Flower Essences and I AM affirmations

From the beginning of Green Hope Farm, more than thirty years ago, the Angels have had me end each description of individual Flower Essences with an I AM affirmation.

After I make a Flower Essence for the first time, I sit with the Deva of the Flower. The Deva of the Flower overlights the particular Flower and knows everything about the Flower including its Divine purpose. I also call in other Angels and Elementals involved including the Angel of Flower Essences. Then I ask for information about what the Flower Essence is for as well as the Flower’s I AM affirmation.

This is a process I have written about before of translating non-verbal energy or vibration into language. With the description of the Flower Essence there are so many vibrational gifts to mention, and sometimes what I choose to highlight ends up being not as important as another aspect of the Flower Essence. Just as you might describe someone as being an excellent cook but fail to mention that they can plumb a house only to find that a more needed gift when the pipes begin to leak, so too with Essences. I can mention some of the Flower’s many gifts only to find out its other gifts end up being more helpful to people and animals once the Essence goes out into the world.

As my understanding of an Essence shifts with your and my experience, I adapt the descriptions. It is funny though. My first try often holds more layers of meaning than I am aware of when transcribing them from spirit. I will go back to a description to edit it in light of all you have shared and find that the gifts WERE mentioned, but I didn’t grasp the significance of the language choices at the time.

With the I AM affirmations, it is a little different. I work very hard to get these right the first time and only go with an affirmation when I feel it energetically is as precise as language can be. Some Flowers tell me the affirmation when they are still in the field or garden. This is the group of Flower friends that explain themselves faster than I can write down their descriptions. That is always lovely except when I don’t have a pen on me!

Some unveil themselves more slowly and their affirmations come into focus more slowly as well. This reticence does not mean they are an unwilling participant in the enterprise. Some Flowers are not as connected to human community as other Flowers and coming into conversation is more of a leap for them. There are many other factors as well. No matter what, I ask for permission of the Flower and the spiritual forces that are part of the Flower before I make any Flower Essence. If I get a no, I stop then and there ( and sometimes I do get a no).

This asking is essential. There are no Flower Essences without the willing participation of all the spiritual beings present with the Flower. A Flower Essence can only be made when the Angels and Elementals that overlight the Flower transfer the energetic vibration of the Flower to the water in which the water sits and from there into the stabilized Mother Essence.

So pretty much from the moment I spot a new beloved Flower in field or forest until it goes off to you as a Flower Essence, the active participation of the Angels and Elementals of the Flower are necessary.

As I think I have mentioned before, the Angels and Elementals asked me to go back to the role of bottler in March of this year. During our many decades here, I have been the bottler for stretches of time then been moved off this duty then moved on again. It is sometimes hard for people to understand my complete willingness to switch gears in what I am doing in the office when the Angels and Elementals ask. For me it is simple. This place and these Flower Essences would not exist without the Angels and Elementals and their guidance. I have no idea why they move me around as they do, but their advice has always been flawless. If they ask it, there is a good reason.

I started this farm with no business training and no conscious understanding of Flower Essences and I have been in the classroom with peerless guides ever since. If they told me I needed to stand naked in the garden chanting every night, I would do it.

So when they insisted on I AM affirmations with every Flower Essence, I was, of course, committed to this.

Throughout the years, these I AM affirmations have been a precious part of each Essence’s presence here. On the shelves, most of the Flower Essences have their I AM affirmation under their names, and I like reading the affirmations as I pack orders. They are sparkling bits of poetry bringing home to me the beauty of each Essence. Each I AM affirmations joins the vibration of the Flower Essence to sing a beautiful song. Lately, I have found them a great help and solace in a different way.

As I bottle, I get out the description of the Flower Essence I am bottling and I reread the description with special attention to the I AM affirmation. I find this very uplifting and also supportive to the bottling process. The affirmations also give me a window into the collective which I find very heartening.

For example, this week as I bottled I noticed that the I AM affirmations of many of the Essences being bottling dovetailed together into several themes. Here at the farm we get a constant reminders of the unity of all life: again and again we notice waves of the same Essences flying off the shelves to people and animals all over the world. I really appreciate that as I bottle, I get to see what has flown because these are the very Flower Essences which I need to bottle to restock the shelves. In this way I feel our unity even as I bottle.

I am heartened by this glimpse into our unity consciousness. This week the themes were….. Well, I will share some of the affirmations with you so you can see for yourself.

AvocadoI AM the power of perfect health, returning my being to the divine blueprint awaiting me.

BlueberryI AM the clear note of truth incarnate.

CoralitaI AM the smooth flow of information, free from limitation.

Climbing New Dawn RoseI AM New Life eternal.

Corona del IncaI AM the sanctity of my body, inviolate and strong.

CalliandraI AM centered in the knowing that my heart is the source and my arteries the river of God’s unlimited love, wisdom, and power filling my body

ChamomileI AM the breath of God.

Comfrey I AM the experience of perfect health and divine order in my etheric body.

Fodder Vetch I AM sure of my way forward.

GoldenrodI AM God’s truth at my point in the universe.

Indian PipeI AM one with the eternal verity of peace. Wherever I go, I AM this peace and so with each step I take, I illuminate the world.

Moldavian DragonheadI AM a songline of happiness.

The combination Flower Essences that I bottled that have no I AM affirmations dovetailed with these themes included The Way Forward from the Camino collection, Golden Armor, Precious Blood and To Thine Own Self Be True.

In these Essences you had asked for I see us confidently take back our own authority and commit ourselves to health, truth and moving forward in peace and happiness.

As always, I salute you all and am grateful to be a part of your brave and steadfast efforts to be your light in the world!