And We Knit the World Together

Each week at the farm has its own themes.  On any given day we see waves of orders for certain Flower Essences. Sometimes the waves are Flower Essences that always flood out of here, but sometimes it’s ones that sit more quietly on our shelves.  Since we are all interconnected in indivisible oneness, this shouldn’t exactly surprise all of us in the office, but somehow it always gives us a thrill.  We relish these waves so much and often ponder what they mean.

This past week the Essence flying off the shelves in record numbers was Vision.  I love this Flower Essence combination mix, and I love how we made it.  To create this Essence we dedicated an entire garden season to growing a 50′ diameter mandala of Red Shiso in the shape of an eye. When the Red Shiso bloomed, we made an Essence from its blossoms in the pupil of the eye.

Much as it might seem Vision Essence would be straightforward in its strengths, it has mysterious depths and offers its gifts in a vast number of ways.  When people ask for specifics, I often mention the Hollywood cinematographer who, until his retirement, always took Vision before and during his film shoots. However, Vision has been used in so many ways by so many, sometimes for eyesight issues and sometimes for more abstract reasons.

One purpose that crops up a lot is using Vision to support us in seeing the big picture or seeing each other as part of a seamless whole. Even though Vision is for eyesight, we were not asked to make a mandala of two eyes but one.

My six year old granddaughter, Grace, now refers to Greta Thunberg as “our Greta” because she and I have spent so much time tracking Greta’s progress sailing across the Atlantic to our shores.  She arrived in NYC a few days ago.  With legs still wobbly from the transition to land from the high seas, Greta was asked by reporters the usual divisive questions.  Greta considered all of the questions then always answered in a framework of working together and not dividing us from each other.  She appears to experience the world not as an “us versus them” situation but through the lens of oneness with all of us needed to solve the climate crisis collectively.  I am grateful for her ability to articulate her mission and live it outside the box of the world culture’s divisive way of looking at each other.

The Angels note that many souls born recently will not have the same veil of forgetfulness about who they are and why they are here that we adults often have. Instead of a many decades search for meaning or purpose, they will quite simply know their missions right from the get go.  The example of this that the Angels gave was, yes, Greta.

At this press conference on the docks,  someone asked her when she became focused on the climate crisis.  She said she was 7 or 8 when she started to think about the climate crisis and what she could do about it.  I am heartened to think there are other young souls out there who are awake to their missions and ready to act.  What a gift this clarity and energy will bring us all.

The Angels often use the analogy of each of us as like an appliance that only works when it is plugged into the electric current of the household.  They note how ridiculous we would find it if we tried to plug the vacuum cleaner into another vacuum cleaner to get it to run.  The analogy gently reminds me to go to source for my energy.

Today I heard a podcast in which Marianne Williamson used a similar analogy of each of us being lamps that only work when we we are plugged into the electricity/ Divine source/ natural intelligence behind all creation. I liked how she took this electricity analogy a step further than me with my vacuum cleaners. We are all different kinds of lamps illuminated by the same light source.

How fortunate I am to experience so many different  kind of lamps each day.  In a time in which people can get bogged down in divisive rhetoric and imaginary ideas of separateness, I feel lucky that my week involves connecting with so many people from so many places in a space that acknowledges our commonality and connection.  I get to send out love with the love of the Flowers and I get to receive so much love back.  It never ceases to amaze me that each day  I chat and write notes to interesting people in Okmulgee, OK, Fuquay Varina, NC, Springs, NM, and dozens of other interesting places where our lamps may be different heights and different colors and needed to illuminate different things, but what illuminates all of us is a common source of love and light.

I started this blog thinking I was going to begin with writing about the other wave of the week- that was all the grandmothers we connected with who are hard at work helping to raise their grandchildren.  These grandmothers shine on and keep lighting up their worlds, knitting them back together after suffering and loss. I salute all the grandmothers- so steadfast and steady in their love. I feel lucky to be in your numbers, doing my best to knit the world back together at your side and taking strength from the example you all set.