Love, Prayer and Flower Essences- Unbounded by Time

Recently Elizabeth read to me the results of a hospital study in which 3300 people with sepsis were divided into two randomized groups. One group received prayers and the other group did not. The group that received prayers mended much faster with fewer complications and less pain than those who were not prayed for. We have all heard studies like this, but the difference with this study was that the prayer study took place in 2000 with all prayers sent to patients in 2000 but all the patients had sepsis between 1990 and 1995. How amazing to hear about a study that proved the efficacy of prayer is not bound by time.

This reminded me that the Angels and Elementals have always said that we can send Flower Essences back to earlier versions of ourselves and earlier events in time and that they will help in the same way they help when taken in the presence. The first time they explained this was when a dear friend who had lost both her parents as a 12 year old asked for a Flower Essence combination mix to help her with the grief and anxiety she still felt about this in her present life as a 45 year old.

I do not remember all the Flower Essences the Angels chose but I do remember the mix included Coral Pink Rose. They explained to my friend that she could put drops in her hand of the Flower Essences and then send this vibration back to herself in all the different moments in her past where she remembered feeling this grief and anxiety.

The topic of timelessness also came up with the creation of the Family River Trio of Black Currant, Bloodroot and Borage. We received the guidance that the healing vibration of this trio when taken by anyone in the family at any point would positively affect both earlier members of the family and future members as well.

I find it exhilarating to know that time is not a constraint in healing with prayer or Flower Essences or love in any form. Even when the dust has settled on any complicated situation and it is in the distant past, love, prayers and Flower Essences can be sent and they will have a measurable impact on the situation even if we will never know exactly what.

I have heard a lot of confusing discussions about timelines in the last few years but maybe this focused work to send love, prayer and Flower Essences back to people, events and earlier versions of ourselves is related to changing timelines. The more we do this, the more beautiful the timeline we ride right now.

And the big plus…..Marty McFly and the Doc would be very glad we don’t risk changing the time space continuum to do so! It’s all a win-win for everyone!