How did Rhino do through the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Inquiring minds want to know how Rhino did with the Thanksgiving dishes.

First of all, he was well prepared. He did the math. He knew what it was going to take to get the job done.


He had the dish soap AND he had the Rhino power.

He also had a babe to watch him wash. He received some much needed wall art AND a mail order girlfriend from Green Hope Farm friend Cher Bartlett in Atlanta. This really eased him through the two and a half bottles of dish soap he blew through during the Thanksgiving weekend. And to be frank, he was not heavy on the soap. This was a legitimate consumption of dish soap.


Today, he and his girlfriend escaped for a mini break holiday to the crow’s nest apartment in the barn, the spot formerly inhabited by Ben. Looks like things are going well. Jewelry has even been exchanged, a crystal rhino kindness of matchmaker Cher. I am thinking they may be AWOL for awhile. I am thinking this means take out tonight and paper plates.

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