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No sooner had I pushed the publish button on yesterday’s blog than I received an e-mail from a Green Hope friend named Gina who wanted to know if the Flower Essences she had received from us could have made her feel nauseous.

She had taken her Flower Essences in the evening, had felt a great calm, and then woke up feeling nauseous. She e-mailed me wondering if this was a physical reaction or if some part of herself felt nauseated by the energy of the Essences.

I woke up this morning feeling Gina’s question needed to be addressed more deeply than I addressed it yesterday in the blog.

In yesterday’s blog, I explained how Flower Essences cannot cause a chemical shift in our bodies because they are not chemical agents. In this instance, no matter what Flower Essence Gina took, the Essence could not cause her nausea.

But Gina’s question goes deeper than that.

Can we react with nausea to a Flower Essence? Gina suggested perhaps the nausea she felt was part of her resisting the information in the Flowers.

Before answering this and at the risk of overkill, I really want to be sure that everyone understands that Flower Essences cannot cause nausea.

Flowers evolve only towards greater health and well being. Their vibrational patterns only hold positive information because a Flower that makes counter productive evolutionary choices does not survive.

The electrical patterns of Flowers and their Flower Essences are going to be healing, positive, life giving, and supportive of integrating greater light, love, and goodness. That is the bottom line. They are not going to promote nausea.

When you work with Flower Essences, your electrical system has the same innate desire to make choices that will heal, offer life giving support, or move you in positive directions. In this way you are just like the Flowers Your electrical system will not copy any vibration that moves you in a counter productive direction. Your electrical system wants to evolve only in a harmonious, life affirming direction. This is true for everybody’s electrical system.

But it is not just your electrical system that avails itself to the healing information of the Flower Essences. Everyone has a divine and essential self. Your essential self is in alignment with your electrical system’s desire to heal, problem solve, and move only towards an expanding sense of self. Your essential self wants the best for you. Your essential self joins your electrical system in welcoming the input of Flower Essences. Your essential self is ready, willing, and able to make sense of their divine wisdom in a seamless and happy manner.

I am not talking about outcomes here. I am talking more about a willingness to accommodate information that helps us feel better. Flowers do this. Our electrical systems do this. Our essential selves do this.

A monkey wrench in this flow can be any unhealed part within each of us that does not want helpful information about health, well being, inner peace, or more light and love. This is often a wounded part that may not think we deserve positive change. It might also be a part of us that wants to believe in some sort of illusion that it can control our destinies by trying to stop the healing flow of our lives. When this aspect engages in the process, it may slow down the healing integration of Flower Essences’ wisdom or other healing processes in general. Fortunately, it can never stop it!

As mentioned yesterday, children and animals usually integrate Flower Essences more swiftly than most adults. One reason for this is that any unhealed aspect is usually, but not always, less developed in children and animals than in adults. Our wounds come from exposure to those who carry the same wounds and consciously or unconsciously pass them on to us.

But child, animal, or adult, in all cases, the wounds are built on illusions that will pass away. Only the divinity of our essential selves is real. It is just a question of time before we all know this.

I don’t really know what happened for Gina, but this is my guess. Her electrical system and essential self welcomed the Flower Essences with a palpable sense of peace and calm. They recognized the Flowers gifts as helpful and healing. Some other part of her was nauseated by the idea of the healing information the Flower Essences offered. This was probably the very part of herself that she was trying to heal, but it was a scared part that could only experience this healing energy as threatening. Consequently, it drummed up some nausea to scare Gina into stopping her healing process. Fortunately, Gina was not deterred.

I have certainly had this kind of response too many times to count. My unhealed inner voice can sometimes put up a cacophony of dissonance when I head into a healing experience. Consider, for example, my experience with meditation. For years, I battled with my mind’s voice yammering all through my meditation. Fears, doubts, worries, shopping lists. I tried to shut my mind up by engaging with it directly. I tried to wrestle control of my meditation from my mind. WE WILL NOT THINK ABOUT THE LAUNDRY! This, of course, worked well for my mind, because this focus kept my mind in the spotlight, controlling the whole experience.

Finally, I gave up. I decided to just let my mind talk, but pay it no attention. I imagined that my mind was on a stage with me during meditation. I suggested that it go over to the other side of the stage and talk all it wanted to whatever audience it could conjure up, but I personally would no longer listen. Nowadays, during my meditations, my mind may or may not be yammering away. I really do not know. I am not engaged with it, so I am not noticing it either. I meditate. My mind does whatever. The power to define my meditation is no longer in my mind’s control.

So if I were in Gina’s shoes, I would try to see my unhealed aspect’s response with gentleness and humor. I would let it throw around its reaction of nausea to stir up my fear and then I would mix up more Essences or do whatever else my essential self wanted to do to keep on with my life work of unconditionally loving myself and everything else. I would also take some of our combination remedy “All Ego Contracts Null and Void”. It was created to help with this very situation and is a wonderful friend.

Thanks Gina! Your question was so important! I thank your essential self for writing. I have no doubt that your essential self will prevail! It is the only thing that is real. Someday we will all know this, no matter what is being said by my mind back there on that stage.

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