From the (E)Mail box- Flower Essence dosage, efficacy and our Red Shiso stabilizer

Here is a letter received in email last week.

Hi all,

I received the Golden Armor essence and just noticed that the coloring of it is much paler than the other essences that I have received.

Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Also, I’m not sure if I’m having difficulty combining the essences, taking too many or just peeling back layers that cause can discomfort. Can’t seem to get the right dosage and doses.

This is a similar problem that I had working with a homeopath. We worked on trying to get the right remedy, the right dose for almost a year and I was quite uncomfortable. So I gave that up.

I can feel the gentleness and effectiveness of your essences at times but not enough.

It may be something that I have to deal with but I feel having more insight as to what to expect with these essences might help.

This was my answer, edited a bit as I got it ready for the blog.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for writing with your excellent questions- I will try to do my best to answer you, but please email us if I haven’t answered your questions.

Let me first speak to the concern about a pale Flower Essence.   Sometimes a batch of Red Shiso stabilizer is paler than other batches due to the difference in pigment in the leaves used for that particular batch. The same amount of Red Shiso leaves are used in every batch, but some leaves are more maroon in pigment than other leaves so there can be quite a difference in color. The perilla aldehyde which is the stabilizer in the Red Shiso tincture is not tied to the color, so the Essences are stabilized even when pale in color (more about Red Shiso here).

I want to address your concerns about how well the Flower Essences are working for you. I looked at the Flower Essences you got- You got some powerhouses (This GHF friend ordered Golden Armor, Inner Child, Pearly Everlasting, Linden, The Alignment Garden, To Hear the Angels Sing and the Angel’s Releasing Blocks and Limits Set consisting of All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Carry Less, Coralita, Flow Free, Fragrant Ladies Tresses and Mary Queen of Scots Rose) I loved that you got a spritzer bottle as well as I feel that is a very effective way to work with the Essences (more about spritzing here).

Taking Flower Essences more frequently can improve efficacy. Since you mention that sometimes the Essences do not feel like enough, I would work with them more frequently during the day. This could mean using the spritzer more often or putting the Flower Essences in a glass of water at the beginning of the day and sipping this  throughout the day. This is what I do with a quart jar as my Flower Essence water container. In fact we all use quart jars here so people crochet covers to distinguish whose quart belongs to whom.

Sometimes it is a bit of a mystery what the Flower Essences are doing. I often notice how an Essence helped me after the fact. I will realize that I have released some pattern that the Flower Essences were addressing and hadn’t really noticed it’s absence. I also find that if I am not finished learning from an Essence I will feel called back to it if I stopped working with it- I mostly notice what the Essences have helped with in retrospect.

As far as your concern about possible discomfort caused by Flower Essences,

I want to reassure you that they cannot make things worse for you or your electrical system. The Essences are information about how to make our healing process more effective and complete. They are not chemicals that have volition to bring change to your system.

To put this another way, Flower Essences do not carrying any wisdom that would bring discomfort as their whole intention is to help us raise our vibration and leave behind lower vibrations that could cause discomfort.

In addition, your wise electrical system always decides what to do with the information offered by the Flower Essences and always chooses the most healing way to use this data.

You mention concerns about the right dosage. With a Flower Essence, a little bit of Essence holds the same information as a lot of Flower Essence so the amount you take is not a factor. As I wrote earlier, the frequency with which you take an Essence is important as each time you take a sip of water with Flower Essences in it or use a Flower Essence spritzer bottle, you give your electrical system a reminder of how it can solve the concerns you are looking to heal.

One last thought about discomfort. It is a pretty rigorous time to be on the planet. The vibrational energy is going up rapidly, much more quickly than ever before. While many embrace this shift and do their best to accommodate this higher vibration energy, there are others who are expressing their displeasure about this rise in vibration in aggressive ways. This all makes for quite a complex vibrational soup for us to swim in- a soup in which it’s hard to figure out the source of a lot of what we are experiencing and feeling. Yes, this rising vibration requires us to peel back layers and let go- as you say- and we are graced to hear from a lot of people who are working so earnestly to go with this flow. We are also hearing from many who bear the brunt of people who are resisting the flow and making it difficult for others. All in all, these times appear to be a tough stretch for most everyone.

Flower Essences bring a wisdom to this metamorphosis that is so very helpful. This is because their wisdom is grounded in their own evolutionary process and thus is all about supporting us to evolve and change. Every one of us must blossom and grow right now. I am grateful to have the wise counsel of Flower Essences to show us how.

Love, Molly

PS Do you have our Guidebook? This might be a really wonderful way for your to deepen your friendship with the Essences- They want to be staunch allies in all that is going on for you- This book shares their words (and some of mine) for 300 plus pages!