Fertility, Conception and Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

For thirty years we have helped women to find Flower Essences to support them to conceive and give birth. It’s a mission we feel passionate about. Over the years, as you have come to us with specific questions for specific concerns, the Angels have offered their suggestions of specific Flower Essences from our large collection. Additionally the Angels have asked us to seek out certain Flowers in different places in the world and to grow certain Flowers here at the farm to make Flower Essences to aid this work. We have loved bearing witness to how often these Flower Essences have made a difference.

Why Flower Essences

Flowers make it possible for plants to bear fruit and reproduce. Flowers are the reproductive organs of the plant. They are essential to the development of seeds and fruit. This means that the Flowers’ wisdom is particularly helpful when we want to bear fruit ourselves. I have heard other healers say that women need to eat fruit if they want to bear fruit. It comes as no surprise that Flower Essences also support this dynamic of bearing fruit in a direct and powerful way.

The Safety of Flower Essences for before and during Pregnancy

Flower Essences are the electrical information of the Flowers and NOT chemical. This means they are safe for before and during pregnancy as well as for the baby when he or she arrives. The only chemical ingredient in the Essences is the stabilizer which we make from organic Red Shiso grown here on our farm and a small percentage of non GMO white vinegar. Red Shiso is a member of the mint family and is used extensively in Japanese foods such as umeboshi paste.

If you have any concerns about taking Flower Essences internally, please know that you do not need to take them internally. They work just as well rubbed on the skin, put in the bath or spritzed around your body. These are all ways for the information to be received by your electrical system, a system that reads the Flower Essence wisdom and knows just what to do with this data to improve your health and well-being.  Babies both in utero and after birth love Flower Essences. We find many pregnant women and new mothers feeling drawn to use a lot of Flower Essences because their babies want them so very much!

 About this Project

The Angels asked us to create this document as a way to share what we have learned about fertility, conception and our Flower Essences. The Angels divided this document into different topics beginning with their suggestions  for the overall health of women’s reproductive systems and then on into other topics of concern. Men’s reproductive health is also a great concern, and you will find Flower Essence information about this too. This document reflects the Angels’ knowledge as well as what we have learned over the last thirty years from your experiences with Green Hope Farm Flower Essences. We are grateful to all of you who have welcomed us into your lives as you worked with the Flower Essences to conceive and give birth. We thank you for all the ways you helped us create this tried and true list of supportive Flower Essences. We know it often meant being vulnerable in the middle of a difficult time.

Choosing the Flower Essences Right for You

In this document, the Angels often suggest several Flower Essences for a concern. A brief description is given for each of these suggestions and each Essence is linked to its description on our website.  Longer descriptions can also be found in our Guidebook which is still available.

You can work with as many or as few Flower Essences as you want as each Flower Essence offers electrical information that will dovetail beautifully with other Flower Essences. When choosing Flower Essences to support yourself, trust your own intuitive sense of what is calling to you. Even if it is just a small flutter of, “That one feels strong to me,” trust yourself! If you have any questions or want support to figure out which Flower Essences to work with, please remember that we are on email to receive your questions and help you choose Flower Essences.

Note about Ordering

All of these Flower Essences are in stock. Most are on our main line up and can be found by using the given link or the search function on the website. These main line up Flower Essences are easy to order online or via email. The Flower Essences that are not on our main line up on the website but from our Additional Essences list are marked with an asterisk. To order these Flower Essences you can email us your order, and we will send them off to you with an invoice tucked in with your Essences OR you can order online.

To order Additional Flower Essences on the online ordering system *Search Additional Essences in the search bar                                                   * Add quantity and size                                                                                        *Write the names of the Additional Essences you want in the comments section at check out.

Women’s Reproductive Health and Well-Being

The Angels explain that specific Flower Essences serve the health of specific parts of women’s reproductive systems. The Angels wanted us to begin this document by highlighting these core Flower Essences.

Cyclamen– Cyclamen’s focus is on the health of the cervix. The cervix is the doorway into a woman’s essential being and worthy of our most assiduous support. The cervix plays a key role in helping us protect the sanctity of our energy system. It also supports us to energetically open ourselves in creative self-expression when we feel safe. Reflecting this role as energetic doorway, the cervix is a very complex cellular interface composed of both internal and external cell types. Cyclamen supports cervical health and helps resolve health challenges of the cervix. Use with Pomegranate if feelings of powerlessness, vulnerability or safety are present. This dynamic duo of Cyclamen and Pomegranate will work together to heal these wounds and restore a sense of personal power.

*Raspberry Rubus idaeus – This ancient, wise friend supports the vibrant good health of the uterus, the place in which all our creative dreams are gestated, be they dreams of children or dreams of other creations. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

Pomegranate– Pomegranate is a powerhouse of support for ovarian health and a key Flower Essence to work with if there is any concern about the ovaries. In addition, Pomegranate is the champion of the entire reproductive system and brings a deeply restorative wisdom to the whole reproductive system. It pairs beautifully with other Flower Essences.

Scarlet Cordia– Scarlet Cordia supports fallopian tube health and wellbeing. It is excellent for clearing blockages and keeping the passageways of the fallopian tubes clear.


It is vital to love our reproductive systems throughout our lives, even when we are not embarked on the journey of childbearing. Our reproductive system is the seat of our creative life and always plays a vital role. When we want to conceive a child, it is essential that we work with our reproductive systems and cherish them. What does this mean?

First, our reproductive systems are often something we have ignored, overridden or considered the source of our least favorite days of the month. We may well have dismissed our reproductive systems’ gifts for a long time. Loving attention to our reproductive systems is deeply healing. Consider talking to this part of your being and welcoming it into loving friendship as a long lost friend who has always been working for you.

Housecleaning is another way forward. Think how we would prepare a guestroom before a beloved visitor arrives. So too we prepare our wombs for children to grow. Besides care and feeding our bodies for optimum health, when we want to get pregnant, it is very important to reinvigorate this part of our physical system by pouring divine, healing light into our electrical system and specifically our reproductive system. One way to do this is to visualize white light pouring into the crown of our heads then down through our entire being most especially into our reproductive system. Flow Free and The Alignment Garden help us to move this energy. Additionally we can ask divinity (however we define divinity) to help with this process. Building this light shower into our daily routines is wonderful. Some people visualize this light shower in the shower as the flow of water triggers them to remember to open to receive this healing flow of light.

One specific reason why this focused work is important is that when we have been using birth control, the message sent to our reproductive system is that it is not needed for the particular purpose of pregnancy. This is why communication about different goals and reanimation of the system with the pouring of light are so essential.

Not only is it important to talk to your reproductive system, but it is so helpful to talk to the Angels and Elementals in your life too. Tell them what you desire and ask for their support as well as their guidance. If you want to conceive, get these beloveds working for you in a focused way.

We all have Angels that are with us throughout our lives, lifting us up and helping in any way they can. There is so much Angelic help available, but the Angels must respect our free will. They can only do so much unless we ask for more. So ask for more! Out loud! Ask for what you need. It is in your hands to get the divine helpers fully focused to support you in this wonderful work.

Elementals literally manifest ALL form on Earth so of course they are involved in helping us conceive and give birth. Ask for their specific help! They will appreciate you acknowledging them and their vital role in creation and will support you in profound ways. For more on the Angels and Elementals, see the article ‘Green Hope Farm Flower Essence Vocabulary 101’ on the Resources page of our website.


The Alignment Garden– This powerful combination Flower Essence helps us get all the systems of our physical, mental, etheric and emotional bodies working together in harmony, homeostasis and optimum wellness so there is a smooth integrated flow of energy as we welcome in a baby.

Blackberry Rubus allegheniensis   Blackberry offers wisdom about all rhythmic systems and processes of the body including our menstrual cycles. It also has an ability to help us untangle knots and  resolve issues of long standing and great complexity. Its I AM affirmation speaks to its strengths of supporting us at the crossroads of bringing a child into the world. I AM one with the rhythm of God. I AM one with the in breath and the out breath.

CliviaClivia miniata Clivia helps unleash the creative powers of the second chakra with an emphasis on supporting concrete results.

CalabashCrescentia cujete Calabash is a rock of strength, love and nurturing. She supports women so they do not feel they have to trade their life force energy to get what they need. She cradles and protects women as they go for their dreams. When we want to have a baby, she is a brilliant midwife for the whole project.

Kikinda Squash Lagenaria siceraria Kikinda Squash is mentioned in every category because the Angels tell us it is THAT important. On the blog on October 5th 2017 you can see photos not only of the blossom of this fertility dynamo but the way its Flower reaches to the skies then when fertilized becomes a seven foot long fruit.

*Orange Amaryllis Amaryllis– Orange Amaryllis helps with understanding the messages our reproduction systems give us so we can understand clearly where we are and know with confidence how to proceed. This is a helpful one if we need to make decisions about treatment plans as it brings an energy of grounded discernment to decision-making. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

Pomegranate– Pomegranate holds much wisdom about the release of eggs from the ovaries. The seeds of a Pomegranate represent this link to our ovaries. It also helps revivify the entire reproductive system, so it is a particularly important Flower Essence for women.

*RaspberryRubus idaeus Raspberry holds much information about keeping our uterus healthy. It also offers particular wisdom about bearing fruit. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

Scarlet Cordia– Scarlet Cordia is for fallopian tube health and wellbeing. It is excellent for clearing blockages and keeping the passageways of the fallopian tubes clear.

Zucchini Curcubita pepo Flower Essences from the squash family help us ripen and bear fruit. In addition to this, Zucchini also helps restore us to full vitality if we are exhausted or weary.

Watermelon– Watermelon has a creative energy unlike any other Flower Essence. It helps us tap deeply into our creative momentum from other lives releasing a confidence that we can create life again.


The Angels suggest both partners take whatever Flower Essences you choose to work with. They add that in circumstances where only one partner is physically involved in the conception process, it is still very helpful for the other partner to work with the Flower Essences and thus help hold a high vibration space for conception.

The Eight Garden– This Venus Garden combination remedy is one of the mystical powerhouses in our collection. It dissolves the interface between things out of manifestation and things in manifestation so that it is that much easier for babies to come from a non-physical state into the physicality of our bodies.

Giant’s Causeway– Conception is a spark, a leap, a moment in which things are bridged, and this ancient Irish Essence is all about that moment. It brings the energies between worlds together so a baby can move into manifestation in our system with greater ease.

Grounding– This combination remedy helps us be fully present in our bodies. To be fully in our bodies means to be available to all messages our bodies are sending us about when best to work on conceiving. It also means we are home in our bodies to receive the incoming soul.

Kikinda Squash Lagenaria siceraria This Essence is very important for male and female fertility. Its beautiful wide open Flowers reach way up into the sky. Once fertilized they grow into immense seven foot long squash unlike anything we have ever grown- It really shouts FERTILITY!

*Lobelia spicataLobelia spicata This wild Lobelia supports us to make peace with the major life decision and life choice of having a child so that we move towards conception both grounded and serene in our decisions. (Wildflower Additional Essence)

Morning GloryIpomoea tricolor – This is one of our favorites for welcoming in a baby. It helps us fearlessly, joyfully throw wide our arms and say, “Come on in!”

PartridgeberryMichella repens – An excellent Essence to use with your partner as this one is all about partnerships bearing fruit. When it blooms, two Flowers make one fruit. It helps to unify and align both members in a partnership to help open the way for conception without impediment and with great harmony of purpose.

Precious Blood– This combination remedy contains all our Red Flower Essences and all our Flower Essences connected with blood and bloodlines. It is a very good Essence to work with before and during conception as it helps resolve difficulties carried in the bloodlines and bring forward bloodline strengths.

Sea CampionSilene maritima This Irish seaside Flower prospers in the extremely rugged terrain of the ocean’s edge. It explains, “I AM good for all abundance work and will help you open to receive, even in environments in which this seems unlikely.”

Shrubby CinquefoilPentaphylloides floribunda– Another gem for helping us to bring through the best genetic information for conception.

WatermelonCitrillus lanata var. lanatus A flood of watermelon colored light comes with this Essence, helping us open the doors of our creative selves so we approach conception with a love and joyful confidence that permeates the situation.


Flower Essences bring so much support when a couple has been dealing with infertility. We can’t speak too highly of their gifts in this regard. You will notice that many of these Flower Essences describe themselves as problems solvers of situations that have defied solutions. So many of the issues of infertility are both mysterious and have defied solution, so we are glad to bring to your attention these Flower Essences that have proven helpful for so many others.

Yellow Rose of TexasRosa ‘Harrison’s Yellow’ This Flower Essence has long helped GHF friends to solve fertility problems that have defied solutions. It is the Essence the Angels suggest most for mysterious infertility issues. In fact, they asked us to put it first on this otherwise alphabetical list.

*Ageratum ‘Red Sea’ Ageratum houstonianum This Ageratum supports problem solving in a dramatic “parting of the Red Sea” sort of way and helps us make paradigm shifts so we can move through difficulties in a vastly different way. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Barbados Lily Hippeastrum puniceum – This tropical Flower friend offers support to persist in childbearing as our expression of creative purpose. It is very restorative and encouraging if the journey has been long or arduous. (Costa Rica Additional Essence)

Belerephon of the Open Door– If the doorway has seemed stuck closed for a baby to enter, this one brings support to open that door. This is one of those mysterious Flower Essences in our collection that serves people in unexpected and profound ways.

BlackberryRubus allegheniensis   Useful not just as a general conditioner for the uterus but specifically to help unknot any problems in our rhythmic systems or any knot we need to untangle in order to conceive.

CyclamenCyclamen Cyclamen supports healing the cervix of all trauma, violation, sorrows or physical challenges. See the description above for ‘Women’s Reproductive Health’ for more info.

CacaoTheobroma cacao This very nurturing and powerful ally of a Flower Essence describes herself as the remover of obstacles. Look to her for big support AND comfort.

The Eight GardenThis is a profound remedy for bringing a baby into manifestation. We have seen it help in situations where challenges and loss had formerly prevailed. It is a dynamo. See the description under ‘Conception’ for more information.

Flow Free– This combination remedy has proven important for all issues of flow. Not only does it help us move restorative divine light through our energy system, it helps stuck energy get moving in any system of our body and helps it keep moving.

Kikinda Squash Lagenaria siceraria The Angels can’t say enough about this fertility dynamo. Check out its photograph on our website to get a sense of its powerful support.

Nodding Ladies TressesSpiranthes cernua This orchid helps us untangle fertility issues even when they have previously resisted untangling.

*OliveOlea europaea Olive helps us get pregnant in arduous circumstances. It supports us to literally manifest our creative dreams even when conditions indicate this is not possible. This one is particularly supportive for older women. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Purple Sensation AlliumAllium Purple Sensation “I bring order to new growth, serenity to chaotic situations and help you to birth the new in your life with a gentle, forgiving view of self. Bringing forth the new can be a messy process, I help you to ease up on the judgments and stay centered in the energy of birth.” (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Rose Apple Syzygium jambos – Helps us break open and resolve complex problems that have resisted solution and bring new light to ancient difficulties. (Bermuda Additional Essence)

Scarlet Cordia– The Essence to look to if your fallopian tubes are compromised in any way as this one offers information about clearing blockages and keeping the fallopian tubes healthy and clear.


The babies incarnating right now have very specific missions connected to the spiritual renewal underway on our planet. These babies have very high vibrations calibrated to the vibration of our future planet.

When these souls are born, they come into a planet vibrationally denser than their own electrical systems. This means they must figure out how to hold their higher vibrations in this lower vibration matrix until the planet catches up to their vibrations (which it will do). This vibrational difference sometimes means that these babies need to come into their mother’s body for a trial run. This short time in their mothers’ bodies helps them prepare their electrical systems for handling the current planetary vibration. It gives them the information about how to stay and when to come in to stay for a full term pregnancy.

Miscarriage is always a woman’s service to the soul of the baby. In these cases, miscarriages are a service to souls who plan to return and stay for a full pregnancy after a practice run or two. By knowing this information, the Angels hope to help women with their grief after a miscarriage. A woman going through a miscarriage should be free to process the experience without burdens of self judgment. Instead the Angels hope she can rest in knowing that she has helped another soul immeasurably.


*Beauty Bush Kolkwitzia amabalis Beauty Bush tells us, “I AM that surrendering into love which leaves you both soft and flexible as well as firm in your resolve. If you find yourself on a difficult path where it is hard to feel that it is safe to rest in love, I can offer both a soft place to rest yourself and also show you why going to love is always the strongest position to take. So reach for me if you feel stuck in a hard place, unsure how to get to love or unsure if it is the wisest course and I will help you.” (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Carolina Thermopsis Thermopsis villosa This is a cleanser especially of the etheric where we store memories. It helps us dump any old stories we tell ourselves that have given us sorrow and pain. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

Cherokee Trail of Tears– This Essence was made in cooperation with the grandmothers who walked the Cherokee Trail of Tears. It brings deep comfort and sisterhood when the losses have been many.

*Crinum LilyCrinum augustum Offers to help bind and heal the wounds when events in our personal lives leave us in an extreme state of emotional anguish. It offers hope and consolation in our darkest hour. (Costa Rica Additional Essence)

*Epimedium Epimedium grandiflorum When infertility has left us feeling less than whole, this one helps us collect our thoughts and feel solid and centered after experiences of being torn apart. I AM complete and whole, made sacred by the unifying love of my Creator. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

GorseUlex europaeus If we have been in despair that all is lost, Gorse helps us feel imperturbable optimism and hope. Gorse knows all is never lost.

Grief & LossThis combination remedy brings great solace when we have suffered any loss. It is a combination from our Animal Wellness collection but is for people as well as animals. As a combination it braids the strengths of many Flower Essences together to bring us layers of support in our grief.

Julia Child RoseRosa ‘Julia Child’ This Rose helps us find our faith and have the strength to persevere.

Konigin Von Danemark Rose Rosa ‘Konigin von Danemark’ This Rose helps release us from the wound of perfectionism thus easing shame spirals. It reminds us we are lovable and loved no matter what.

*Love in a MistNigella Support for anchoring loving action and loving choices for self and others during trying and confused circumstances when we literally cannot see our way clearly. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

Maltese CrossLychnis chalcedonica– Deep unifying comfort when any loss has felt like a tearing apart experience.

Pink Grootendorst RoseRosa ‘Pink Grootendorst’ A life raft of love when we feel hopeless or despairing.

Pink Water Lily– Nymphaea pubescens This beloved friend helps us unburden our hearts of their deepest sorrows.

*Rue or Herb of GraceRuta graveolens   With its vital, restorative energy, Rue offers solace to those who feel overwrought and overspent, wrung out by swirling events. It settles and quiets the electrical system by both organizing and cooling our wiring. Its vibration is like the feeling of resting in shady cool grass on a hot summer day. I AM certain of where I AM going no matter how unfamiliar the territory. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Uncarina Grandidieri Uncarina Grandidieri Helps us heal the deep wound our experience with infertility may have created and harvest any wisdom there is to harvest in the situation (Bermuda Additional Essence)

The Way ForwardMomentum and support from the Camino de Santiago de Compostela to find our way forward.

*White Trillium Trillium grandiflorum Help overcoming judgment about our behaviors. This one helps relieve us of the burden of carrying the scales of justice around on our backs. It helps when we feel we have not measured up by reminding us we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and are beloved no matter what. (Wildflower Additional Essence)

Wound Healing– Our combination remedy of many Flower Essences to support the healing of all wounds. This is a profound friend when we feel ripped open emotionally or physically.


Many of the Flower Essences mentioned above are helpful for men, but the Angels wanted to highlight these three as particularly helpful.

Kikinda Squash Lagenaria siceraria– Grown at the request of the Angels and Elementals who explained this Essence would offer vital support for male fertility and bring increased life force to the situation for men. The radiant white blossom transforms into a squash that is seven feet long. This plant really blew us away when we grew it this season as the blossoms are incredible in the way they reach for the sky and then produce these squashes that are unlike anything we have ever seen.

Bells of IrelandMolucella laevis This one has been with us for thirty years offering support for all issues of the male reproductive system. It sits at the energetic threshold of things coming into manifestation so it is particularly helpful for bringing in a child.

Blackberry Rubus allegheniensis   Brings both its strengths as a problem solver and its wisdom about all rhythmic systems to support male fertility. Helpful with sperm motility.


Since the Elementals are responsible for manifesting all form, Elementals are your natural allies for conception and birth. Ask for their support! They love being acknowledged for their tireless work for each of us and all Earth and will appreciate recognition and love. Flower Essences are an excellent way to work with Elementals because Flower Essences are the creation of Angels and Elementals.

 Avocado– Avocado has a deep link to the Elementals and brings the Elementals’ support to the process of conception. It helps parents-to-be to step into a deeper awareness of themselves as parents as well as opens the floodgates to receive.

CalendulaCalendula officinalis – Calendula opens us to receive deep restorative grounding energy from the heart of our mother Earth. Calendula also connects us more deeply to the Elementals who, as I just mentioned, are responsible for the manifestation of all form and therefore a great supports for bringing a child into the world

The Eight GardenThis Essence offers Elemental wisdom about bringing the formless into form. It moves us to the place at the crossroads of manifestation at the crossing of the figure eight.

*FoxgloveDigitalis purpurea This Flower Essence is a core Flower Essence of manifestation, like a foundation building block. Foxglove that helps us build from the best beginning and is very helpful for beginning this journey into pregnancy. (Green Hope Farm Additional Essence)

*Meadow Rue Thalictrum dioicum–   Simply said, this is a fairy Flower that lifts us up into the perspective and realm of the Elementals so that we can experience their loving friendship and support as well as their uplifting view of creation. (Wildflower Additional Essence)