Sophie, Thursdays & New Animal Wellness Brochures

It’s Thursday so Sophie Cardew, Deb’s daughter, is here. Her day at Green Hope farm is one of three jobs she has. One job is at Simon Pearce pottery doing glazing and trimming. One job is at the Cornish, New Hampshire General Store doing pretty much everything. We grimace at her descriptions of cleaning the store’s deli slicer! And we get Sophie on Thursdays.

All day long Sophie cheerfully bounces back and forth from the barn, carrying in loads of everything necessary to restock our shipping stations. Sometimes there is time at the end of the day for her to get out in the gardens. A couple of weeks ago she spent the afternoon transplanting seedlings with me. But usually she spends the whole day getting us ready for next week’s orders.

One recent Thursday, Sophie and I decided we needed to reorganize where all this stuff was coming from. We tackled the barn itself. The barn is always in a state of flux with inventories running low and new and usually different stuff arriving to fill the space. Things get disorganized out there.

After our morning in the barn, we were so proud of how tidy we got the place. There was even some room for Ben’s pottery wheel for a few days. Before our work, it had been squeezed in between cartons of colored Flower Essence boxes. Ben could wedge himself down among the boxes, but could hardly lift his elbows to center the clay. We got things so organized that there were a few golden hours during which sunlight poured in upon Ben in a spacious room as he threw earthenware pots for the garden.

This zen like moment was short lived.

At the end of last week, Jim picked up 20,000 copies of a revised edition of the Animal Wellness brochure from the printer and unloaded them into the barn. Just a few short days before, a palette of 30,000 1/2 ounce cobalt blue bottles had arrived. Murphy’s Law requires that all tractor trailers arrive at the farm when no one but me and maybe one other fortunate soul is here. This time Patricia was the lucky one who got to heave all the boxes of bottles from the trailer truck into the barn with me. As always, we were proud of ourselves, but glad to see the tractor trailer truck pull away from the farm.

But the point of this blog is to tell you about the new Animal Wellness brochure! It is so much better than the last edition. I have updated the ingredient list for each of the twenty two remedies and also clarified the descriptions of several of the remedies. More importantly, I have rewritten the brief introductory explanation of Flower Essences in a much more grounded way, using my new favorite analogy for Flower Essences as electrical road maps AND at the end of the brochure I give very specific possible ways to use the remedies and explain why all these methods will work equally well.

I am just so glad to have this to share. I really believe someone could get the gist of Flower Essences from this small brochure and have many of their questions answered. (Well everyone has to believe in something!)

Once again, we have printed a copy with ordering information and one without ordering information for those of you who want people to order directly from you. Once again, these brochures are free on request. I have been so excited to see them flying out the door this week. It’s great to send Sophie out to the barn for another box of them. Isn’t it Soph?

Visualize photo of smiling Sophie here. Jim took the digital camera on a trip with his sixth grade class or I am sure Sophie would be happy to pose as she sprints into the office with another load in her arms!

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