Corn Wisdom

Corn Flower Essence shares the ancient vibrational wisdom of Corn. It supports us to know truth and to live with common sense, clarity and in alignment with all life.

This year we’ve grown non GMO and Native American corn varieties Mandan Bride, Hopi Pink, Hopi Turquoise and Painted Mountain. Their sturdy tassels are a beautiful mix of colors, and the rustle of their leaves in the wind is music. Soon we will harvest colorful ears from their stalks. However the main reason I grow these precious Corn varieties is so we can replenish our Corn Flower Essence with as pure and high vibration strain of vibrational wisdom as possible. First I get Corn seed from seed houses I trust like Seed Savers Exchange. They grow their seed quarantined from GMO Corn. I also plant indigenous varieties that have not been hybridized. What the Corn does in our gardens is in Corn’s wise hands.

In contrast to these wise and ancient Corn varieties is the GMO Corn dominating our food supply and fields. GMO Corn is confused by what has been done to it. It cannot carry Corn’s ancient wisdom and has lost the bead on its hard earned self knowledge. When I stand next to GMO Corn, there is a scrambled energy like radio static, a deep weariness and profound confusion. GMO Corn is not sure it is a plant. I find this tragic as untampered with Corn could not be more certain of what it is and what it knows.

The Elementals of GMO Corn want to throw in the towel, and who can blame them? We have given them no choice but to be part of a monstrous creation in support of a monstrous business plan. Before GMOs, Corn was an essential source of physical and spiritual nourishment. Now so much of the Corn we eat is GMO that its a misnomer to call it food or even call it Corn.

In stark contrast, traditional and unmodified Corn and its Flower Essence carries great wisdom about knowing our true self, knowing our true circumstances and grounding this knowledge into wise action in our lives. I look forward to the moment when we turn back to wise untampered Corn strains and our country’s fields are no longer filled with GMO Corn that, through no fault of its own, has lost its identity and purpose.

As I visit with the traditional Corn growing here, I am grateful for its steady, significant presence. I am grateful it is still ready, willing and able to share its wisdom with us. I feel particularly grateful this summer as I feel we all need Corn wisdom very much.

It’s been a confusing time. Here in the Northeast we had a spring of no rain followed by two months of what seemed like a three inch daily deluge of rain punctuated by flooding. In between rainstorms we’ve had endless days of smoky skies from Canadian wildfires. I can’t remember a day this growing season when our skies were not gray, our gardens not soggy and our eyes not burning.

This growing season has made me look to Corn and Corn Flower Essence with its incredible vibrational modeling of getting real and making good decisions based on what is actually going on. Corn’s ancient vibrational wisdom is accessing wisdom and using it in our daily life. This has felt like a time in which we all need to do this more.

I have begun to think of common sense decision as Corn decisions. Corn decisions are decisions based on what is actually going on with myself and in the world around me. In contrast, GMO Corn decisions are decisions that make no sense, defy the reality of the situation and damage us all.

Here is an example of a moment when I had a choice to make a Corn decision or a GMO Corn decision.

A few days ago, Jim and I went with our grandson Henry to swim at a pool adjacent to a golf courses in nearby Vermont. We’d been invited to the pool, and the day was supposed to be sunny, so we decided to give the pool a go. Sunny proved a bit of a misnomer for another smoky day punctuated by a 3 pm deluge. In any case, we went to the pool.

The golf course around the pool suffered from the floods earlier this month as did so much of Vermont. These were the second “hundred year floods” that our region has experienced since 2011. The golf course was affected because it’s on a flood plain. Post flooding the golf course found many of its fairways and greens cover in toxic sludge from the river (not that the fairways weren’t already toxic given the use of pesticides).

Here’s a photo I included in the last blog of this flooded golf course. When the waters receded the course and so many flood plains in Vermont were covered in toxic river sludge and dead animals.

After the floods, I was startled to see many places on flood plains were already rebuilding. People I talked to seemed surprised I was surprised. I wasn’t quite sure how to explain my bafflement. A golfer at the course chortled when I expressed confusion why the golf course would rebuild on a flood plain. The man told me the course was well underway into a $4 million dollar plus repair of the flooded fairways on a flood plain. This felt like a GMO Corn decision. I could only wonder when we lost tract of the fact that a flood plain is a flood plain or that with climate change we can expect hundred year floods every decade? Anyways, on to my related Corn decision.

Our pool plan had seemed a relatively harmless plan. However, no sooner had we settled poolside than sweeper machines filled the fairways around the pool and began to push massive quantities of dust into the air in an effort to clean the grass of toxic sludge. The thick white dust smelled very bad, and we found ourselves choking and blinking.

I went to ask the lovely woman who manages the pool if she could stop this cleaning at least until the wind changed. She said she had no control over the clean-up. She told me that the current dust was an improvement over last week’s dust as it no longer smelled like dead animals and raw sewage. She described many staff and pool visitors vomiting from the smells. Even as she told the story, she started to gag. That the dust no longer smelled as bad didn’t make the dust any less toxic but as she noted, at least people could ignore it better.

Knowing the pool would be a dust bowl all day, we left the pool post haste. A Corn decision. The air was full of toxic pesticide and poop dust, and we were humans who were going to have to breathe it in if we stayed.

As we drove away, we noticed most families had decided to stay and choke their way through a day of toxic poop dust. It felt a bit GMO Corn decision to me that the parents had slathered their children in sunscreen, but somehow didn’t seem to mind the toxic poop dust filling their children’s lungs. But who am I to judge when I have stayed outside until my throat hurt from the smoky wildfire air because it is just so hard to stay inside during our short summers? I am grateful for every Corn decision I’ve made when I have accepted the reality of the situation and shown some common sense.

In any case as we sped away from the pool, I got thinking about Corn and Corn Flower Essence. Corn encourages us to root ourselves in what is actually happening. Its tassel is like an antenna that reads the lay of the land. From the tassel, energy flows down the stalk into the ground. Indigenous non GMO Corn acknowledges what is going on then uses its wisdom to productively deal with whatever the circumstances are. In less than ideal growing circumstances, indigenous Corn adapts. Too little rain, too much rain, too little sunlight, we’ve had it all this summer but the indigenous Corn keeps adapting.

With GMO Corn we have disrupted the divine order of the plant and completely interrupted the flow of light, wisdom and energy through the plant. GMO Corn no longer knows itself or the world around it or knows how to adapt to what is actually happening. With its true self, volition and wisdom gone, it radiates understandable confusion and despair. We don’t have to be like GMO Corn.

With indigenous Corn supporting us, we can anchor in our own felt knowing, our own felt experience of self and the world around us. We can bravely decide each day what we need to do about what we know. We don’t have to feel alone because we are not alone in this. Corn and Corn Flower Essence want to help us. A vast number of beings want to help us. Some are incarnated right alongside us and a vast number more are not on stage during this earth drama but stand in the wings offering morale support, guidance and wisdom. We just need to slow down, ask for help, anchor like Corn and listen. From there, we can live the courage of our convictions and our Corn decisions can flow.


I have started a blog about rain about five ten three hundred times this summer. Then I think, “Is weather talk really that interesting? and “Doesn’t everyone have weather?” Finally I have to say that at this point, I doubt our weather would bore anyone. And I really hope people aren’t having weather like we are having weather.

As you know we look out onto the hills of Vermont. We are just a few miles from Vermont as the crow flies. This means we have been getting the exact same weather as Vermont, so our roads have flooded and some have washed away. I am grateful to be on a hill, that is for sure.

The Vermont town my eldest son Ben (webmaster for GHF) lives in made the opening sequence of the ABC and NBC news. I am grateful he too lives up a hill. In Quechee, anything near ground level was flooded out. Here’s his photo of one of the golf holes near his house. This was well before the streams crested.

Below is a shot of our favorite specialty grocery store in nearby Woodstock, Vermont, the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. The store posted this photo on their Instagram Page.

The store is in the middle of the shot and the building on the right is where they cooked their food. The main road going east west across Vermont is Rte #4, and you can see here that it too was flooded. The Woodstock Farmer’s Market is was the place for particularly delicious sandwiches, choice produce and enormous fun cookies. We had just been there a few days before the flood.

The Woodstock Farmer’s Market lost everything during Hurricane Irene in 2011, and they have lost everything again. We hear they had time to get all their stock out and donate it to needy folks. They have always had a particular mission to feed the hungry but this was heroic.

Every time I think this extreme weather is over we get more rain. Last night daughter Emily who lives across town sent this picture which she entitled “The Edge of Mordor.

Yes, it heralded a new storm coming in with thunder like I have never heard. One crack last night rumbled so loud and so long that our house shook for what seemed like a minute. Since the noise was pretty much in total sync with the lightning, we looked around wondering what had gotten struck. We texted our neighbors to see if they were okay. They were fine but also wide awake like we were!

The gardens soldier on, but the endless wet and wild winds have knocked over some plants that I didn’t expect to find wind and rain a challenge. Here are some of the Scotch Thistles this morning.

I just went and cut this all away as they were flumped on the Red Shiso.

Yes, the Red Shiso is quite small. Like most plants, it needs sun, and between the smoke and the endless rain we haven’t seen sun very much. BTW if you know a farmer, they probably need your kind words of support. This has been quite the growing season just about everywhere.

As far as our vegetable garden goes, it looks fairly lush but looks can be deceiving. Two fawns have figured out how to join the groundhog in feasting on the produce each night. They have eaten down the peas, beans, beets, and swiss chard twice. You can see the swiss chard at the bottom of the shot trying to come back. And did I mention how much the bugs like these wet conditions?

I am just grateful for the farm stand on the other side of town and the fact that no one seems to like basil, parsley, celery or onions. The fawns also broke into the blueberries. Lizzie chased them out this morning. It is hard to get cross at fawns, but Jim probably was pretty irritated with them by the time he had repaired the netting they ripped to shreds.

Well I have got to go. A delivery of 54,000 bottles has just arrived and I have got to get it tarped and ready for the next big storm predicted to arrive any moment! Wish me luck!

Feverfew Flower Essence

Feverfew is a magnificent Flower and Flower Essence.

This time of year, the garden is full of Feverfew and I am happy to welcome each and every blossom.

Feverfew moves around the gardens of its own accord. I never know if or where it is going to plant itself each season or even exactly what it’s blossoms will look like.

It has a couple of variations in form. Here’s one.

Here’s another.

As far as where it establishes itself, this year it wanted a seat at the table.


Can you see how it is growing up through the metal mesh of the chair? I am loathe to remove it so we may not sit down in the Arbor Garden until Feverfew has gone by.

Basically it has taken over the entire table in the Arbor Garden. I am quite enjoying this!

It certainly is a Flower worthy of any space it wants to occupy.

I first made Feverfew Flower Essence after a shaman from Ecuador came to the garden and talked to me about the Flower. Among hundreds of different Flowers in the garden, he zeroed in on this plant. Plucking a number of sprigs, he settled in to do a healing session with someone while I watched. He placed Feverfew blossoms on this person in very specific locations as she lay in the garden. He explained that he used Feverfew in this way whenever possible. He shared that this plant was a treasure of deep purpose and significance and that it was important to respect and encourage it wherever it wanted to grow. He noted that it always chose the places it wanted to grow and simply would not grow any place it didn’t want to be. I don’t think I ever weeded out a Feverfew before Alberto’s visit but I certainly never have since then.

After Alberto’s visit in the early 1990’s, I spent much time with Feverfew and made it into a Flower Essence. Since then it has been a mainstay in our collection. Feverfew is a Flower in our Arbor Garden mix which is made annually from all the Flowers blooming in the Arbor Garden. Feverfew also is included in other combination remedies including Emergency Care and Anxiety

Think of this friend if you are feeling restless, nervous, overwrought, jittery, despairing, agitated or in any way unsettled. It offers tremendous information about calming ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can’t recommend it too highly. Its I AM affirmation, I AM the peace that passeth all understanding, suggests its strengths, but words cannot convey the healing gifts of this Flower and its Flower Essence.