Flower Essences for Inner Listening

In following up on the previous blog, the Angels wanted me to suggest some Flower Essences that help us with our inner listening, and they also clarified what inner listening is and isn’t with this remark:

“Give your inner listening more weight than your outer listening.  This is key in the world right now.  By inner listening we are not talking about listening to the mind- that is outer listening.  we are talking about listening to the voice of the heart, the still small voice of the God within.”

Flower Essences for Inner Listening

To Hear the Angels Sing– We created this combination remedy to support listening to the God within as well as the Angelic kingdom who are best heard when we are grounded in our hearts in a place of oneness.

Daffodil– This beloved Flower Essence has an I AM affirmation that says it all: I AM attuned to the voice of the God within.

Allamanda– If there was a lot of yelling, criticism and angry words spoken during your childhood and as a consequence you tend to believe harsh critical feedback over loving kind feedback, Allamanda helps to dissolve this erroneous filter so you can be more objective about criticism directed at you and see  it for what it is-the ideas of other personalities, not absolute truth. This paves the way for you to hear and take more seriously the loving words of the God within.

Allamanda from Taiwan– If you have internalized negative verbal patterns of abuse and are constantly saying mean things to yourself, this Allamanda helps you let go of this pattern.  It helps you stop kowtowing to the fear that all this critical inner dialog is true and therefore is something you need to keep telling yourself.

French Marigold– French Marigold takes on the job of healing any sort of hearing glitch that interferes with us hearing what is actually being said.  It helps us handle radical change, energetically rebuff inharmonious mutations and in an era in which we are being bombarded by new untested technologies, French Marigold helps us protect our hearing.

Spider Lily– This one helps us sort audible data so that we screen out lower vibration information and hear more clearly high vibration wisdom including the voice of the heart.

Fireweed– This Flower Essence helps us breakthrough any blockages we have about accessing spiritual wisdom.  Fireweed grows particularly well on recently burned land. This reflects how it can support us after our lives have been burnt to the ground and help us find our way and access the inner truths we need to move forward to a new life.

The last one I am going to mention is such a wise friend.

West Indian Sage– Dear grandfatherly West Indian Sage explains, ‘Many of the Sage Essences that you have at Green Hope Farm give clarity about direction while also encouraging right action. They move you along on your outward journey in the world when you need to get moving, helping you set off in the right direction like a good compass and a map. I AM a different kettle of fish. I AM about stillness. I AM about encouraging you inward. You are everything already. Sometimes the solution is not external but an inner turning towards your eternal inner identity. On the map of your life, I hold my finger on this still place within. This helps you find the trail inward, the spiral towards your center.”