No more Cinderella!

When I was a kid, there was a beautiful merry go round by the ocean in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. As part of the ride, almost but not quite out of reach, there were rings to try and grab from your horse. Each time the merry go round did a full circuit you got another chance to seize a ring. In fact, there was a big box of rings with all of them brass except one golden ring that got you another ride for free. 

You had to make a big effort to grab a ring.  The rings didn’t drop it your lap as you rode by.  Instead, you had to lean way out, still holding onto the pole of your moving horse, all the while concentrating to get just the right angle to pull a ring from the ring box.  It’s probably considered too dangerous now, but it was fun, so fun. I don’t remember if I ever got a golden ring. The fun was in trying.

This is one of those times when we need to summon our natural joy, enthusiasm and sense of deserving and grab a ring.  Yes, we are sailing around this dizzying merry go round of life on Earth. It is a doozy of a ride, but just in reach is a golden ring. And not just one golden ring but one for each of us.

A dimension of beautiful and high vibration energy is ready for all of us now. Or as my code writing sons would say, the upgrade is ready for us to download.  It’s complete, pristine, vibrant and all of us can slip into its stream of light. We do not have to leave the planet to be in this higher vibration, we just have to decide we want this energy to be our earthly reality.  Each of us has to decide we’ll move on from the familiar heavy energies of the 3D earth grid to rise up and grasp the golden ring of the unknown, this higher 5D energy.

Perhaps this is why I keep writing so fervently about self care.  We all have our laundry lists of why we think we don’t deserve to go to the ball but must sit home in the cinders. Some of us might say, yeah but where is the fairy godmother to pull up in a pumpkin carriage with the perfect outfit and some promises about who is already at the ball. Those fairy godmothers are with us already in the guise of the Angels in our lives. By Divine appointment, the carriage is ready. However, we still have to find the courage within ourselves to step into the carriage.

As we consider our choice, we get glimmers of this new energy. At the farm we find it our wonderful Venus Garden that for so many decades has grounded 5D energies here. Even without the glimmers, other forces encourage us forward.  We have an ennui that presses us to look up and see beyond the tired old and irrelevant dramas that hedge us in.  The people and things we thought were so cutting edge seem staid and out of date. We feel uncomfortable in the smallness of it all, and when we look up, the very stars call us to expand our self-definition to something bigger.  

Yet reaching for the golden ring means reaching for something we don’t know very much about. Phrases like unity consciousness and spiritual freedom sound kind of esoteric even unappealing in comparison to the compelling nightmares we are immersed in. And really, could the world survive if we didn’t stay back in the thick of every last mess being “the responsible one?”

Sometimes even suggesting we grab the golden ring seems like heresy. But this is not a turning our back on humanity for a me moment, this is expanding our light in a way that serves all creation.

If someone was performing open heart surgery at night in a dark woods, it would help to have as many powerful flashlights pointing at the surgery as possible. So if you feel guilty about focusing on the upgrade versus the dark night dramas in your life, remember receiving this upgrade means you become a more powerful light in your world.

The Angels have been telling me that it’s an individual decision for each of us now. They have the 5D grid in place for all of us to access, but they have to respect our free will. No one can make us grab the ring, and no one can keep us from grabbing the ring. We just have to be willing to go for it. And from everything I hear from the Angels and from what I have experienced in the gardens here, I doubt anyone is going to opt to go back to that darker cinder filled place.

In a memoir I read, the protagonist is on a hike with her spiritual teacher. After many miles climbing a steep and dusty trail through baking heat, they pass a beautiful artifact lying on the side of the trail. The protagonist doesn’t think this relic could possibly be for her, and she walks right by it. A few miles down the trail, her teacher stops and says, “You know, that was for you.”

It’s like this with this energy.  We can always come up with some story about why we don’t deserve the gift of higher energies, more Divine Love and Light.  We can always count ourselves out because we need to stay back and clean the kitchen.  But maybe the best thing we could do for ourselves AND everyone else is grab the golden ring and see what happens.

So here is a Cinderella prayer I’ve been using: “Help me know I deserve this Love and Light.  Help me Welcome in the Love and Light completely into every cell of my being. Help me know that this is the highest good for all.”

The vibrational energy of Flower Essences help us access the wisdom of the Flowers. This helps us with this quest because Flowers KNOW they deserve the incoming Divine Light and Love. Here are some Flower Essences that jumped forward this morning as wanting to help you dust off the ashes and get in the carriage!

Celery The Essence calling LOUDEST to help you welcome in this energy. Spanish Shawl: No more kowtowing to artificially dictated ties and bonds. Common Knapweed You ARE enough and always have been- not another dish needs to be washed before you welcome this energy into your being. Wintergreen Reminds you of your freedom to shine when you’ve been given the role as a doormat in too many dramas- That means you Cinderella!!! Fremont Pincushion: Knowing your infinite worth, especially supportive for those of us whose core experience has been one of feeling of no value. Tree Peony ” You are the infinite universe, but you must discover it and find that out. I will help you…always.” Meher Baba