Be Fearless

Last week the Angels noted here in the blog that the next mix they wanted us to create was one called, Be Fearless. This mix is now ready.

Looking to the Angels, they explain,

“All feelings are important in that they give you information about what is going on in your lives. Fear gives information that can be deeply helpful, even life saving.  Problems with fears arise when fears are inadvertently stored in your energy system well after they have served their purposes. Fears that are stuck in your energy system are often amplified by other forces. Stuck, amplified fears slow the smooth flow of your electrical system. They can derail your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and paralyze your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Log-jammed fears are never a good thing but they are particularly unhelpful right now. Because humanity is currently receiving much spiritual support to evolve, it is particularly important for your electrical system to be free to move, flow and evolve in response to this spiritual support.

We created this mix to help you process and release fears from your energy system so that you can take full advantage of the spiritual support available right now and evolve with the least resistance possible.

The Flower Essences in Be Fearless open up a space within you to illuminate what your fears are telling you, decide how this information can be used to move your authentic life forward then fully release your fears once they have served their purpose. This support helps you to keep your energy system humming along on its evolutionary journey and leaves you free to make self-actualized choices about your life.

Be Fearless is not a mix about judging you for feeling fear but a support to own, process and release fears without letting them take up permanent residence in your energy system. Specific Flowers in the mix help you energetically process specific fears. Here is a list of the Flower Essences in the mix, offering a thumbnail sketch of how they serve Be Fearless.

When considering whether to work with Be Fearless, consider that combination mixes braid the strengths of each Flower Essence into a harmonious blend of support much like individual musical instruments combine in an orchestra to make music with certain strengths.. Each of these treasured Flower Essence friends work together to support you with your fears. This is a deeply nuanced and supportive mix given to you with much love by all of us in the Angelic and the Elemental kingdoms.

We asked Molly to write the descriptions of each Flower Essence in the mix. She uses “we” and “us” versus the “you” we used, but we want to remind you these lines of division created by language are imaginary as we are one, all of us.”

Allamanda from Taiwan– This dear Flower friend melts away the fear instilled in us by childhood experiences of punishment, scolding and shaming. It helps us end kowtowing to fear. We are released from the fear that we will always be in fear or that fear is something to be afraid of.

Aspen (from our Additional Flower Essence list)– Aspen supports us with mental fears that can sweep over us like a dark cloud and fill us with anguish. It helps us know that when these mental fears crop up, they are like Aspen leaves quaking in the wind. The fears will abate, the wind will calm and we will endure through the experience of the fears. Aspens helps us know the truth that we are safe in life, safe in death and safe for all eternity.

Blue Snakeweed– Sometimes when we have suffered deeply from what others have done to us, we wrap a sort of energetic barbed wire around our hearts to protect ourselves from further suffering. This defense system takes a lot of energy to maintain and also cuts us off from the joys of the world as well as its sorrows. Blue Snakeweed helps us experience our safety without the barbed wire. It helps us let go of this energetic defense so we are free to love the world and be loved by the world with greater ease.

Borage– Helps us literally take heart and feel the strength of our heart when we are afraid. The Angels woke me in the night to tell me this one had to be in this mix!

Chinese Knotweed– This Flower friend from Taiwan helps us release our fears of material losses by anchoring us in an awareness of the ever renewing, eternal love of our Creator who can replenish and restore us no matter what seems lost forever.

Coral Pink Rose– Fears can compound fears and this one helps us let go of the fear that more sorrows await us when we have just lived through a time of loss or suffering.

Feverfew– This beloved Flower ally shares its immense wisdom about moving beyond fear, agitation or distress to an imperturbable state of inner peace. The Angels sent an Ecuadorian shaman to the farm to talk to me about Feverfew, and I will ever be grateful for his visit and how it illuminated this Flower for me and swept me into a deep friendship with this Flower, a friendship that is available to us all.

Golden Wings Rose– This is the Flower Essence that initiated this project to make the Be Fearless mix. Its gifts are to lift us up and give us wings to take flight into freedom from fear. What a blessing to bring to this mix!

Heritage Rose– If we feel that our deaths may bring the loss of things that are precious to us, this Essence helps us anchor in a truth that nothing is ever lost to us. It helps us anchor in our eternal identity so we can know this completely.

Mutabilis Rose– WE CAN DO IT! This Rose friend shows us how to evolve and change very fast, with confidence and ease. When Mutabilis Rose blooms the Flowers change from white to yellow to orange to pink to red. No need for us to log jam our systems with fear or doubt that we can’t evolve or keep up. This sassy Rose takes the journey with us of fast paced, harmonious, healing change.

Nuuphretia Lavarissa– This Dahlia Essence tunes us to the Flame of Fearlessness, a flame that helps us feel both courageous and comforted.

Old Blush China Rose– Because most all Roses descend from Old Blush China Rose, this is the Mother Rose of all mutation and change. She reminds us we can feel safe and secure during times of change, and she helps us evolve towards an expression of our true divine self.

Orange– Like oil on troubled waters, Orange calms our emotional bodies when we are frightened or unable to de-escalate our feelings about events.

Peach– Helps us give and receive love with greater fearlessness.

Red Clover– Intense circumstances can cause panic to sweep over everyone in a crowd. Red Clover helps us not be part of this chain reaction. Regardless of how others are feeling or what is going on, we can find a centered place of calm and an imperishable experience of our safety.

Sahagun– Helps us let go and release behaviors triggered by fear that cause us to push our physical and emotional selves out of balance.

Scarlet Runner Bean– This one helps us face our fears. This is the most powerful thing we can do to diminish the hold fears have on our lives.

The Watchman (from our Additional Flower Essence list)This deep maroon Hollyhock Flower, called the Watchman, helps us release our fears when we can’t quite figure out where they are coming from or even what the fears are but we know they aren’t helping the situation.