Being Vessels of the Divine Feminine

The incoming Divine light flooding the planet is intense. It is so BIG. Yet all around us things appear to be in uproar. What does it mean that there is so much light pouring in yet so much drama consuming our attention? How do we deal with this?

For those of us embodying feminine energy, it’s time for the self care of no longer being pulled into all the dramas. It’s time to resist anything that calls us to pick up all the energetic garbage others want us carry for them.

We have other work to do.

The Aquarian Age is upon us. Its symbol is a vessel holding life giving water. This symbol is a big clue as to the nature of our true work.

The incoming light is imbued with the energy of the Divine Feminine. We thirst for this energy, because we are the HOME of this beautiful light.  Our bodies are meant to EMBODY this energy.  We are the Aquarian vessels created to contain this radiant, joyful light. We are the Aquarian vessels meant to ground the Divine Feminine into the very fiber of our planet by grounding her light into every fiber of our being.

To say it once more (as I am so apt to do) HOLDING THIS LIGHT IN OUR BODIES IS WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO DO!

But right now, we are overburdened. Our bodies, our energy vessels, are too full with the energetic crap we carry for others to fully welcome in this light.

We are at the profound shift we have waited for so long.  Now more than ever, we must cleanse ourselves of ALL energetic garbage so this light- so abundantly present already- can fully fill our vessels.

Most of the energetic dirt in our vessels is NOT OURS. We have been conditioned to believe if there is a mess, it’s our mess. We’ve bought into the idea that regardless of the drama, we are the clean up crew 24/7. NOT TRUE.

In addition to these ideas of infinite responsibility, we’ve also been bogged down with culturally imposed guilt that leaves us meticulously sorting the garbage before dumping it, so we don’t mistakenly throw out something we “should” have kept. Let’s use that meticulousness to meticulously clean our energy system.

Don’t even bother to figure out whose crud it is. Just get rid of it. We want to give the Divine Feminine the clean vessel she (and all of us) deserve to inhabit- a radiant unburdened vessel born from our self-care. Send all the garbage out through a christed grid to be transmuted by the central Sun. This will mean the garbage is permanently removed and dissolved. NO GUILT NECESSARY.

As we dump the garbage we’ve been holding, it’s also vital to cut ourselves free from the insidious ego contracts we made to hold all this garbage.

 It’s not true that being a garbage can is lightworkers’ work. 

Lightworkers are meant to hold the light not hold the darkness dumped on them.   

Now is the time to leave everyone to their own garbage. Now is the time for everyone to deal with their own trash.  While few acknowledge this, everyone on this planet knows it’s time. We all go to spirit and hear truth at night. We all know what is going on here on Earth and what we must individually and collectively do about it.  Everyone knows they need to stop playing power games of obfuscation, misdirection, lies, blaming, conflict and dumping garbage on others. If people resist the truth, it is not our job to pick up their garbage so they can keep acting inappropriately. We can’t hold up the incoming light anymore by bogging ourselves down with everyone else’s garbage. It is not our job. 

In addition, when we pick up others’ energetic garbage we empower them to keep going in the same counter-productive ways. We have long fueled the very forces that have kept us trapped and downtrodden. BUT NO MORE.

We have been told “being loving” means protecting people from the truth of their actions by taking care of their garbage. This is not true.  We don’t have to protect anyone from the consequences of their choices by holding their garbage for them. It doesn’t serve them, and it doesn’t serve us.

Thousands of years of the illusion of duality and resulting power games have also warped and twisted us into believing the ridiculous idea that “being loving” means we deserve whatever gets dumped on us and must hold onto forever.

NO MORE!  For too long we have thought we are responsible for all the garbage.  No, we are responsible for being our light.

It is time to let go of any last remnants of shame, low self-esteem and other by products of being lightworkers under constant attack that led us to this feeling we deserve nothing but garbage.

WE DESERVE TO BE HOLY VESSELS HOLDING THE LIGHT. Any feelings that we don’t deserve this light need to go. 

In truth, WE ARE THIS LIGHT. In receiving this light, we welcome back OURSELVES. 

I had a vision this morning of Gaia throwing off the chains that have so long bound her.  How is this accomplished? If each of us embody our radiant Divine Feminine light, it will happen fast and beautifully.

We’ve dreamed the dream before and had it smashed to bits. It can feel like just too much to break these contracts and risk the walls caving in on us again. But this is a very different moment in the evolution of our planet and humankind. We are so close to a turning point -a breathe away- and if we rise up together, throw off the shackles of energies that are not ours and release these heavy punishing contracts of shoulds, we will help this planet light up as it never has before.

For many decades, I have born witness to tens of thousands of you cleaning your energy systems, working to break these ego contracts and seeking to cherish yourselves and the light even in the most dire circumstances.  Don’t falter now. We are so close.  Keep going and know that truly you are in an immense tribe of lightworkers working together to flood the world with light and love.  Here at the farm, we get to see this every day in our connections with you. Soon no lightworker will feel isolated, and all will be revealed in the light of a New Earth.


Those dramas are so compelling even though they are about as real as reality TV. Still, they suck us in, then we get thrown the mop to clean up the whole mess. Here’s support to see above and beyond the dramas (and avoid the mop): Equanimity, Vision, Eyes of Mary, Alpine Pennycress, Verbena Bonariensis, Love it and Leave it

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Gaia wants you to feel safe here, but she knows it hasn’t been safe for you for a very long time. That is about to change. Gaia is ready to welcome you, heal with you and rise up together with you: Upwards and Onwards, Phoenix Rising, Indian Pipe Wound Healing

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