Energetic Housecleaning

A dear one going through great travail spoke to me of her hopelessness and helplessness in the face of heavy hits that keep on coming. A list of what she has dealt with in the last year reads like the book of Job. With her signature honesty she noted that she feels so bereft that she doesn’t ask for Divine help anymore: this dark passage has made it hard for her to feel help is there.

Events continue to take a blow torch to my sense that I know what anyone should do in any situation. If I see things one way, something immediately happens to have me see it the opposite way. With this beloved, I didn’t know what I would do if faced with the extremity of her situation, and I certainly didn’t know if I would feel the presence of Divinity in her circumstance. Yet……after a bit, I encouraged her to ask for Divine help whether she believes it is there or not.

After I spoke, I felt perhaps it had been wrong to pony up this suggestion. I don’t know what it’s like to walk in her shoes, and I certainly understand why she would neither feel the pulse of Divinity or have any interest in looking for it.

After we ended our conversation, I stumbled on this Hafiz line.

“It is not known where the real abode of the Divine Beloved is, only this much is clear, I hear the sound of bells from the traveling caravans.”

This reminded me I’m grateful when others share encouragement and their experience of Divinity. These are “the sound of bells from the traveling caravans.” They keep me going and lift me up when I flounder. So maybe it is okay when I ring the bells on my camel.

Which leads me to explain why I rang this bell for this beloved and why I ring it for you so frequently on the topic of asking for Divine help. Perhaps this is a bell that you do not need to hear. Perhaps it will support you. In either case, I salute you on this shared journey. I hope your camel is not too grumpy and that your ride is not too bumpy.

But back to the topic of asking for Divine help. Young children’s energy systems are dialed in to the vibrational changes occurring on the planet. The children are equipped to make the vibrational leap with less bother than us older folks. They have come in with energetic circuit boards that work for the incoming energies. This gives them an ability to assimilate this energy with relative ease. This ease stands in contrast to the work required for us older folk to adapt our energy systems to the incoming light and the new earth grid of light energy.

For us older folks, this shift is a project. Not a crushing one, but nonetheless an arduous one. The grace in our collective situation is that Divinity is not asking us to do it alone. We receive constant support.

So if everyone needs help and everyone is getting Divine help, why does it improve things to ask Divinity and a team of Divine helpers for detailed help? When we ask for specific help, the help can be more specific.

These Divine helpers see our energy system clearly and know what each of us need to make the leap, but they can’t know exactly how the shift is playing itself out in our bodies. A trainer knows how to get us in shape for a marathon, but us explaining how each step of the training is going vastly improves the training strategy and our progress. So it is with this vibrational shift.

In previous blogs (including one on May 10th, 2020 called Welcoming the Light- Possible ways to Proceed and Flower Essences to Help and also one on March 4th, 2021 called Path of Light Trio) I described a specific way I ask for help. In brief, I call in Divinity and the Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters that I work with. I welcome those helping me that I do not know. Then I ask for help to release from my mental, emotional, etheric and physical body what I need to release. I ask for help to welcome the higher vibrations into my energy system, knowing the release has made room for more light. Then I sit or lie still for about an hour.

While this process once seemed like an optional tool to use whenever I remembered it, I now use it daily. Decades ago we had latitude about our time frame for spiritual growth and the pace of our spiritual shift to light bodies. Now we must give our undivided attention to this energetic work. Our planet is on the move and so must we be.

To support this process, I’m also using the Path of Light trio. I’ve mixed the trio into one bottle, and when I begin and finish this energy session, I spritz the mix over and around myself.

The first in the trio, Clear the Path specifically helps us with the vital work of dumping lower vibrations that are no longer compatible with the rising frequency of the planet. These heavy vibrations need to be released if we are going to be able to stay in sync with our planet’s rising vibration.

I ask outloud to deepen the clarity of my requests. Recently I read about a spiritual seeker who was also chief counsel for a multinational company. When pressed with a major problem that he did not know how to resolve, he would crawl under his desk during meetings to ask Divinity for help outloud. This is how important he felt asking outloud was.

I also try to be very detailed. Yes, our cries of, “Help me!” will be answered, but in this conversation with spirit, all the clarity we bring means much more focused and effective support. I also include a request to release what my Divine helpers know I need to release. This way I also receive the support they know I need from their overview of me and my situation.

The process to clear the path takes on unexpected twists and turns. I look to events in my daily life, especially the ones tripping me up, to see what I need to release in order to make way for higher vibrations. I have begun to think everything needs to go but my connection to Divinity. I hold onto this much as a child holds onto its mother’s skirt.

Topics for release crop up like gophers. So many gophers! As issues surface, they seem obvious in retrospect but I don’t see them coming. All these shifts may be necessary but they are disorienting. Time is strange and things we once enjoyed feel alien and uncomfortable. I’m finding myself a bit unsteady on my feet, like a toddler learning to walk after mastering the art of the crawl. I don’t want to go back to crawling but the upright thing feels surreal.

Here’s a little example. I have always thought of myself as fairly adept at the social ramble. My family of origin stressed what I think of as “cocktail party manners,” and I was good at them. This past weekend about a dozen people converged at the crossroads in front of the farm. As I caught up with all these neighbors I found myself completely overwhelmed by this “crowd.” I fumbled my way through the many conversations that sprang up, aware that a comfortable crowd for me has become me and my dog. Was this all a result of covid isolation or have I become an introvert? I don’t really know. This caravan journey is so very dusty. No wonder we need bells ringing!

This dust swirling within and without informs what we ask to release next. In this case I needed to surrender my sense of myself as socially skilled and any rising shame that this isn’t me right now. In this time of metamorphosis all we can do is surrender to what is then surrender again and again all with the support of the vast group of spiritual guides here to help us do it.

These guides are like a crew of expert climbers taking us up El Capitan for the first time. I don’t know about you, but I am going to ask them for their advice then take it. I am going to be specific about what I don’t understand about the climb and how it is affecting me and I am also going to integrate their guidance as much as possible. As I mentioned previously, one piece of advice I get daily is to drink more water. This cleanse process is moving lifetimes of low vibrations out of our mental emotional, physical and etheric bodies and hydration makes the release vastly easier on our systems.

As our release makes energetic space within us, spirit will also help us Welcome the Light. We are not separate from this incoming light but our many illusions of separation clog the flow of this light. As we release, this Flower Essence and the team of Divine support help us let our light predominate in our energy systems.

We are toddlers in our new light bodies on our new earth so Walk in Light helps us steady ourselves as we keep going.

In my toddler state, in any state really, bells ringing across the caravan really help me, so I thank you for all your love.