Elemental Love

The comments on the blog “From Entitlement to Gratitude” were plentiful. Most thoughts and questions were about the shift in the Elementals interactions with us.

Here is one e-mail from a Green Hope friend named Kavita. Both her question and the Elementals’ answer as received by Kavita are so very beautiful and clarifying:

Kavita writes, “I was puzzled by one aspect of the elemental’s choice to shift their relationship with humankind in certain instances.

I interpreted what I read to mean that the elementals were now choosing to withhold love / no longer willing to extend love to humans in certain circumstances. This seemed dissonant with my gut sense of elemental energy – which feels only loving, to me. I thought I would ask them directly about this.

I wandered out to the woods on this land where we live, land which is currently in resurrection mode thanks to recent renewed loving contact with all beings inhabiting this land and lots of lovely flower essences.

I told the elementals I was glad to have a clearer sense of them, and that I am much gladdened to join with them more consciously now.

They informed me that ‘Belief is not necessary. A willingness to join and a cooperative spirit is all that matters.’

I told the elementals of the quandary I described above.

They told me, ‘Withholding support is not the same as withholding love (to which a sort of addendum was offered: ‘Withholding love is not possible – only through a veil of fear can this even be perceived as possible.). Withholding support is sometimes appropriate at this time. Doing so with loving intention causes no harm, even if in your perception harm is being done. If the idea of ‘dead matter’ disturbs you, you are placing too much emphasis on the perception of material reality. Nothing dies, in love’s realm – This is the only reality. We encourage you not to concern yourself with the circumstances in which we may choose to withhold energy, support, what have you. Tend to your own garden of loving intention and action. Molly wished to light a fire of loving awareness, to which you responded. Honor Us and All with your love in spirit and action. This is all we ask. We are with you in love – even those who do not know it, even if we believe they should, Love Prevails.’

Thank you Kavita for your willingness to share this exchange with all of us! Love, Molly

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