Back to School Flower Essence suggestions & other Q & A from Recent Email

Hello dear friends. Here are a few recent questions from email with my thoughts- I have changed the emails just enough to make them anonymous.

QUESTION:  Now that we are back to school here in New York City, I wondered if you had a handful of essences for helping with the adjustment to routine, sitting and listening, getting along with peers, doing HW independently etc.. And something for parents perhaps?

ANSWER:  Here are some possibilities:

Arbor Garden– for getting along with others and also falling into a harmonious rhythm both in the classroom and also at home as roles change within the family.

Flow Free– Helps us go with the flow of a new dynamic and routine

Grounding– Offers support for getting centered and fully present in the classroom and also for buckling down to homework as well.

Our new Venus Garden Essence for this season is called Equanimity- It is ready, though we won’t officially introduce it for a few more weeks- It would be great for parents! It’s all about helping us achieve equanimity!   I also like Eyes of Mary for helping us in the overview role-

QUESTION:  I have a fair amount of experience working with the Bach remedies, however, of late I am not getting the usual intuitive guidance as to how to address or best support my 2.5 year old son with them. And a good friend suggested I try your flower essences.

I feel somewhat overwhelmed these days as I am 7 months pregnant and we recently moved and my son is about to start nursery school. So it will be his first time away from me, and we are living in a completely different sort of place. My little boy is so sweet and loving, but lately he seems just intensely defiant and making a point to do things he knows he is not suppose to do. He seems miserable at times, on a daily basis. He is also in the midst of potty training, since they do not allow diapers at his new school.

ANSWER:  That does sound like a tremendous lot of change for you all to navigate- new geography – and to be expecting a lovely new baby soon- but also having your first beloved go to school for the first time- Both lots of joyful new things but also potentially stressful!

For your young son-

Grounding– This mix has a lot of very helpful Tree Flower Essences in it which are both sheltering as well as helpful as we put new roots down- It is a very calming mix – It might be good for all of you actually- the longer I am in this work, the more I feel that changing geographical locations is extremely complicated for our electrical systems- and that it takes much work for us to grow roots again and get our electrical system working in the same way as before a move- Rosa Gallica is another that is deeply helpful for this process.

Outburst– This mix helps us find balance and a benign way to discharge overwrought feelings- It is very helpful for kids and really smooths their energy-

Amaryllis is very helpful for potty training- That is an intense expectation for a boy to be trained by 2 and a half…. I had 4 kids and only one of them made that cut off- but we have had a lot of positive feedback from so many moms that this Essence made a big difference.  I think the Grounding will be helpful too- and actually the Outburst too-

Old Blush China Rose– This one helps us embrace the new but feel safe doing so- a very sheltering and lovely Essence.

QUESTION:  I came across your site. I had a question about ordering your Beyond Lyme Essence. Is the intention of this essence that Lyme is a real physical condition and that this essence spiritually assists the person in not becoming stuck in the disease process, or is it that Lyme is an “in your head” condition with no physical pathogenic causes?  I ask because the intention with which the remedy is made impacts its effectiveness. From reading the information on your site, I’m guessing it’s the first, not the latter. But I just wanted this confirmed.

ANSWER:  We live in the thick of Lyme territory, and we know it is a real disease- It shocks me that people could offer a product for Lyme that belittled the legitimacy of this illness- Wow- I guess it must be so given you asking about this- We sell a lot of Teasel Flower Essence to those dealing with Lyme disease and much Beyond Lyme to people as well- It feels like people gravitate to one or the other of these two Essences- We work very hard to make Teasel that works with all the chakras as strengthening the chakras especially the chakra where the tick initially bit the person has proven key to supporting the disease to move out of each person’s energy system-  The Beyond Lyme was developed by the Angels and comes in at a different angle to offer profound support-

The Angels helped me write a document about Lyme and the Beyond Lyme mix- I very much hope it does not suggest to anyone that Lyme is not a terrible disease affecting many physically.

I do not know anyone around here who is not dealing with Lyme disease either with someone they love or in some way. We are very serious in our efforts to support people and animals dealing with Lyme.

QUESTION:  You come highly recommended by a friend.  Perhaps you can make suggestions for my dog, Cooper, a 9 years old mix of australian shepherd and lab.  He weighs about 60 pounds. We lost our older dog in July 2015.  He was Cooper’s best friend. Cooper has always had skin issues.  He develops scabby brown crusts on his back, tail that show raw skin when brushed off.

He has a very red belly, where he licks a lot. His ears are itchy and exude a pale yellow colored goop. He chews his front paws, where he has lost some fur, and his eyes are itchy and exude goop, and he has lost some fur around his eyes.

We fostered Cooper’s litter from the shelter and helped all the others get adopted then kept Cooper. Cooper has always been stand-offish, feels nervous around small children, and is mainly attached to my husband, who he follows around from room to room, to just be nearby.  He doesn’t like to be petted or hugged very much.  He doesn’t like the top of his head petted, since he was a tiny puppy.  When he was very small, my son would hold him on his lap and they’d fall asleep together on the couch.  Now, when we’re out of the house, Cooper will go lay on the couch. I think he’s trying to soothe himself.  He is very sweet, and has come to see what I am typing.

Do you have suggestions for helping Cooper heal and get strong?

ANSWER: I am so glad your friend recommended you connect with us for your dear Cooper- Flower Essences speak the language dogs speak. Dogs just love them and get so much useful information from them- We are so often the call of last resort, and then the Essences give the animal just the information he or she needs to turn the situation around- Flower Essences also help animals feel profoundly seen and understood.

Suggestions for Cooper- I feel he is in grief still so I would suggest our Grief & Loss mix. Sounds like he misses your son as well as his dog companion.  This mix has many Essences that help animals as well as people feel connected and in community even when those they love are not physically present.  It is a deeply uplifting mix.

I would suggest Outburst  Healthy Coat and Golden Armor to address the skin issues- These Essences will help on a lot of levels- They are deeply helpful for this kind of skin situation.  They also bring other gifts that may be helpful for Cooper. For example, the Golden Armor helps an animal that doesn’t quite feel safe in the world to feel more safe as well as better able to protect himself from whatever is at the root of his skin challenges

I feel that Cooper might benefit from Sago Palm and perhaps also Vitality.  He seems to be run down in some profound life long way. I do not feel this has anything to do with you- maybe his genetic load from his parents?

Abandonment & Abuse remains a mainstay for rescues who continue to have issues from their childhood pre-rescue life- That is another one to consider.