Flower Essences for Kindness as We Stumble

WOW! It’s a nutty time!

To put it more diplomatically  We seek new paradigms for living on our dear planet and living with each other, because we need them ASAP.  The old structures are imploding   are being yanked away don’t work, and like a toddler learning to take those first few steps without hand holding, we are lurching around, stumbling, banging into each other and in every way making the mistakes necessary to find a new way of being.

Much as I wish it wasn’t so, the stumbling is necessary. There is never any other way to learn than by trial and error, but this is particularly true now as we must find new ways of being without a lot of role models. The new paradigms are so different than anything that have gone before that the old problem solving tools are crap not much help. Yes, I’m talking about you, patriarchy.

In our toddlerhood there were hands to catch us as we took those first steps  or at least I hope so. And now, as we stumble towards a new way of being, we have never been less alone.  Divinity floods the planet with Light and Love, offering support unlike any time ever before. No exaggeration.  I meet new Angels every day that are here to help us all. So really, there ARE hands ready to hold us up, and we can feel this rock like support if we turn off our cell phones  go within and listen.

We all hope for kindness as we stumble, both inner kindness and kindness from everyone else, and we find this kindness by making kindness our choice and opening to become the Light and Love being showered upon us. Yeah, I know this sounds trite but really, if we all tried this….

We are going to mess up make many mistakes as we find new ways to live together harmoniously and new ways to take care of our ailing planet. The Light and Love of Divinity helps immeasurably, but we are still going to stumble.  May we find the courage and strength and perspective to be gentle towards ourselves and each other as we stumble.

Flowers show us how to soak up all this incoming Light and Love  and be kind. I never met a Flower that wasn’t actively kind. I have never walked by a wildflower in a meadow or visited with a Dandelion in a parking lot and found it rude or honking its horn. 

If you read my last blog you know I am  humbled by my unsuccessful efforts  trying not to backbite.  It occurred to me yesterday as I picked myself up from yet another situation in which I should have said nothing,  that I have never heard a Flower EVER say anything negative about another Flower. EVER.  That really amazed me. And I have talked to a lot of Flowers.  They don’t even interrupt each other.  Flowers have to live with each other and often cede territory to each other, yet they never diminish themselves with unkind behavior. No, I don’t think a Flower with an unpleasant fragrance counts.

All this makes me look to the Flowers more than ever.  Each day in this uncharted territory, I awake and seek out Flower friends to help show me the way. Each day, they shimmer and shine and tell me and all of you who connect with them, “Yes, you can make this leap. You are doing it.”  And when I stumble every day, ever hour every five minutes, they shower me with comforting love and kindness, help me dust myself off post stumble  and offer gentle encouragement how to be more kind to myself and others.

I want us all to succeed in the wobbly trip across this bewildering new territory on our toddler feet. It’s a fantastic gig to be here now but really hard. May we all be forgiving as we stumble into each other. May we all see the best in each other. May we all be as kind to each other as a bouquet of our favorite Flowers delivered to our door.

FLOWER ESSENCES FOR KINDNESS AS WE STUMBLE                    Yes, all Flowers help us with kindness but here are some single and combination Flower Essences that jumped at the chance to offer themselves today to you. Okay, so ALOT jumped at the chance to support you! No worries. They’ll be kind if you just say no thanks.

Seeing ourselves and others as the Angels see us versus as our personalities sees us: Through Angels’ Eyes, Eyes of Mary, Love Prevails, Love it and Leave it, Don’t Worry-Bee Happy

Finding a loving view of self and other that melts the cloud of unforgiveness hanging over us:: Buddleja, Peach, Meadowsweet, Hardhack

Release from habitual patterns of judgment: Carry Less, All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Wild Rose, Crab Apple

Release from shame spirals: Konigin von Danemark Rose

Kindness towards self: Heliotrope, Buddleja, Meadowsweet, Hardhack, Eyes of Mary

Listening to your own body with kindness: Hontanas

Finding the bead on love in difficult situations: Rose Campion, Wild Pink Morning Glory

Confidence that humanity is evolving in a matrix of eternal love: Climbing New Dawn Rose

Hearing each other in an new way and  with kindness: French Marigold

Self-acceptance and self love: Pine

Knowing your value even when no one seems to see you: True Wood Sorrel, Dwarf, Common Centaury

Knowing your sweetness is a strength not a weakness: Dwarf Common Centaury

Knowing only God defines you: Maple

Yup there really is Love and Divinity in everyone: Agnes Rose, Arbor Garden, Peach

Having a true accounting of your strengths: Maple, Cretan Viper Grass

Letting go of the niggling feeling you are not enough: Common Knapweed

Self-esteem for teenagers: Common Scurvygrass

Help to ease up on the self criticism so you open to receive more love: Meadowsweet, Pine

Finding your self-esteem after traumatic experiences: Fremont Pincushion

Validation that selfless actions of caretaking matter: Henbit Deadnettle

Letting go of self-loathing: All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Mary Queen of Scots Rose, Crab Apple,  Sneezeweed

No more playing those negative tapes: Pennyroyal

Knowing ourselves to have been born one with Divinity with our infinite imperishable worth never anything but a truth of this Divine oneness: The Flower Essences from Crete( listed in the Mediterranean collection)

Knowing your value beyond personality or cultural ideas of success: Ginger

Unwavering sense of your own value no matter who steps on you: Fremont Pincushion, Wintergreen

Knowing your own strength and worth as a woman: Wild Red Morning Glory, The Sacred Feminine, Pomegranate

Restoring self-worth after betrayal: Calliandra from Taiwan

Knowing you are enough: Common Knapweed

Moving through the world with both kindness and appropriateness: Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Living like a honeybee in equality, consensus, generosity, loving kindness and JOY: Hairy Thorny Broom

Support for those who live to love with a vast generosity of loving kindness: Pink Rock Rose

Finding the inner kindness to listen to your body with tenderness: Hontanas

Clear the heart of old hates and bitterness: Sow Thistle

Kindness to others no matter where they are on their spiritual path: Galicia, Rabanal

The strength to stay present in the face of other’s suffering: White Chestnut

PS Posted this yesterday but failed to mention a new Flower Essence combination  Enhancing Empathy that a lovely psychotherapist in Manhattan asked us to make to support open hearted kindness. This mix was the inspiration for this blog but heck, I stumbled and forgot!  I’m learning what matters is not that we stumble but that we pick ourselves up and keep going!