The Great Escape

To say there is a lot of planetary action in Capricorn right now is the understatement of the new decade.

As a child, I was led to believe that being born in Capricorn was an indication I would grow up to be a charmless, humorless, driven and exceedingly materialistic jerk.

My own experience of this sun sign is that it has brought me much wisdom about right relationship with Earth as well as opened me into a deep and powerful connection with nature. I truly cannot imagine having co-created Green Hope Farm with my beloved Angelic and Elemental partners without my Capricornian connection to nature (or my Capricornian mountain goat constitution).

With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn right now and Saturn and Pluto almost to the exact point of conjunction with each other, we’re all getting a taste of Capricorn energy right now.  Yes, I know it can be a bit serious, a bit constricting, a bit dour but it is also a chance to dive deeper into a  loving partnership with Gaia and all beings of Nature. It is a time to live in greater harmony with all that is. And this planetary focus in Capricorn helps us with this vital work.

Another thing I consider EPIC about this January’s energetics is that they give us a chance to CLEARLY see our ego bindings to those who call themselves authorities AND THEN HELPS US BREAK THESE CHAINS.

There is something relentless about Saturn in Capricorn. It illuminates every last one of our bindings to government, academic, societal and religious structures, their ideologies and the people who would tell us these constructs are more powerful than us or our light.


We don’t have to see this press of energies as a marching order to continue to fall in step and do as we’ve been told.  Instead, by having all these connections highlighted, we get to cut them ALL loose with great clarity. Then we can let Pluto, the great transformer, sweep them all away into that mysterious place “out there” where Pluto resides.

I’m trying to approach this intense astrology by paying super close attention to everything that triggers me with a niggling should. These shoulds are the rattling of the chains that bind me to old authority contracts. The key to unlock them all is in me now.  It is in all of our hands.

As these mind ideas come to the surface, I can see them and let them go.  The energy of this month brings everything to the surface, but I have to choose to cut myself free. AND I CAN DO IT!

Also……. IT IS TIME.  Saturn is about timing and time and never more so than when Saturn is in Capricorn.  Hasn’t it felt like 2019 (or maybe one’s whole life) has been about waiting for the right time with every last thing working to hold things up? Well now, it is time to be unbound.

It is time to see who or what we gave our power to and end these contracts once and for all.  Each of us belongs only to our own self.

Some of these bindings are pretty blatant and some are a lot more subtle.  One of my triggers is feeling responsible for people and situations I am not responsible for.  This has been an issue my whole life.  I’ve wanted to turn the other cheek so badly that I had to be dragged into some pretty dramatic situations to realize this is NOT always the right way to proceed.   Yes, if you’ve read old blogs you know I am the person that had difficulty breaking off from a brother who tried to kill me and my children and breaking off from parents that funded and in every way supported this brother while he was trying to accomplish the deed. I did break away, but it took the threat of death to get me to give up my bindings to mistaken ideas about what I owed my family of origin.

This is an old story for me now and one I hope I have wrung dry of meaning and purpose.   Whatever freedom and learning I took from it is part of me now, but this Saturn conjunct Pluto energy comes in now to take me further along in the clear out every last binding out of every last corner of my being.


May the Angels’ January gift of Be Fearless help us ALL fearlessly welcome the project and do the work.

It is time for all of us to be meticulous about how we use our energies and what we bind ourselves to, because we need our own energy to birth our new selves for a New Earth.

At a certain point in the birth process, the mother-to-be has to stop taking care of anyone else in the room and give all her strength and focus to the birth itself.  Afterwards she can step back into a different role as caretaker of self and child, but in the birth, she must go deep into herself to find all her own strength and free it to do this work of birth.  This is where we are. We need all our energy to give birth to our new unbound self.

This configuration of planets means the timing is specific. Cutting ourselves free from bindings isn’t a casual task we can put off. It is the most vital task for us right now.

It’s like the jailor has left the building to go get donuts.  We’ve got the key in our hands. We can free ourselves right now! The passage out of the building is clear. It’s time to go! So get up and go!

As I was considering what needs to be cut free in my life, I realized that I would not have birthed Green Hope Farm had I stayed in the quagmire of my family of origin.  Mercifully, my children and I survived my family of origin’s insane drama so it is easier for me to be grateful that it cut me free from that dynamic.

Now something else arises to be born in me and all of us.  I must do the cutting so this birth can happen. I don’t need the absurd over the top dramas to tell me this is so. I know it.   We all know it, and we all know what we need to do. We need to trust what we know over what we are told by experts or really, by anyone else. We need to take back our power about everything. We need to be willing to have no one understand us and keep going in what we need to do even if no one understands us, and probably no one will.

A mother giving birth knows how she needs to move and what position she needs to take, yet women giving birth are still put in stirrups. No more stirrups for us be they ones foisted upon us or those we put ourselves into.

It may be that no one is going to give you props for going for a life free of bindings. You may even question your right to do this too.  You still need to go for it!

We’ve had so many thousands of years with these bindings.  To a certain degree, we are comfortable with this prison and sometimes want everyone else to stay there with us. BUT IT IS TIME.

As we unbind ourselves, may we support others to unbind themselves too.  Most of all, may each of us do what we need to do to leave our jails. Mighty forces have our backs in this right now.  They are shouting in our ears, “GO FOR IT!”

And after the great escape? What lies ahead?

Life may surprise us yet.  We may just find that the other side of this serious Capricornian work lies the expansive joy of Aquarius. Just ahead at the bend in the road lies a world still out of sight but one that will be more beautiful and magic than we can imagine.


All Ego Contracts Null & Void– Whatever the authority contract, its time to rip it up.

Soul Retrieval– Your soul belongs only to you.

Be Fearless– Our gift with any order through January. Please see the previous blog for more about this.

Alex Mackenzie Rose– The courage to do what we need to do.

Queen of the Night– A flashlight to help us see in the dark.

Centered Birth– Because we are giving birth to a new self AND a new planet.

The Sacred Feminine– This is the part of us that sees the chains and knows what to do to break them all.

The Sacred Masculine– This is the part of us that will help the Sacred Feminine to do the work.

The Way Forward– Life is a Camino. We may not know where the trail is going, but the yellow arrows will show us the next step.

Fisterra– Breaking these contracts means the end to so much that needs to go. Yet with these endings comes new beginnings.  Fisterra helps us feel the beginnings just out of sight waiting for us.