From Fear to Love with Flower Essences

Flower Essences impose no agenda on us. Instead they offer a template for us to raise an expression of an energy that may currently be dense, heavy and uncomfortable to a higher expression of itself which is lighter, happier and more expressive of love.

When asking the Angels for an analogy for this, they suggested I consider a piano. It exists as a unified object, yet it can express deep bass notes and also high notes. The pianist makes the choice of what to express. The pianist has all the volition about choices. The teacher teaches the pianist how to use the piano to express both high and low notes and move without impediment from one to the other.

Our energy system is the piano offering an immense range of self expression. Heavy vibrations such as fear correlate with bass notes (though base notes themselves do not have heavy vibrations- this is just an analogy). The high notes represent the highest expression of our instrument, the highest vibration being love.

The Flower Essences are the piano teacher, showing us ways to use our instrument. If we have gotten ourselves into a rut of playing only the heavy, low vibration notes, Flower Essences show us how to access the high notes easily and freely. They remind us that if we can express the heavy vibrations, we can express the high vibrations because in truth they are one energy- its only a matter of how fast the energy is moving.

To drive this home and then spin off in another direction, consider this: when we are feeling hopeless, we are experiencing an energy that is hope slowed down. By learning from the Flowers or from other teachers how to speed up this energy of hopelessness, we find the hope that was always present with the hopelessness.

Then consider this, when we experience ourselves here on earth weighed down with confusion, doubt, fear and worry, we also exist in a band of energy in which we are not confused, worried or afraid. Flower Essences help us rise up into an experience of this radiant self, a self that exists now and always will.

Calling it a journey from 3D to 5D is one way to express a rising up of our energy systems to find conscious unity with the part of ourselves that knows not only what the heck is going on right now but knows that all is well. It is the journey from fear to love. It is a journey from unreality to reality. It is the journey from ego to true self.

I am particularly interested in the truth that only love is real. Divinity does not just forgive us the “mistakes” but forgets them all as never having existed. Our journeys in these lower vibrations are just maya sort of like movies flickering their shadows on a wall. They are illusions that have captured our attention but ones we now awaken from to find that the only reality is love.

While all Essences show us the way from dense energy to a higher expression of energy, I am reminded of the Angels’ focus in the beginning of this wild year on our combination Flower Essence, Be Fearless.

No matter the concern, being fearless is the solution. It’s sort of a short cut to love because while people often say “Where there is fear, there is no love”, the opposite is also true: where there is no fear, there is love.

Be Fearless and know you are loved and you are love! You are going through the Gate Beautiful and you are the Gate Beautiful! (more about that soon!).

Much love to you from the gardens of the farm where today the honeybees are collecting pollen from the still radiant Calendulas. I wrote this sitting with them, watching them head for home in a beeline of love for their hive.