A Happy May Whirlwind

May is never anything but a sprint. Gardens need to be prepared for planting and all the Flowers and vegetables that don’t mind cold nights need to get tucked into their new homes as baby plants or as seeds. There are new bees arriving and TLC to be provided for these much loved members of the Green Hope team.


This year we had the special May treat when William becoming the proud papa of a flour baby. As part of his eighth grade Health curriculum, he has to keep his 5# bundle of joy with him 24/7 and this has led to some memorable moments. Really nothing a fourteen year old boy likes better than going out in public with a homemade doll.


And because baby Fergie is a Sheehan, she loved Flowers right from the get go. Can you tell?

But the REALLY big deal this May has been the rebirth of our website at 8:12 pm on May 12, 2009. Not a bad rebirthday! And we are happy to report that the rebirth went off without a glitch.

So at this time, I would like to take a moment to thank Ben for all his work to completely rebuild the website and to thank Jess Aker for redesigning just about everything on the website- no exaggeration! The two of them live in adjoining apartments and by this time Jess’ husband Ryan probably thinks Jess has moved next door. Ahhhh how rumors get started!

Anyways, Ben and Jess have been models of patience in the face of my comments including, “I want to take just one more picture before we post.” and, “I don’t think that sounds quite right, can we tweek this?.”

Finally this brain trust convinced me that the site is not tablets carved in stone- We can AND WILL make ongoing changes and there was no need to wait to get a photo of our new Flower Essence Celandine in bloom before a launch.

or get the perfect shot of White Bleeding Heart either.


Okay, so we DID wait for those two, but finally, I let go and let Ben upload the new site with some Flower faces missing- I will work on filling in the gaps this summer as will Jess. And in the meantime- Ain’t the new site a beauty? So much more content and finally some organization! I hearby toast Ben and Jess, the duo that reinvented our website!

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