Welcoming the Light- Possible Ways to Proceed and Flower Essences to Help

Last night as I went to bed, I asked the Angels to guide me about anything else I should add to my last blog.  I awoke feeling that I needed to write a follow up blog that explained very specifically what I was talking about with this, “Welcoming in the Light”

As I began to write, I noticed this note in front of me from a dear GHF friend:

“Morning Molly, …I went back and read some of your posts about this Light coming in and while I completely get it and trust you, I don’t know exactly how to do it.  Given the state of the world and the issues I help people with every day, it is such a challenge to follow the Light.  So here is my request of you if you are game: give us a roadmap like you have for clearing our space, our land. Who do we call in? What exactly do we say? When do we do it? What Essences would give us the most support? …Can you please give us a road map… Sending big love to you forever and always”, Annie

First of all, I appreciate the Angels sending me another nudge to write a more specific blog and also a big thank you to Annie for listening to your heart and writing me. Green Hope Farm has always been a collaborative creation.  You all have been in the thick of guiding me to Flowers and helping me grasp what spirit is sharing.  I thank you.

Okay, so maybe to go step by step through what Annie asks and share one possible practice for welcoming this Light into our energy systems.

Annie asks, “Who?”

You are not separate from Angels and Elementals and the Creator. You are not bugging them when you ask for help. Does your right hand get irritated when your left hand needs a scratch? Okay then, no more feeling badly about asking for help from ANOTHER PART OF YOURSELF. We are leaving behind a world in which the erroneous idea of hierarchy is an organizing force. We are learning that all of us are ONE. Please no longer view yourself as less than ( a good illusion to ask to dump in the cleaning part of this).

I call in SO MANY beings so often- When I hear tell about an Angel’s particular gifts or an Ascended Master who offers a particular skill, I add them in. 

*You can call in the Creator, however you describe this being.

*You can call in your higher self.  

*You can call in your Body Elemental (see Green Hope Farm Flower Essences Vocabulary 101 on Resources page for an explanation of who this is and why you want this being at ALL healing events in your life).

You can call in Pan, the head of all Elementals. Elementals are responsible for manifestation. Elementals bring all thought into form and Pan is the best at this.

You can call in Angels and Archangels. When my spiritual path opened up many years ago, I learned about the Archangels by the color ray they are associated with. Archangel Michael serves on the first ray, the blue ray of Faith, Protection and God’s Will. Among other things, he is a Godsend when we need support in spiritual battle or for protection. Archangel Jophiel serves on the second ray, the yellow ray of Wisdom, lllumination and Constancy. This would be a good time to work with Jophiel because this is a confusing time in which it is hard to discern truth.  Archangel Chamuel serves on the third ray, the ray of Love. His gifts are so many. Just thinking of him makes my heart flood with love and thanks.  Archangel Gabriel serves on the fourth ray, the white ray of Purity, Order, Ascension, Discipline and Hope. Many children are close to this Archangel, and he often brings us messages. Archangel Raphael serves on the fifth ray, the green ray of truth and healing. He is an excellent Archangel to call in about all matters of health. Archangel Uriel serves on the sixth ray, the purple and gold ray of Service, Ministration, Peace and Brotherhood. This list sounds sort of dry but he is a very powerful Angel and will help us solve interpersonal strife and turmoil. Archangel Zadkiel is the from the seventh ray, the violet ray of Freedom, Forgiveness, Justice and Transmutation.  Call him in if you are working with the Violet Transmuting Flame of forgiveness and transmutation.  Two other Archangels I learned about are Archangel Sandalphon, a gentle powerful Archangel who stands by those going through ordeals and helps us stay grounded and Archangel Metatron, a profound help in this big transition we are in, offering support to shift our vibration and also stay grounded and protected.

I also call in any Angels I work with be they some I know I work with like the Angels of the farm and some that I work with at night and don’t know I work with. Sometimes I will say, please help me any Angels relevant to what I am working on.

If you want, you can say, “Angels of the Light.” Long ago, I had an experience one night on Bermuda in which Angels took me forward into the future. One of the things I remember from that wild ride ( and like most spiritual travels I awoke NOT remembering all I was shown) is that when the Angels appeared, I very earnestly asked, ‘Are you Angels of the Light?” I can remember their very merry peals of laughter as they noted how darn serious I could be. Regardless, I remain quite careful about all this.

I also call in Ascended Masters. These are master teachers who graduated from Earth and know how we can solve our human challenges. For example, St Francis and St Patrick are two Ascended Masters offering support. I also love to call in Mother Mary and Mehera Irani, two embodiments of the Divine Feminine.

Annie asks, “What exactly to do and say?”

The goal of this process is to clear out low vibration energy from our energy system and THEN welcome in the Light pouring into the planet.

I ask for help with the cleaning first. Remember you are cleaning your mental body, your emotional body, your etheric or memory body and your physical body. These are described in this recent blog and also in the Green Hope Farm Flower Essences Vocabulary 101 on the Resources page.

Before I get into the knitty gritty of the clean up, perhaps it would be good for me to explain why I am so focused on energetic cleaning. It is NOT about self judgement or feeling unworthy unless I clean myself up. NO! It’s the exact opposite.

When we leave behind the false mental construct of better than/worse than and know that we are all one, there is nothing to prove to anyone about anything. While once we held onto ideas, emotions and memories to prove our worth, we realize this is no longer necessary. Yes, when we make mistakes, we need to apologize and make restitution, but clinging to the reasons and defenses behind why we made the decisions we made just bogs us down.

Earth’s energy is rising. She is filling with much greater Light. Provided we clear out our old stuck energy, we get a rare opportunity to fill with the same Light as dear Earth. If we dump all the energetic misunderstandings we have been carting around for millennium, we get free access to this beautiful joyful Divine Love and Light.

This Light is very motivating. Clinging to old stuff doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. I want to keep on dumping the old stuck stuff. Yes, each day more comes up as I am human, but I can just let go and ask for help to clean it out and welcome in the Light in its place.

How to dump?

I use the structures of the four bodies as a way to organize what I ask to clean out.  With the mental body I ask to have things like worry, doubt, mental anguish, thoughts of inequality or looping critical thoughts removed. We have been a mental culture for a long time, so there are lots of ideas to be dumped. If it is a truth, it will come back to you so don’t worry you might clean out too much! If in doubt, throw it out!

Recently, I have been asking to release the worthless mental construct of righteousness. Look at where all this righteousness has gotten our country- split in two! My family of origin was so into righteousness. I am sorry I ever wasted a moment wallowing in this notion. I have a long way to go, but each day I love the big dump of this mental construct!

With the etheric or memory body, I ask to have things like memories that bring me nothing but pain and bitterness released. If I am nursing a grievance, I am probably storing some memory here that serves to reinforce this grievance so if I clean it out, I can end the waste of time and space this grievance represents.

With the physical body, I ask to release anything that doesn’t serve my health and well being. BE SPECIFIC! These dear ones are there to help!

With the emotional body, lots of feelings that came up in the day are worth throwing into the pot for cleansing and release. I ask to release anger, guilt, fear, grudges, bitterness, impatience- anything that I can think of that is not love. Sometimes, even though I was not raised Catholic, I will go down through the seven deadly sins just to be thorough. I really don’t want to hold onto any of this stuff, so I try and identify what is in there and needs to go without judgment. THIS IS NOT TO SAY EMOTIONS ARE BAD! It is to say I need to feel them and let them go to make space for this Light and Love which frankly feels a lot better than any other emotion.

As mentioned above, this is a process done best without any mistaken ideas of self-judgment or criticism. We are all in one big soup of humanity. Who knows whose energy anything is. I could beat myself up about some emotion that actually was just sent to me by someone else or that I picked up when I was talking to someone else. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, all that matters is not holding onto this stuff that doesn’t serve us.

I always ask that everything that needs to be cleared out be released through a christed grid and sent to the central sun to be transmuted. The christed grid is a filter that washes the energy clean so it has no imprint of me on it. The energy returns to source with no return address on it. This is perhaps overkill to both send stuff to the central sun for transmutation AND send it out through a christed grid, but I would just as soon have the anger I am feeling about something or someone gone for good and not cycling back around again to me or anyone else.

When I have listed everything I can think of, I visualize it all flowing out through the bottom of my feet. Then I welcome in the Light. Sometimes I visualize the Creator pouring it down through my body starting at the seventh chakra or crown of my head. I go down through my chakras welcoming the Light first into my crown then down to my third eye/sixth chakra, then down through my throat chakra, then down to my heart chakra where it feels so at home. Then on down through the rest of my chakras.

I try and remember that whether I feel this energy coming in or not, it is moving through my system.  However, it surprises me how day after day, I feel this energy so clearly. This is why I keep writing that I feel there is something completely different happening here on Earth than anything we have known before. It has been fun to hear from many of you who are also feeling this Light.

I try to do this practice twice a day for at least a half an hour each time. When I am finished, I try and always remember to Thank everyone I called in to help me.

I do not think this complicated routine is necessary to receive this Light. I have found myself overcome by this Light at unexpected moments, often when I am doing something quiet. My hope is that one day all of us here on the planet will be one with this Light all the time.

One reason Flower Essences are such a fantastic tool for this process is that they know how to be this Divine Light in form. We are all in an enormous process of adapting to hold much more Light than we have ever held in our energy systems while in human bodies. Flowers can walk us through the whole process and show us that it can be done. They are also a great comfort.

The Flower Essences for Common Concerns document on the Resources page has many specific suggestions for topics like cleansing our various energetic bodies and welcoming in Light.

Here are some Flower Essences that seem particularly relevant right now.

The Taiwan collection– This collection is very focused on freeing us from mental bindings and any kowtowing to old structures that hold us back. Each day, more of you choose Essences from this collection. In addition, when people ask the Angels to make them custom mixes, the Angels have used this collection as their go to collection for freeing us to let go of the old and welcome in the new.

There are so many other Flower Essences I could mention! I feel overwhelmed with choice. As I write the greetings on your invoices, all your selections give me joy as I recognize the wonderful perfection of what you have chosen. It is almost like meeting each Flower Essence all over again. As you choose them and I think, “But of course!”

Feeling unclear what the priorities are, I asked the Angels to pick a group to highlight. How I love learning from their choices!

The Angels of Green Hope Farm most especially Thela and the Angels of Flower Essences note, “First, trust your intuition, your dreams, your Flower Essence choices even as they seem unlikely and bizarre. Most of the plot is out of view right now, so it would be very hard for you to know the whys of the Essences calling to you. TRUST! TRUST! TRUST!

Here are five that would serve most everyone right now, but again, follow your own intuition first and foremost.

Yellow Water Lily– This one helps you anchor in the real- DIVINITY and pay no attention to the rest.

Trillium– Trillium embodies the balance of spirit in form. Molly was surprised by this choice, but right now with the winds of change so strong and the riptides of plot surging in all directions, the solid star of David configuration of this Flower and its Essence allows you both to stay physically in your body while also welcoming in the Light which is your essential self and destiny.


Indian Pipe– This is another wildflower that shows you how to hold fast and feel beneath the surface chaos to the abiding peace of true reality. This one anchors you in the ancient dream of collaborative co-creation on this planet and a humanity vibrating with its true nature of peace.

Mustard– Mustard untangles and releases certain kinds of mental confusion, despair and anguish which have blossomed in response to the industrial age. This one helps you unlink from the bindings of the Kali Yaga machine age, and find freedom to remember a truer experience of self.

Bottle Gentian– There is much to be revealed, known and experienced in the days and years ahead. Some of it will be painful to witness. This one will help you remain composed, clear sighted and radiantly sure footed in your purpose as things unfold.

A family of Bottle Gentian Flowers