection.

Little Ironweed– This Taiwan beloved makes sure the healing housecleaning is meticulously complete so that all that needs to go as part of the healing process is removed.

Immune Support– Always a support for any healing process.


During this global transition from one vibrational frequency to another higher one, it is important to know you deserve to welcome in the higher, healing frequencies entering Earth and that you are essentially one with these higher vibrations. These Essences have a particular wisdom about welcoming in healing and other blessings.

The Eight Garden– Our first Venus Garden iteration was called the Eight Garden. Two decades later we did a second Eight Garden because this Essence had proven so vital to people’s healing that we needed to make the Essence again. This beloved helps us release into formlessness all that needs to go and bring into form higher vibrations of healing, light and love. Among so many other strengths, it a powerful tool in manifesting restored health after a health crisis like this virus.

Morning Glory– Healing light floods this planet. It’s our free will decision to open to receive it. This Flower Essence helps us relax and welcome it in.

Belerephon of the Open Door– This Essence brings the element of grace into our healing. Even if we sometimes get lost in a place of feeling undeserving, this one pries open the situation and ushers healing in anyways.

Flow Free– If you have read this blog at all, you would probably be shocked if I wrote a blog that didn’t mention this one. What can I say? I have taken it daily for decades and still find it an astounding friend.

Sea Campion– This Irish mainstay helps us fall into the natural rhythm of the inbreath and the outbreath. This has the benefit of bringing us into a place of welcoming in abundant healing on the inbreath and discarding on the outbreath crusty old self doubts and criticisms that interfere with healing.


Jasmine– This is the most important Flower Essence for restoring a damaged sense of smell.

Spice Tree

Spice Tree- This Essence works to enhance all five senses and will help repair any sense if it is damaged. We ran out of this Flower Essence a few years ago, so I grew a Spice Tree in the greenhouse. It is now six feet tall and blossoming up a storm. I will restore it to its place in the Bermuda collection asap, especially as the Angels have indicated it will be so helpful post-covid.


Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and the person doesn’t get what you are saying and you try over and over again? Then suddenly, something is said and everything unlocks and becomes clear for the person. Essences can serve in that role of unlocking a misunderstanding that is preventing healing.

Wound Healing– This is a comprehensive combination remedy that seeks to bring light to anything that keeps us in a wounded place unable to move forward towards greater healing.

Coralita– The Angels call this the “missing link” Flower Essence for its ability to resolve divisions and tangles that leave us unintegrated or in poor health. Coralita unleashes a free flow of healing energy through our electrical systems.

Rose Campion– I found our description of this Essence, written at least a decade ago, really interesting in light of what we have all been through in 2020; “When it has been nearly impossible to find a bead on love in a particular circumstance, Rose Campion opens the door. The Angels describe it as a skeleton key that can open up myriad numbers of diverse ‘locked down’ situations to open us to receive a flood of forgiving, expansive, ever replenishing love.”

Larkspur– This one offers complete support for a health course correction. It is a dynamo.


Grief and Loss– Losing the bead on health even when a temporary thing is difficult. More specifically, losing a function like smell which is so central to the pleasures of life is a sorrow. This old friend of a remedy offers layered support for these times.

Redwood– Healing from this virus and other viruses requires great patience. Redwood is a great teacher of patience.

And so now I will offer up these choices to the GHF friend who contacted us and see what calls to him. I have been feeling so grateful to him today for having called me to answer this question. I have learned much that I hope will be helpful to many others.

Take precious care and stay safe!

From Grief to Gratitude- Thanksgiving 2020

Like most everyone, our Thanksgiving plans have dwindled from a cast of thousands to two people and a sandwich. I can’t say that no tears were shed as we drifted towards this reality. But it was the right thing to do for the safety of all, and so I dipped into a bottle of Grief & Loss, put my big girl pants on and let everyone know that a family Thanksgiving gathering here was a no go.

Then I decided that instead of having a pity party of me, Jim and some cranberry relish, I would remember all the Thanksgivings memories I have and be grateful. Cue the Gratitude Essence.

When I was a kid, my three grandparents spent Thanksgiving at our home in Connecticut. My paternal grandfather, a lanky gentleman with a wonderfully bald head, travelled from Philadelphia the day before Thanksgiving. He never left Philly early enough to beat the traffic. Half a century before cell phones, we would get many calls from rest stops along the highway to report his glacial progress. “I’m backed up at the George Washington bridge.” was an annual call. He also drove the most enormous car which always seemed to arrive with a few more dents!

When my mother’s dinner was dried to a crisp, he would blow in with the biggest basket of fruit the earth could provide, a beribboned tower at least three feet high. This offering would not absolve him from my mother’s wrath, but us kids were happy to see him at any hour. He was a human jungle gym there for the climbing, and he had an impeccable sense of what kids found fun.

My other grandfather was the big deal grandfather with the stratospheric career (The patriarch with a capital P). He always carved the turkey. One year, he invested in an electric carving knife. Sadly he assembled it wrong, and it shredded the meat. As the slices fell away in clumps of gnarly gummy wads, he kept declaring what a fabulous improvement this was on the standard carving knife. He thought anything called progress was good, so he insisted on sawing the bird to pieces before acknowledging defeat. As he was big into teasing us, we were all delighted he had served up something we could tease him about forever.

One year we broke tradition and went to my grandparents in Massachusetts (Yes I know, only a New Englander could call it a “break from tradition” to go to a neighboring state). This was the infamous holiday when my grandmother served consomme madrilene, and all her grandchild thought their beloved grandma had gone wild and was serving us JELLO instead of the usual fancy fare. How she laughed when we choked on the salty stuff.

Then there was the Thanksgiving when the oven broke but no one noticed until dinner time. In an era when no stores were open on Thanksgiving, some sort of meat was dragged from the freezer, the hibachi was lit and we enjoyed a grilled meat of sorts. Nothing says Thanksgiving like stuffing with “steak”. This reminds me of another time when I was first married to Jim. His father tried to use his grill to cook the bird on some kind of jury rigged rotisserie. I well remember the flopping parts as the rotisserie turned as well as the eventual presentation at table of raw poultry.

Once I took over the reins of Thanksgiving, I especially enjoyed asking lots of people to dinner, sometimes strangers. One year a vague acquaintance came from Santa Fe. We had epic sledding that Thanksgiving and we spent the day yelling our heads off as we whizzed down our hill. Catherine endeared herself to us forever with her sledding antics. She and her husband, Michael, would come to Thanksgiving for the next couple of decades.

I actually met Michael at the next Thanksgiving. When I asked him what his family ate for Thanksgiving when he was a child, he said, “whatever I shot.” Thus I learned Michael was a Mohawk from the Hudson River valley of New York.

After 911 we invited a crowd of people who’s lives had been through the wringer. As we had just built our office building but hadn’t moved in, we decorated the space like a restaurant. It looked so beautiful with twinkling lights and a long, long table. My brother in law, Stephen, got seated next to a New York City native who somehow knew way too many plot spoilers for the Sopranos. He is still irritated about that.

Michael isn’t the only guest I’ve grilled about their childhood Thanksgiving menu. I think this is about the most interesting conversation one can have with anyone. People ALWAYS say, “the usual” then describe a menu that has unexpected twists and turns. It’s always a wonderful reminder that America is a melting pot.

Other than my grandmother’s “Jello”, the menu of my childhood was rather spartan. There was never any gravy and no more than two pies. Sides were bland things like peas and rice and the stuffing charmless. So when I got to be in charge I first rebelled with outside the box menus like paella. The paella year was a year when the house was packed with visitors, and my brother Sam decided to put his sneakers in the dryer at 2 am, waking everyone up. Ahh good times!

As the family grew and annual attendees revealed their talents, we returned to a more traditional menu with new exciting sides. Perennial guest Michael was a gravy master, so that became a fixture. His wife Catherine brought her Lebanese roots to the table with hummus, kibbeh, baklava and a rainbow of olives. Emily’s husband’s family comes from the mushroom territory of Kennett Square, PA, so Charlie got us going on sides with mushrooms.

When half the clan went vegan we found a way to navigate it all with a sense of humor. It could have been the Hatfields versus the McCoys, but we managed to make it more McHatCoyfields. Analog meats sat cheek by jowl with roast turkey and a heck of a lot of side dishes were earmarked “yes dairy” and “no dairy”.

And now we get to Thanksgiving 2020. In preparation, many moons ago, I purchased a potato ricer. I kept reading what a difference it made to the texture of mashed potatoes, but somehow I didn’t envision ricing potatoes for two. However, I am fortunate to have a new ricer and potatoes from the gardens and people I can connect to by facetime to show off my well riced mashed potatoes.

In considering my Thanksgiving memories, I notice they are mostly about funny things that happened. Thank goodness that in a few years, 2020 will be just a memory. For me, perhaps one with a funny story about a ricer and for all of us, I hope, a story of a safe holiday, different but safe.

Love, Prayer and Flower Essences- Unbounded by Time

Recently Elizabeth read to me the results of a hospital study in which 3300 people with sepsis were divided into two randomized groups. One group received prayers and the other group did not. The group that received prayers mended much faster with fewer complications and less pain than those who were not prayed for. We have all heard studies like this, but the difference with this study was that the prayer study took place in 2000 with all prayers sent to patients in 2000 but all the patients had sepsis between 1990 and 1995. How amazing to hear about a study that proved the efficacy of prayer is not bound by time.

This reminded me that the Angels and Elementals have always said that we can send Flower Essences back to earlier versions of ourselves and earlier events in time and that they will help in the same way they help when taken in the presence. The first time they explained this was when a dear friend who had lost both her parents as a 12 year old asked for a Flower Essence combination mix to help her with the grief and anxiety she still felt about this in her present life as a 45 year old.

I do not remember all the Flower Essences the Angels chose but I do remember the mix included Coral Pink Rose. They explained to my friend that she could put drops in her hand of the Flower Essences and then send this vibration back to herself in all the different moments in her past where she remembered feeling this grief and anxiety.

The topic of timelessness also came up with the creation of the Family River Trio of Black Currant, Bloodroot and Borage. We received the guidance that the healing vibration of this trio when taken by anyone in the family at any point would positively affect both earlier members of the family and future members as well.

I find it exhilarating to know that time is not a constraint in healing with prayer or Flower Essences or love in any form. Even when the dust has settled on any complicated situation and it is in the distant past, love, prayers and Flower Essences can be sent and they will have a measurable impact on the situation even if we will never know exactly what.

I have heard a lot of confusing discussions about timelines in the last few years but maybe this focused work to send love, prayer and Flower Essences back to people, events and earlier versions of ourselves is related to changing timelines. The more we do this, the more beautiful the timeline we ride right now.

And the big plus…..Marty McFly and the Doc would be very glad we don’t risk changing the time space continuum to do so! It’s all a win-win for everyone!

The Journey from 3D to 5D and the in between place

If you’ve read my blogs this year you’ve probably noticed my focus on the journey from 3D to 5D, both the work to ground this 5D light fully into Earth and also live from its principles of unity consciousness.

While the Angels began our work together in the 80’s with much talk about manifesting the fifth dimension, it was one of so many things explained to me that I thought I understood but didn’t.

My reference point to 5D life was the Venus Garden. The Angels explained that this was the place at the farm where the fifth dimension was grounded into form. I spent hours savoring the incredible vibration in this garden, but I didn’t live there. All my conversations and actions didn’t happen in this garden. I still returned to 3D for most of my life. Sometimes visitors to the farm literally couldn’t see the Venus garden. Somehow this made me think I understood 5D, because I did see it. But this was as silly as me thinking I could paint a Van Gogh because I recognized his brush strokes. I didn’t not understand 5D nor did I understand how to live in 5D all the time.

Perhaps this is the way with all sea changes. The Angels began the work with me to shift my vibration up to 5D in the ’80s. Because I could visit 5D back then, I thought there would be little work involved when it came time to live in 5D all the time. I didn’t understand anything about the change process let alone where it was taking me. Now, thirty five years in, I would say I have experienced at least a part of this shift and a glimpse of where it is taking me. I’m a bit more clear about the work and more sure of the immeasurable value of this work.

The vibration of 5D is very compelling, very blissful. There is something so much more real about 5D than anything else I have experienced. It keeps me motivated to get up and keep going when I have fallen back into 3D ways. The pointers that the Angels gave me decades ago have taken on more resonance the farther down this path I go. I reread their old messages with a lot more attentiveness.

Now the rubber meets the road. To live in 5D without an escape clause back to 3D is no joke. I salute those who are doing it. To accept we are one with everything means a level of kindness, inclusiveness and love both inspiring and arduous.

As I try to live in 5D full time, I pour over all the guidance I have received with fresh eyes.

One of the things the Angels conveyed to me from the beginning was that when we are confused it is easier for us to change. I always recall this in times of confusion, but these words return to me now lit up like neon. There is nothing like the way 2020 added collective confusion to individual confusion! May this confusion help us let go and let the light transform us.

I also appreciate spirit’s insights about loss on the way to 5D. The spiritual journey is a losing game we play to shed ego not a winning game to amass more. This pretty much sums up the process of going from 3D life to 5D life. It’s the process of having every ego thing be stripped from us, not so we don’t exist, but so we know who we really are beneath all the ego gunk..

But which of us enjoy being stripped down and sent naked of those identity markers into a sort of void?

The void.

Well, at least I am beginning to see that no matter how uncomfortable and disorienting it is, going into the void is a necessary part of any change and especially this one from 3D to 5D. There has to be a space between the letting go and a new life. There just is not room for 5D if we are still full up of 3D.

Not that I relish this emptying out process…..I spent 2020 earnestly asking for fine tuned help to release my attachment to all things 3D. You’ve read the itemized list in other blogs- my requests for help to houseclean my mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies of all 3D notions of separation including pride and judgment, emotions springing from illusions of separation like anger or a lack of forgiveness, basically any habitual patterns that tie me to the lower vibration of 3D. But did I expect big changes? Not really.

For a very long time, just like so many of you, I have been asking for help to grow spiritually. I would acknowledge that it was challenges that helped me most in this work AFTER I had navigated the challenges. Not so much before! You’d think I would have expected my fine tuned requests to leave 3D behind for good to be fraught with some new challenges, but I didn’t.

Wouldn’t it have been fabulous to have really heard what the Angels said from the beginning and not always be so surprised by the change process. After all, change process indicates both change and a process and yes the Angels were always more than willing to discuss both with me. Oh well. Perhaps the change process requires us to let go of even knowing there will be challenges. That’s the void for you. A letting go of everything.

Yup, there is really no getting around it. In the process of going full tilt from 3D to 5D practically everything has to fall away, and then we have to experience the unknowing, the void, the place in between.

In considering what must go, take for example the habit of backbiting. We need to completely give up backbiting to live in 5D. Backbiting is defined as “malicious talk about someone who is not present.” How do you spell A-R-D-U-O-U-S? In my flawed efforts to stop backbiting I must appear very odd- back pedaling, stopping mid sentence with gulps and strange silences. I am often in an in between place of simply not knowing how to navigate conversation.

I went into therapy in the early ’80s when my second child was born deaf and with a cleft palate. After many months together, this therapist told me that it drove her crazy that I was so intent on “being good”. She said I was like a Flower always seeking the sun. I knew she didn’t much like me, but I experienced her remark as a compliment. It reinforced for me that I was in the beginning of a long recovery process from my mother, Divinity bless her. My mother was someone who only liked conversations involving criticism or gossip. She expected her children to report in on dirt about everyone. The more witty and malicious, the better. If her kids didn’t deliver the goods, she would rage at us. I am still working on methods to handle with kindness and without judgement people who want to backbite in this way and expect me to join them.

Playing in the sunshine with my grandson at lunch today, it occurred to me that children are restful companions when one is trying not to backbite. Backbiting is not yet in a three year old’s nature, and three year olds don’t mind the silence when one struggles to resist cheap 3D comments and go 5D.

My verbal stumblings among adults feels like a tiny price to pay for 5D. I need only remember my tangible experiences of the 5D light vibration pouring into ALL earth right now to know it will all get ironed out and we will find our way to make the whole Earth feel like the Venus Garden.

How amazing that we’ll all get to live in 5D full time once we give up this 3D baggage. I can’t imagine the joy of it fully. That’s part of being in the void. It’s simply beyond our imaginings what is to come. But the feeling of the light pouring into the Earth gives us a bit of a preview and its deeply encouraging. I hope you all feel this light and its encouragement too.

PS One way to sample 5D light and vibration is to choose Essences from our Venus Garden Collection which hold this 5D energy even as they move out from the Venus Garden into the world. I have used photos of this garden in this blog as well. XOX

An Angel Bouquet on November 2, 2020

It was still dark, well as dark as it gets with the bright light of an only just waning full moon, when the Angels roused me this morning to say they wanted me to write a blog today.

I had no idea what they wanted me to write about. No idea. What was there to say?

In answer to this, in my mind’s eye they handed me a bouquet of Flowers. I gathered that these Flowers bring the message of today’s blog and are an offering of the Angels’ loving support for us in this complex moment.

Front and center in the bouquet is Agnes Rose with its beautiful note of comfort and truth, “You and I are not we but one.” Tucked along side it are Angelica and Rosemary to help us know with our whole being that we are not alone but are part of a beautiful web of light.

Then there is Elecampane. I didn’t immediately figure out why this was in the bouquet. I think of this one as helping with assimilating sunlight in dark times of the year so in that way it was spot on for around here, but how was it relevant to one and all? The final paragraph of its website description speaks to the wider help this Flower offers, “In fact, the vibration is rising fast everywhere so Elecampane, with its ability to help us assimilate greater light even when it is not apparent that it is available to us, has become even more relevant for everyone.”

Indian Pipe was the next beloved I noticed. But of course. These wise ones remind us no matter what it looks like on the surface, peace is the abiding reality.

Feverfew, seen here with a purple Campanula mixed in, is there too with its I AM affirmation, “I AM the peace that passeth understanding”. I can see why the Angels have Feverfew in our bouquet. It’s such a calming Flower and Essence, so good for nervous times.

Calendula brings a pop of color and a reminder that we are loved and ever in community with beings who love us. As the veil thins more and more may we know this more and more clearly.

Sprigs of Maple, sweet Maple rise out of this unusual bouquet. How I love this Essence and all things maple. Reading its succinct description on the website underscores why it is so comforting today, “This Essence shares the wisdom of a Maple tree to help us feel rooted in our lives, embraced by the expansive sky, nourished by the sweetness of life and at peace with self and all creation.”

The last friend I saw in the bouquet is Honeysuckle. 2020 has oftentimes felt like a slog through a pool of knee deep molasses, so I liked this final Flower friend’s oomph to help us move on and begin anew, “Honeysuckle supports us to harvest the learning lessons and the kernels of genuine sweetness in our memories then leave the rest behind. This prevents us from getting stuck in memory quagmires of nostalgia and sentimentality as well as regret, remorse or an unending sense of sorrow and loss.”

When I asked the Angels if they wanted to attach a written message to their bouquet, they said, “May the sweet love of these Flowers wash over you all with their fragrance of love, peace and tenderness. May you always know we are with you as close as your very breath. May you feel your infinite oneness with all that is. May you ever abide in joy.”