The Generous and Safe Gift of Flower Essences

During this era when so many of us are bombarded by chemicals that affect our environment and our body chemistry, Flower Essences stand apart.

They are not chemical.

They do not react with our systems in a chemical manner.

You can’t take too many, because they are not things. They are information.

Their model for supporting our health and well being is not chemical but electrical.

When I began my Flower Essence inservice with the Angels many years ago, I didn’t even know what questions to ask. I had no idea what Flower Essences were. As my learning continued, I experienced the gifts of Flower Essences, but I did not know how to explain anything about Flower Essences in a way that made sense to me or anyone else.

My love for Flowers and my trust in my Angel friends helped me happily go with the Angels’ curriculum. I didn’t worry about diving into Flower Essences, because I had been out in the garden nibbling the Flowers since I learned to crawl. At first, making Flower Essences seemed part of the same journey as the rest of my life with Flowers. But it wasn’t.

Flower Essences were a departure in a new direction. One that I am still learning how to explain.

Over the years, my descriptions of Flower Essences have gotten clearer. I hope, in years to come, these descriptions will improve further.

Right now, I like to described Flower Essences as problem solving information.

As Flowers evolve, they solve certain problems.

If a Flowering plant’s micro climate is a desert, this plant will learn to grow without much precipitation or it will die away.

If a Flowering plant’s micro climate is the edge of the sea, at the receiving end of constant wind, salt water, salt spray, and extremely changeable conditions, this plant will learn resilience, a certain kind of cheerful toughness, and adaptability or it will not survive.

Flowering plants that have solved their environmental problems will flourish by their own adaptive ideas for living. These adaptive ideas exist as an electrical pattern in each plant, one that can be read by other species as well as other plants.

Reading a plant. That sounds sort of odd. But really, it is a variation on what we do all day, every day. We read each other, feeling good from some encounters and burdened by others. We do this with plants, animals, and eco systems as well.

I bet if I asked a million people if they had to pick between a sunny day at the Grand Canyon or a trip through a smelting plant, there would be nary a one to pick the smelter. We all know what we want to soak up. We all know what electrical vibes we want to take in and those we would rather do without. We all know what we need.

Sometimes, it’s neither practical nor possible for us to visit a Flower or its eco system to read its problem solving information. Flower Essences make it possible for us to read the problem solving information of Flowering plants that we might not be able to visit in person.

For all the folks who have been rebuilding their lives post Katrina with the support of Flower Essences, they are getting the Irish Flower Essences information on resilience, adaptability, hope, faith, and good cheer amidst flood times without visiting the Flowers in Ireland. They are getting the consoling information of Green Hope Farm Flower Essence mixes like Grief & Loss or Anxiety without having to shop around and visit a lot of Flowers that might or might not hold helpful information for supporting them through this traumatic situation of loss.

The Flower Essences travel to them with healing supportive information. The red shiso stabilizer is nothing but a vehicle to transport the information. The information is everything. And this information offers invaluable inservices from the wise and generous Flower companions of our shared planet.

Each of us gets to decide what to do with the information of the Flower Essences. Everyone’s free will is respected. Nobody’s body chemistry is messed with against his or her will. Each of our electrical systems reads the Flower Essence and then, from the wisest place within us all, each of us decides what to do with the information. Is this the right information for me and my healing? Each of us decides. There is no imposition, just a gift offered that we can learn from if it is right for us.

I have mentioned before how swiftly animals and children soak up the vibration of Flower Essences and make healing changes in their lives as a consequence of what they have learned. They recognize the spirit of friendship with which Flowers offer their wisdom. They know it is their choice to learn from this wisdom or not. They know they deserve this support and embrace it wholeheartedly.

How I hope that this blog today has helped each of you join the animals and children in feeling a little bit more certain that Flower Essences are safe and that Flower Essences don’t do anything but offer healing information for you to read or not, with you ever in a place of choice. Most of all, I hope that no matter how you go about your healing journey, you will sink down even more deeply into the truth that you are loved and deserve every bouquet of Flowers this beautiful Earth wants to give you.

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