Piegate aka Solandra Flower Essence Much Needed

Two days before Thanksgiving I began this blog with:

The Solandra bloomed this morning. I felt like it was a kiss sent out to all the overworked folks out there getting ready to pause in already very busy lives to put on a complicated Thanksgiving feast.

Solandra Flower Essence is all about reminding us we are lovable and loved because we exist not because of what we do. Solandra reminds us we exist as love in an ocean of love and have nothing to prove.

Now, a week later, I wonder if I took this photo of Solandra but didn’t actually take her Flower Essence…..

As I get back to this blog a long seven days later, I have a bit of a snarky attitude some thoughts. Perhaps I am need a radical attitude adjustment need the staff of Downton Abbey need a time out in Fiji need to go and visit with the Solandra blossoms out in the greenhouse again drink a quart of Solandra Flower Essence water every day until the next holiday, go on strike and pitch a tent at Solandra’s side refusing to come out of the greenhouse unless someone else cooks, so I have inner strength to tell next year’s gathered hoards guests expecting five thousand different side dishes as well as their own bespoke pie that…….

Solandra said to BACK OFF! chill out.

As I reminisce about last week’s over the top holiday feast dinner, I know a few things and feel a lot more, A pie or two would have been enough. Did we really need a pumpkin pie, 3 (THREE) pecan pies, a cherry pie, a chocolate cream pie, a banana cream pie and an apple pie? I think not. We were 22 gathered, not 220. Seven were children. Some ate nothing more than a squeeze pouch of applesauce. Some of us should have only eaten a squeeze pouch of applesauce.

Solandra! Help me learn how to give a hairy eyeball in the face of all special requests. This was a look that my mother mastered so well that I still shudder to think of it. Help me master her hairy eyeball so no one will ever again insist that every Thanksgiving needs a banana cream pie. If I master this look, everyone will be happy with one crappy store bought pumpkin pie as my siblings and I were during our childhood Thanksgivings because they will be afraid to say otherwise.

For goodness sake, my mother served peas, rice, crescent rolls from a tube and turkey at our Thanksgivings (complete menu), and we ENJOYED it. Yes, I was thrilled when I discovered Jim’s family’s Thanksgiving meal included mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams and GRAVY, but would I have complained to my mother about our modest table? No! I was too afraid of her hairy eyeball. My siblings and I could feel it across any crowded room. It was a laser beam that terrified.

After this Thanksgiving, I wish her hairy eyeball was in my bag of tricks, How relaxing it would be if everyone ACTED as if they were enjoying a spread of turkey, peas and one solitary pie. This would leave me rested giddy able to leave the kitchen and go read a book serene and grandmotherly in some 1950’s type way.

Oh Solandra, help me know I am a human being not a human doing and if you can, teach me all my mother knew about a well used hairy eyeball.

Thanksgiving Love to you all

A bear walked across my soul last night

It’s like that on earth, you know.

We appear unconnected, but we’re not.



So while we dream this dream of separation, let’s pretend we know

we’re one.

Just until we awake (and know this)

Let’s love each other as we love our fingers and toes.

Let’s imagine the dirt we walk on is our own skin.

That irritating person across the table (ocean) from us? The best gift we’ve ever given ourselves.

The bear cub in the forest? The sweet voice of our eternal self, lifting the curtain for a moment to remind us

joy and wonder is our destination.

That’s how we’ll wake up-

living as if we know the truth until we do.

Grace will do the rest.

November Beauty

November in northern New England has its own particular beauty. The clouds are saturated with a rich palette of color. In this shot you can see that the main perennial beds have been cleared for the winter. In the foreground the Thyme which encircles the house is still going strong.

After abundant blossoms this summer, the Japanese Anemones make extraordinary seed pods in the fall. They dance in the wind just as the Flowers did.

Every mild day means another opportunity to get mulch down on another garden. This was me ( and of course Sheba) cleaning up the Zinnias, Cosmos and other annuals and putting down mulch.

I use hay to mulch each garden. This builds up the soil and helps keep down weeds. The mulch also keeps in moisture ( maybe not so necessary this rainy summer but usually so important on this windy site). Mulch also eliminates the need to rototil the gardens which means soil structure isn’t disrupted as it is with rototilling. All in all, mulch is key to just about everything that happens here!

I love any encounter with a toad. I found this one while moving hay. I hope he finds a place to burrow in soon. He looked pretty cold to me.

Most of the leaves are down except for oak leaves and this golden glowing larch. None the less there are bold colors in the hills and fields.

In all seasons we spend a lot of time down on this flat rock (oddly tilted in my photo but actually very flat). It is a great lookout spot for little and big people and of course Sheba (and where was she when I was taking this photo? She was digging a big messy hole in the Arbor Garden for some unknown terrier mutt reason).

Sending you all much love and wishes for peace in your world.

PS New colors the next day. Winter no longer coming. Winter is here.

This is grandpuupy Huck and grandson Jamie checking out the first snow at their home on the other side of town.