In the Woods

With the launch of the new web site, I am painfully aware of the gaps in our photographs of Flowers.

When I started making Flower Essences, it didn’t occur to me to take a photograph of the Flower before making the Essence. I had no sense of the mission of Green Hope Farm beyond the vaguest parameters. Later this process of photographing everything would seem like a no brainer- but that would be later.

So now I am playing catch up. I have a list of all the Flower Essences in the main collections that don’t have a photograph and this summer I will be working to fill in the gaps. When photographing the Flower is beyond my reach, I hope to have Emily do an illustration. I have her working on this already with some gems from the Desert collection.

I also am beginning to take on the Additional Flower Essence list in the hopes to eventually have a photograph or illustration to share for all these precious Flower Essences too.

In that spirit, I set off into the woods on numerous expeditions this weekend to try and find Wildflowers I needed to photograph. And there was no time to waste as many Wildflowers bloom in the spring but blossom and fade fast. In fact, our early Spring heat wave meant that some treasures like Trout Lily came and went before I could take their picture. I felt myself lucky to find a solitary blossom of Hepatica to use as our Flower representative of the mix Digestive Woes as this one also had passed quickly because of the early heat.

Digestive Woes- Hepatica.JPG

Notice Hepatica’s signature of liver shaped leaves, no surprise it has a place in Digestive Woes.
I also looked for a Flower from our Outburst mix, the incredible Wild Columbine.

Straying into the woods meant finding so many old friends.


Foamflower, from our Additional Flower Essence list, brings wonderful information about cooling down heated situations.
Here’s Ginseng, an incredible powerhouse of an Essence and one we include in our Memory mix. This photograph doesn’t do this Flower justice and I hope to go back and try to get a better photograph.


I love this photograph of Yellow Violet but somehow it is the one below that makes me think on its depths and character as a Flower Essence.


While my description of Yellow Violet in the Additional List suggests that this Essence helps us see the significance of even the smallest of daily events, the maroon veining so apparent in this second photo suggests Yellow Violet’s ability to help us harvest the learning from small difficulties. Meeting her again in the woods meant that I will go back to the Additional Essence list and revise (and hopefully improve) her description. My walks also meant that some Flower friends who had not been made into Flower Essences before, became Essences yesterday.

Starflower is in the primrose family. Isn’t she exquisite?

Canada Mayflower or Wild Lily-of-the-Valley has been a friend since childhood. Now I will need to sit with her and find out her vibrational gifts.

White Baneberry, above, was a new acquaintance as was Miterwort, below. Both are also new Flower Essences as of yesterday.


Miterwort has small cup shaped blossoms up its long stalks, all appearing to listen attentively. Given its double leaves in opposition at the bottom, I bet this one is about listening better in partnerships. I will need to take some and sit down and listen myself before knowing for certain.

The last Flower who insisted on being included in this blog was the familiar Wild Violet. Such a sweet face!


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