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THE FIELD OF THE STARS COLLECTION ( All Essences available and already flying out the door!)

This collection of Flower Essences was made by Elizabeth Sheehan as she walked the ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain known as the Road to Santiago de Compostela or the Camino, which in Spanish means ‘the Way’.
The five hundred mile Camino offers the pilgrim a course in healing. Located on powerful ley lines, the land of the trail is very high in vibration and holds significant divine purpose. In addition, millions of pilgrims have walked the trail with a single-minded focus on their spiritual lives. This has cleared the trail of much ego static and imbued it with the spiritual wisdom the untold pilgrims learned on their journeys.Elizabeth made 19 Flowers Essence mixes on the Camino. After returning to Green Hope Farm, she spent time with each Flower Essence mix, seeking to understand its energetic gifts. She discovered that the healing intention of each Essence dovetailed with what had happened to her at that place on the trail. This reflects the nature of the Camino as a very specific course in healing, with different places on the Camino acting as classrooms for different spiritual challenges. To walk the Camino is to step into a healing groove carve by divinity and to partake in a divinely orchestrated healing journey.
In her definitions, Elizabeth shares both the universal gifts of the Essences as well as a description of what she was learning at that point in her journey. I thank her for bringing us these wonderful Flower Essences and making it possible for those of us who haven’t walked the Camino to partake of its healing gifts.
And now, I turn this document over to pilgrim Elizabeth. P7040286.JPG

For well over a thousand years pilgrims from all over the world have walked the Camino.


Because medieval pilgrims began their pilgrimages at their front doors, trails to Santiago begin in places all over Northern Europe. At the French and Spanish border, many trails converge into one five hundred mile trail across northern Spain that is known as the Camino Frances. This spot of convergence is the small town of St. Jean Pied de Port in the foothills of the French Pyranees. From there, the pilgrim route goes over the mountains and across northern Spain to one of two places. The Galician city of Santiago de Compostela is the traditional ending for Christians while the seacoast peninsula of Fisterra was the traditional ending place for Celtic and other pre-Christian pilgrims.


Santiago de Compostela translates as St. James of the Field of the Stars. The name refers to the Christian disciple St. James. The story is told that after James was beheaded by Herod, his remains were put in a stone boat that floated across the Mediterranean to come ashore near Fisterra. The story does not end there, for in the year 807 a shepherd is said to have found the remains of St. James in a field illuminated by a multitude of stars. At the spot where the remains of St James were found, a cathedral was built to house his bones. No one is certain that the bones belong to St. James, but his long association with the trail has forever linked him to this pilgrim route.

During the middle ages, the Camino was considered one of three major pilgrimages that a Christian could walk to atone for sins, to thank God for blessings, or to ask for divine intercession. The first two routes were to the more remote destinations of Rome and Jerusalem. This meant the third pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela was the most affordable, accessible, and therefore vastly more popular pilgrim route with literally millions of pilgrims walking this trail during the middle ages. Many of the hostels along the route have been giving shelter to pilgrims for over a thousand years.As noted, the tradition of walking this route is older than the discovery of St James’ remains. For the souls waking the trail in Celtic times, the end of the trail was 100 km beyond Santiago de Compostela at a seaside promontory of Fisterra.


Before the discovery of the western continents, this spot on the coast was thought to be the end of the world, hence the name Fisterra, which roughly translated means “end of the land.” Fisterra, where the land falls away and the ocean goes out into the unknown, has been a place long associated with ideas of transition. On arrival at Fisterra, it is still a pilgrim tradition to burn something of significance that you have carried along the trail or to throw your walking stick into the ocean, thus signifying the completion of one part of one’s journey and a new beginning.
Pilgrims including St Francis of Assisi, Charlemagne and the Spanish monarchs, Isabel and Ferdinand, walked the Camino. The pilgrimage lies on land that has long been seen as sacred by many different groups of believers. Part of its strength comes from how it aligns with the Milky Way constellations. This alignment reflects its spiritual purposes beyond the ownership of any one religious group.


After falling into quiet times, the trail has seen a return of pilgrims in the last few decades. This reflects how the trail holds timeless spiritual gifts in its very ground, gifts offered with infinite generosity to the hearts of the more than one hundred thousand people that walk the trail every year.


I set out on the trail in June of 2008 with little or no idea what awaited me along the way, and with little more than my slightly too heavy backpack and my own courage to guide me. I set off from St. Jean Pied de Port, one of the more popular starting places in southwestern France.
Along the way, many Flowers called to me to be included in the Flower Essence mixes. All of the Flowers involved in the Essences were very clear about their purposes. Each of the Essence combinations is named after a place near where the specific Flowers were collected. Each Flower Essence combination holds both a personal story for me as well as a universal healing dynamic.It is often said that the experience of walking the Camino is one of intensity. Everything is heightened. The major spiritual issues of your life journey are brought into focus to be seen and resolved. In an effort to make the dynamics crystal clear, the characters you meet, and the emotions you feel are sometimes larger than life. The journey reveals many things by bringing everything to the surface.This collection offers support to see our spiritual journeys with clarity. It offers ways to heal, release or move through specific dynamics each of us face on our journey through life. The collection is about the flow of the hero’s journey. It is about the way in which our lives run in cycles of growth.
The trail teaches many things, but one of the most important gifts that it bestowed upon me was that it helped me to be exactly where I was. These Essences, made throughout my journey, help us experience all the stages of the hero’s journey, knowing that each stage, either beautiful or painful, will pass and a new landscape, a new moment of the journey will arrive.
The trail has a history of being claimed by many different religions or groups. But the trail, its Flowers, and the Flower Essences in this collection are clear in their purpose to serve the light in each of us as individual souls. In doing so, the Flowers and these Essences help to heal some of the ancient wounds that have long been a part of the Camino.
Each Essence is named after a place on the Camino. The definitions explain the spiritual dynamic of each place as I experienced it. Along with each of the Essence definitions, I wrote a short description about my personal experience on the trail during this stage in the journey. My hope is that sharing this will help explain the Essences’ gifts and helps us all heal and live our heroic journeys.


I am healing at its deepest core. I am not a façade of spirituality or religion. I am the oneness of land and spirit. I have come to share the ancient gifts of healing that this land can give to humans. I have long been covered in blood, shed by confused souls battling for the illusion of ownership of my pathway. I have lain dormant for many years as the battles raged on. I have come again in this modern age to guide souls back to their true journey on this Earth, a shared journey.The Flowers along my pathway hold an exponential amount of healing energy that will assist all that use them in being able to get down to their real work. I am the combination of the physical and spiritual planes as they come together to aid each soul in finding their way to healing. I am the grounded vision of the future, if humanity can do the work that they are being called to do. I am the reassurance that as each soul faces the inner journey, it is a gift to the light of the world and one that cannot be denied.The vibration of my pathways is swiftly rising. I must be clear that the work is more valuable now than ever before.
I am the courage.
I am the journey back to wholeness.
I am a trail of light, the will serve the world through every soul it touches.
I am the taste of what the planet’s vibration will now need to become and a view into the intensity of the light in the ages to come.


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