One of the Angels Suggestions Today

Here was a question in today’s email. I have included my answer to this Green Hope friend’s query because of the Angels’ suggestion which felt so right for so many dogs.

We have Golden Armour. My dog Jake (3 year old yellow lab) has been demonstrating anxious behavior when away at doggie daycare-wanting to be with ther owner and pushing forcefully at doors to be with her. He also wouldn’t go outside when they put new wood chips down on the ground. Further, he has been getting up on the couch, which he is in not allowed to do when we are in another room or upstairs. The day care owner also shared that the increased number of dogs at daycare makes him more anxious.

I was wondering if you folks had any recommendations?”

My response was, “I am glad you have Golden Armor. I would most certainly keep giving this to Jake so that he can buffer out as much of the overstimulation at doggie day care as he can. You might also consider Neediness and Anxiety for Jake.

The Angels suggested that you give Jake a good brushing with a few drops of the Flower Essences in his brush when he gets home from day care each day. They offered that this might help him shed his stress as well as the anxious energy of the place and the other dogs. They noted that this would help him really GET that he is home and therefore free to relax and let go of his anxiety.

While this suggestion felt very calming, grounding and centering, the Angels noted that Grounding Essence could be added to this group if he still acts agitated after a few weeks of the brushing, if this trio isn’t quite enough. I suspect he really misses you and this would help him to reconnect and feel your love and share his love for you at the day’s end before routines of the evening must prevail.”

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