Resistance to Change and Flower Essences that Can Help

The topic of resistance keeps cropping up. We need to be flexible and change our plans constantly right now, and in a big picture way, we must change our relationship to earth and all life. We need to let go and evolve, big time.

The change itself has its own challenges, but often it seems that it is our resistance to change that causes the most pain and suffering.

In 2020, our resistance to change has been akin to slamming on the brakes of a car while life floors the gas pedal.

Lately I have noticed that in my dreams there is a lot of imagery of lens, telescopes, cameras, screens. This led me to consider that maybe resistance is a perception problem.

We are one unified energy field, so anything we are asked to become, we already are. We already are part of fifth dimensional reality, so any fears we have that it’s too much or dangerously unfamiliar are erroneous perceptions from our limited third dimensional viewpoint.

If what we have to do as change sweeps over us IS change our perception, then how do we do this?

I’m sure there are a million ways but for me, I ask for help from those whose perceptual lens are A LOT bigger and clearer than mine like Divinity and the Angels. I specifically ask Divinity to help me release any resistance impeding my spiritual path or impeding the incoming higher energies. I ask them to help me open my lens to greater understanding as well. I also look to the Flower Essences in our collections that support going with the flow of change and broadening our vision from fear to love.

I asked the Angels to highlight some of the Flower Essences they feel are helpful for releasing our resistance to change.

Flow Free– Would it be a GHF blog by me without a mention of this one?

Vision– The Angels felt so strongly about supporting us to expand our Vision that they had us create an entire garden so we could make this Essence.

Dandelion– The Angels note that we store a lot of our resistance in our muscles. Dandelion helps us release this tension. Dandelion also has an immense energy of metamorphosis. Just think of its extraordinary change from Flower to seed head.

Mutabilis Rose– This semi tropical Rose from Bermuda helps us dismantle our fears that we can’t manage all these shifts. This Flower Essence knows we are made to brilliantly adapt and flow with these necessary changes.

Desert Chicory– With its I AM affirmation, “I AM relaxed in the healing flow of my life,” this one is especially good for those of us with PTSD from childhood trauma.

Omey Island– As a tidal island, Omey Island has times of being cut off from the mainland. It knows how to flourish within the constraints of these nature imposed limitations and accepts these nature driven constraints as part of its essential being. Omey offers to help us experience nature made constraint as part of the process and to help us relax into the unique flow imposed upon us right now by forces bigger than our personal will.

Balance in a Blue Moon– This Venus Garden Essence helps embrace the higher vibrations sweeping into the planet while also supporting us to balance and align our physical, mental, etheric and emotional bodies as we live through this rare and precious time of planetary and personal evolutionary leaps.

Red Flower from Santorini– This Flower Essence enhances our ability to thrive when things erupt and fall apart in our lives. This Flower, found flourishing in the crater of a volcano, reminds us how resilient, strong and courageous we can be as we adapt to a new world that has gone through its own sort of volcanic eruption.

Allamanda from Taiwan– This brilliant friend helps us end kowtowing to fear especially apprehensions surrounding change.

Amphitrite– This ancient Flower knows any release process may alter the surface of our lives but our souls remain intact. It knows that change allows us to connect and embrace our essential selves more easily. All I can say in response is, Yes, please!

Psychillis Macconnelliae Orchid– This very powerful Orchid helps those of us who don’t feel at home here to feel more comfortable while also helping all of us adapt to the rapid changes we are undergoing.

We have noticed a lot of Fodder Vetch going out the door and when the Angels suggested it here, I reread its description. I thought I would quote the whole thing because it certainly reflects why it has been calling to people.

Fodder VetchFodder Vetch has a true sense of self. Its elegant blossoms rise up in a graceful column, each looking forward, unafraid of movement, change or what lies ahead. This Essence supports us to let go of fear as we continue forward. It helps us find and recognize our true course and then supports us in moving forward in confident alignment. Even in a strong wind, the blossoms don’t swivel or change direction. They stand strong and true in their course and help us do so as well.

In closing, the Angels nudge me to say once again that as we are all one already, there is nothing to fear from any change. We are always safe, always an indivisible part of the one, always loved in this one ocean of love we call so many names.

(and won’t it be great when we fully perceive this!)