Upwards and Onwards to a New Earth

In the weeks since launching the New Flower Essences for 2019, I have learned so much about these new beloveds from working with them more intensively and from email conversations with you..

In particular, the new Venus Garden combination from this season, Upwards & Onwards, has stepped forward to support us in  many unexpected (at least to me) circumstances.

One particular way I learn a new Flower Essence’s strength is when you ask for  Flower Essence suggestions for a certain situation or concern and then the Angels suggest this new Essence.

And so it has been that as  many of you ask for Essences for “unlearning”, “decluttering” “trusting my own voice” “solving the same old problems in a different way” “dealing with rage” “taking back my personal power” “letting go of shame”, “taking charge during a crisis” “finding the hope to go on” “dealing with the intensity on the planet” and more, the Angels keep suggesting Upwards and Onwards.  Yes, many other Flower Essences are suggested too, but so often the Angels include, in any group of suggestions, Upwards and Onwards.

As mentioned when we introduced Upwards and Onwards, the actual garden that birthed this Essence was pared down to the essentials. It had intense clarity and focus, somehow managing to be both simple and mesmerizing.  The garden got to the point when nothing else did. It  knew what it was and what it was there for.  It was everything we could hope to be in these murky and chaotic times.

All the Venus Garden Essences born from the Venus Garden support the spiritual evolution we are undergoing.  Each year’s specific garden mandala builds on all the gardens that have gone before and address the particulars of the evolving spiritual dynamic on Earth.  Many of the older Venus Gardens remain very relevant, and I reach from them often.  They have a timeless wisdom.  However, the newest Venus Garden, in this instance Upwards & Onwards,  is always the Angels and Elementals freshest offering of healing vibrations to serve our evolution at the particular juncture in time.

And what a juncture it is!

We are being called to dump the very foundation of our way of life  built from patterns of 5,000 years of ingrained patriarchy and move forward in a whole new way with a  freedom to make new choices  unencumbered by what was.

Speaking for myself, sometimes it is very hard to not feel  shame as I realize how I bought in to things that were just not true.  I’ll spare you another of my food rants and share instead an example that hopefully isn’t so polarizing  This would be my recent realization/ feeling of shame that anything I told myself about ancient Greece as the birthplace of democracy was just an uninformed story I bought into.  In Judy Chicago’s book about her exhibit, The Dinner Party, she notes that the women of ancient Greece were rarely allowed to leave their homes and were viewed as the property of the men who “owned” them. This, of course, is not such a different tale that the history told about the founding of America’s “democracy’ versus the truth.

1776 and only 144 years to wait until women get to vote! No wonder the cast of the musical is ALL MEN!

My younger office cohorts are incredulous at my stories of having to wear dresses to school, not being allowed to play sports and all the other things about a childhood in the 60’s that seemed normal at the time, but do I really see it all that clearly myself? Even now?

When I feel shame, the Angels encourage me to be gentle with myself, take my Essences ( Thank you Konigin von Danemark Rose) and embrace beginner mind in which it is not important to go over and over my  failures to see clearly during patriarchy, but to use my energy to embrace the letting go of the whole construct.


I can see that there isn’t any point or even any extra energy available for this kind of beating ourselves or anyone else up for what we didn’t know or understand   We just need to move on and let it all go.

As the Angels keep reminding me,  the rising vibration will push all of us to shift our energetic bodies from first gear to fifth then on to a kind of cruise control where the Divinity within us will drive the show.  It is very hard work to go through the gears so fast and  requires all the energy we can bring to the change process.

Remorse, blame, judgment, shame have a limited use.  If they help us shift gears, so be it . Otherwise we need to dump them along with the patriarchal constructs that shamed us in the first place.

Things are moving very fast.  Structures we thought were here to stay are falling away.  It’s time to go deep and anchor in Divinity. It’s time to let everything go without picking through the remains. There just isn’t time or energy to waste on this. Plus the Angels are adamant that we cannot afford to look back and lower our vibration by dwelling on the mistakes made.  We need to look forward, prepared to abandon everything we thought we knew or thought we needed or thought was right and be open to understanding everything and to creating actions from a whole different place.

One of the lovely things about reading your emails is getting a glimpse of  bigger forces at work moving us all along and opening us up to experience life differently.

Birth is  painful, and we all need community that will contain us in the birth pains and validate the intense suffering we are going through.  We are grateful to be in the trenches with you as we all experiences these birth contractions.

We are also so grateful for the amazing glimpses you share of the New Earth we are birthing.  Each day brings stories of such love, such wonder, such closeness with Divinity, such synchronicity and beauty.

You lift up our hearts up and inspire us. You help us in our own efforts to move Upwards & Onwards. You help  us to let go of all that needs to go as best we can.You help us to be gentle with ourselves amidst this messy time of challenges. So thank you! And may this blog help lift you up too.

May we also be open to the  Divine Midwives at our side and and take to heart their messages of hope and encouragement: “You are getting there.  Keep going, The birth is coming soon. You are going to make it.  The New Earth is coming and it is worth it.”