New Flower Essences 2017

The Angels have hope and faith in us and the current human situation. Yes, there is immense work to be done, but yes, we can do it. To underscore their confidence in us, the Angels and Elementals have created an incredible group of Flower Essences to support us right now. These new Flower Essences are a toolbox for seeing where we are with clarity as well as hope. They help us envision the future and move towards it in constructive, healing ways. They support us to manifest our best selves on a healing planet.

Just as walking in on someone in the middle of a surgery would not give us an indication of where the person is in the healing process or how things are going to turn out, the degree to which things look profoundly messy right now is not an indication that the situation is hopeless. It is a sign that we are deep into the healing, deep into the surgery. This year’s Flower Essences remind us of this hopeful truth even as they offer specific tools for the ongoing work of healing ourselves and our dear planet.

Through Angels’ Eyes

Each year a new design from the Angels for the Venus Garden grows into a radiant garden that then becomes a combination Flower Essence for you. This year’s Venus Garden Essence is called Through Angels’ Eyes. After this very tumultuous year, the vibrational gift of this Essence feels particularly helpful.

Angels see us with complete clarity which means they see beneath the tarnish of our personalities to the radiant divine core of our eternal being. This means they see us and our situation with hope and confidence that love will prevail. They know that in oneness we will find our way forward. This remedy helps us see through Angels’ eyes with tenderness, hope, faith and clarity. This remedy helps us see the great purity within all of us and helps us envision a wonderful future for Earth and all her creatures. It reminds us hope is ALWAYS appropriate and never misplaced. It reminds us the divinity within us and all things will prevail.

Hope is vital because without hope we close our eyes. It’s too painful to see any situation without hope. But in hopelessness with our eyes shut, we don’t see the solutions or the support we are getting to manifest these solutions. We need to cultivate hope and then open our eyes to see. This is the wisdom of Through Angels’ Eyes. It helps us see from a matrix of hope and confidence there are solutions and we will find them. Hope gives us the freedom to know we can acknowledge where we are from a framework of knowing there is a way forward.

In availing ourselves to see Through Angels’ Eyes, we see the problems in their particulars, but we also see the particulars of love and support we receive each and every day from the divinity that permeates all reality.

We all know someone who loves humanity but doesn’t like people. Divinity is not this kind of hands off force. Divinity did not and never has washed its hands of us. Divinity is with us in the particulars each and every moment of each and every day. Divinity is in the coincidences, the tender moments of uplift and support, the calm we find when we stop and go within, the still small voice in our hearts, the humor of life, the synchronicities. Feeling hope and noticing these things can be hard won. The culture reinforces hopelessness, but the culture is misinformed. Hope is not misguided. We will find our way forward together. It is done.

Flowers in this year’s Venus Garden mandala and combination remedy: Cosmos Double Click Cranberry, Cosmos Rose BonBon, Cosmos Sensation, Cosmos White BonBon, Eyes of Mary, Heliotrope, Hopi Tobacco, Mehera Marigolds, Nicotiana Fragrant White, Nicotiana Hot Chocolate, Nicotiana alata Lime, Nicotiana Perfume Mix, Salmon Geranium, Sunset Runner Bean, Sweet Allysum, White Heliotrope

LisianthusEustoma russellianum

This breathtakingly beautiful Flower offers a Flower Essence that is all about helping us to hold the immaculate concept for ourselves, for others and for Earth. This involves seeing the purity and wholeness of each person, seeing them without blemish or fault. Lisianthus encourages us to tap into each person’s eternal identity unhinged from experiences in this realm of learning lessons. It encourages us to hold fast to this divine identity instead of zeroing in on the thin slice of imperfection we see play out as each of us goes through our necessary Earth experiences.

To hold the immaculate concept for self and others is a profound gift. It creates a literal field of energy around ourselves and others that knows we can be victorious in fulfilling the divine plan for each of us. By visualizing the divine blueprint of a person, situation or idea it becomes that much easier for this ideal to manifest. When we hold this energy focus for another, we help them to tap into these uplifting feelings and express this divine reality.

I AM one with the Immaculate concept for me, for those I share my life with and for all creation.


This year the Red Shiso was planted in a mandala shaped like an eye. Vision Flower Essence was created from this powerful mandala. Years ago we grew a similar Red Shiso mandala and made a small amount of Vision Essence from the garden. It proved helpful for every kind of vision concern. We are so glad to have it available again! Consider Vision Essence when you need a view of the bigger picture. Vision also helps us see situations from different perspectives. It supports our vision about creative projects including films, theatre, dance, visual arts, music and written works. It is a transformative Essence for those with eyesight concerns. The Angels brought back Vision Flower Essence to help with all these concerns and also to help us envision the future in all its particulars and to envision the healing path we can take to move towards this future. We welcome Vision back to our line-up with open arms and from a place of knowing what an incredible source of healing wisdom it is.

PotatoSolanum tuberosum

This Flower Essence is all about hidden treasures out of sight. It helps us trust that our efforts to heal will bear results even when those results remain hidden away. It is especially good when a healing process is protracted and progress seems slow. In this way it is a very uplifting and encouraging Flower Essence.

Potato Flower Essence helps us know that what we see on the surface is not the full story of a person or circumstance. It is not meant to make us more cynical but to make us aware that positive changes often happen out of view and can only be seen after the harvest. This vibrational wisdom is echoed in how potatoes grow underground with the crop only revealed when we dig them up at harvest time.

I AM released from despair and doubt by a deeper awareness of life.

Fava BeanVicia faba

Fava Bean has unusual black and white blossoms. Its Flower Essence does not encourage us to make black and white judgments or try to sanitize our feelings into black and white extremes. We need to see and experience the greys in the world. Instead, Fava Bean helps us see circumstances with greater clarity. If you have a difficult time seeing situations clearly or if a particular situation remains out of focus for you, Fava Bean is an excellent choice as it sharpens our ability to see what is really going on.

No matter the situation, I AM able to see the truth.

Julia Child RoseRosa “Julia Child”

This is a beautiful Rose of a deep saturated gold. I love that it was named after Julia Child. She was a person of great enthusiasm, but she was also a person of great persistence. This is the gift of this Rose. It helps us be both enthusiastic in our efforts and also fully committed to keep on keeping on. This persistence is so important right now when sometimes the obstacles can seem insurmountable. When working with this Flower Essence, it would be wonderful to call in the Angel of Faith to support you and fill you with an imperishable sense of faith.

I AM Faith.

Pink Grootendorst RoseRosa Pink Grootendorst

This deeply comforting Flower Essence throws us a life raft of love when we have been swamped by painful and difficult events. If bleak pessimism or hopelessness has seeped into our lives, this Rose vibrationally lifts us up to restore our sense of wonder, innocence and confidence that all will be well and that only love is real.

I AM a life raft of love.

Pearly EverlastingAnaphalis margaritacea

Flowers are masters of controlled mutation and change. And that is what it is all about for our electrical systems right now as the vibration of the planet rises dramatically, and we must keep pace.

Pearly Everlasting offers support for the older generations here on Earth to adapt and stay current with rising vibration of the planet. Young people have come into incarnation with electrical circuitry adapted to the vibrational rate of the planet. Whereas those of us who have been here awhile must raise up the vibration of our electrical systems to keep pace with the planet. The older we are the more we must shift our electrical system to match the vibration of the planet. Fortunately Flower Essences are ALL about helping us make these electrical shifts. Pearly Everlasting in particular helps us access tools within us to electrically adapt and thrive. Linden is another Flower Essence to remember to use for this work.

I AM the manifest wisdom of my evolving light body.


CilantroCoriandrum sativum

Just as the leafy greens of Cilantro help us to cleanse the brain of toxins, so too Cilantro Flower Essence offers information to support us in this cleansing work. It will stand alone in helping us cleanse and will also work in harmony with Cilantro greens to cleanse our systems of heavy metals and other toxins specifically in the brain where many heavy metals are stored.

Cilantro Flower Essence also supports a deep cleansing of the mental body where we typically store outgrown mind ideas and old illusions that need to go. This wisdom about cleansing both physically and energetically opens space in our energy system and in our brains. Cilantro has a vibration of great positivity that can fill this space with an expansive sense of self as an evolving spiritual being in an evolving and healing world. Cilantro goes deep in its cleansing then matches this with its gift of illuminating hope-filled Light.

I AM a force of positivity and change. I AM clarity of thought.

Kikinda SquashLagenaria siceraria

This extraordinary Flower Essence is for male and female fertility.  Its radiant blossoms reach for the skies then grow into seven foot long squashes. The Angels explain that Kikinda Squash is going to be a profound support for male fertility which is in a drastic decline in first world countries with sperm counts down by fifty percent.

I AM the movement between the stars and the earth. I AM manifestation.

To support issues of fertility and conception we have searched the Earth for helpful Flower Essences. Please ask us to email you our comprehensive document on Fertility, Conception and Green Hope Farm Flower Essences or include a copy in your order. You can also find this information on the resource page of our website.