The Angels and Elementals LOVE YOU!


There are many different names for the Divinity in Nature. No matter what we call this intelligent force,  it holds the planet in form for us and welcomes us into greater loving partnership.

As a child, my experience of the deep goodness of Nature was a wordless one. Our conversations were of the heart.  I loved Nature and felt Nature’s love for me.  I felt safe and beloved in the woods, fields and ponds of my childhood realm.

When I first gardened as a young adult, it was again without any descriptive words for Nature beyond perhaps Mother Nature.  Much to my surprise and joy, in my late twenties I found myself hearing from plants in a way that was both a wild new adventure but strangely familiar.  FLOWERS WERE TALKING TO ME!

What can I say? I think most all of us have these experiences with Nature before we are civilized out of believing Nature has consciousness.

In these blossoming conversations with Nature, I learned there were two basic tasks that these friends were involved in.  The first task  was designing creation in all its particulars.  Those beings involved in this were the architects of all form as well as the architects of the emotional matrix we find ourselves in.  While I learned that some people call these beings Devas, I understood them to be from the Angelic kingdom and so I called these beings Angels.  I did not grow up hearing anyone talk about Angels, so for me this designation was fairly dogma free.  The description  Angels has always been a happy one for me.

I have learned over the years that this can be a loaded name for other people. These Angel friends do not care what we call them.  They are just glad to be called! I feel passionate about encouraging all of you to grow friendships with these Angel partners, but I understand that my language choices can be off putting!  Please don’t let it be!   Just as friends appreciate when we love them enough to give them nicknames, so too the beings I call Angels love it when we connect with them in any way using any nicknames!

The other primary group in Nature are those beings responsible for taking the idea of a thing and manifesting this as a form we experience as real.  This group manifests ALL form.  There are a lot of names for these beings including gnomes, elves, fairies, sylphs and undines.  None of these names reference their immense work but like nicknames, bring them close to us.

I probably picked the word Elementals to describe the Elementals for the same reason as I picked the word Angels.  The Elementals  are from the Elemental kingdom.  Sometimes I think I picked this word because the Elementals, who have a very big sense of humor about everything, enjoy the fact that typing the word Elemental is a toughie requiring focus.  I can’t begin to tell you how often I type the word wrong and  have to go back and fix it.  When I do, I always give them a little nod of appreciation. I think they like that.  It’s the pause that refreshes!

The Elementals often show themselves to us humans in the guises we have given them. People see fairies everyday! And we are lucky enough to hear many a story about this!  Thank you one and all for sharing these tales!  WE LOVE THEM!

Here at the Farm,  my eldest daughter Elizabeth saw gnomes and fairies when she was a small child.  She visited with them and knew them as her friends.  She would come in from playing in the fields to report things like, “Peter is wearing a pointed red cap and green shoes today.”  Peter is one of the resident gnomes encouraging me to write this post today!

I also remember this funny moment when I had just finished teaching a day long workshop about gardening with the Angels and Elementals here at the farm.  A participant came up to me and said, “I saw your children in an upstairs window when I arrived, all these little faces in a row, and then they were so quiet the whole day. I am impressed”  I had to tell her my children were not home!  She had seen a crew of Elementals!

All this to say, it doesn’t really matter what we call the Divinity in Nature, it’s just so vital for us all to know how very much they want and need our partnership right now.  Yes, they can keep on cleaning up the messes we make all by themselves.  Yes, they can go on creating Earth without us.  But it’s going to be so much more FUN and AMAZING as more of us work together with them to create a new Earth of greater light and harmony.

This, the Autumn Equinox, is a fabulous day to deepen your connection and friendship to the Angels and Elementals, whatever you call them.  It’s the official beginning to the growing cycle of the next year and the day in which we can give input about what we would like our template of learning to be about during the next year.

Consider taking some time to talk to the Angels and Elementals about your hopes and dreams for the coming year.  Consider asking them to help you come into deeper partnership with them.  If you think you might ask for this and then not have any experience of their friendship, remember you CAN ask for signs they are there.  And believe me, they will give you all the signs you want!


I cannot imagine my life without my friendships with the Angels and Elementals.  How they have filled my life with humor and love!  And Green Hope Farm Flower Essences? There would be no Green Hope Farm Flower Essences without them!   My whole life here has grown out of this ever deepening partnership. AND TODAY I THANK THEM ALL FOR THIS!

In the early days before the Angels and Elementals made their presence so abundantly clear to me, I felt that it would be an enormous leap to go from living and gardening on my own to doing it in conscious partnership with Angels and Elementals.  What they showed me is that it is not an immense stretch to be working together.  It is a natural state of being.  The connection exists already!  We exist in oneness with each other.  It just requires of us that we give the connection our attention.  It’s as easy as typing ELEMENTAL!