A Loving Tune Up

The Angels’ analogy about the piano in my previous post continues to fill my thoughts. I remember the piano tuner that used to come to my childhood home. For hours he would hit each note then turn the wire behind the note with a particular wrench then play the note again, repeating these steps until the note was just right. It was a loud, long and complex process to tune the whole piano- all 88 keys. When he was finished, the piano tuner would always give the piano a workout, playing a wild improvisation of crashing chords and enormous runs up and down the keyboard. I was mesmerized by this man and this process.

Piano tuning is like the planetary healing underway. Just as every note gets meticulous care because it is a needed part of the whole, so too with every one of us. This light pouring in is for all of us.

Someone just commented that talking about the light energy coming in is a somewhat controversial thing to do since so many of us are being heartbroken by life events right now. I hear you. I don’t mean to be glib about anyone’s heartbreak, and I am sorry if it ever feels that way.

This year has snowplowed into just about everyone, me included. I want every suffering person to find respite and healing, and I believe the light flooding in is part of the healing package we are receiving. I find it comforting to think about this light, and that is one reason why I mention it so much.

As events batter us, the presence of this light helps me know this time is a loving tune up not just a battering. I am glad for the ways the light is awakening us, and I truly feel Divinity is orchestrating this light in as gentle a way as possible. And I am grateful to be here during this time because I believe it is the time we have been waiting for… for like forever.