An Angel Bouquet on November 2, 2020

It was still dark, well as dark as it gets with the bright light of an only just waning full moon, when the Angels roused me this morning to say they wanted me to write a blog today.

I had no idea what they wanted me to write about. No idea. What was there to say?

In answer to this, in my mind’s eye they handed me a bouquet of Flowers. I gathered that these Flowers bring the message of today’s blog and are an offering of the Angels’ loving support for us in this complex moment.

Front and center in the bouquet is Agnes Rose with its beautiful note of comfort and truth, “You and I are not we but one.” Tucked along side it are Angelica and Rosemary to help us know with our whole being that we are not alone but are part of a beautiful web of light.

Then there is Elecampane. I didn’t immediately figure out why this was in the bouquet. I think of this one as helping with assimilating sunlight in dark times of the year so in that way it was spot on for around here, but how was it relevant to one and all? The final paragraph of its website description speaks to the wider help this Flower offers, “In fact, the vibration is rising fast everywhere so Elecampane, with its ability to help us assimilate greater light even when it is not apparent that it is available to us, has become even more relevant for everyone.”

Indian Pipe was the next beloved I noticed. But of course. These wise ones remind us no matter what it looks like on the surface, peace is the abiding reality.

Feverfew, seen here with a purple Campanula mixed in, is there too with its I AM affirmation, “I AM the peace that passeth understanding”. I can see why the Angels have Feverfew in our bouquet. It’s such a calming Flower and Essence, so good for nervous times.

Calendula brings a pop of color and a reminder that we are loved and ever in community with beings who love us. As the veil thins more and more may we know this more and more clearly.

Sprigs of Maple, sweet Maple rise out of this unusual bouquet. How I love this Essence and all things maple. Reading its succinct description on the website underscores why it is so comforting today, “This Essence shares the wisdom of a Maple tree to help us feel rooted in our lives, embraced by the expansive sky, nourished by the sweetness of life and at peace with self and all creation.”

The last friend I saw in the bouquet is Honeysuckle. 2020 has oftentimes felt like a slog through a pool of knee deep molasses, so I liked this final Flower friend’s oomph to help us move on and begin anew, “Honeysuckle supports us to harvest the learning lessons and the kernels of genuine sweetness in our memories then leave the rest behind. This prevents us from getting stuck in memory quagmires of nostalgia and sentimentality as well as regret, remorse or an unending sense of sorrow and loss.”

When I asked the Angels if they wanted to attach a written message to their bouquet, they said, “May the sweet love of these Flowers wash over you all with their fragrance of love, peace and tenderness. May you always know we are with you as close as your very breath. May you feel your infinite oneness with all that is. May you ever abide in joy.”