Boundless is Born

The Angels named this year’s Venus Garden Boundless. What kind of Flower Essence did it create?

Today, we begin to find out. It’s the Autumnal Equinox here at long last, on the unusually late date of September 23. At Green Hope Farm, the Autumnal Equinox has been the traditional day for the new Venus Garden combination Flower Essence to be ready to share, and this year is no exception.

Boundless is ready.

As many of you know, the Venus Garden is a very high vibration place at the farm. Each January the Angels give me a completely new design for the Venus Garden, interweaving Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables in a unique mandala. At the close of each summer, we make a Flower Essence combination mix from all the Flowers growing in the garden. The Venus Garden Essences hold more than the vibration of individual Flowers. They hold the vibration of the garden mandala and the spiritual intention of each unique garden as set by Divinity. These Combination Essences usher us to new vibrational places. From this garden have come many of our most beloved combination Flower Essences including the Alignment Garden, Phoenix Rising and Don’t Worry-Bee Happy.

This past January when I received the design particulars from the Angels, they told me the name of the garden was Boundless. I found that thrilling, but I didn’t know exactly why.


In early June the garden itself was planted in purple Flowers with two waves of white Flowers rolling through the sea of purple. I had a lot of mishaps growing the required plants in the greenhouse, because two of our cats kept sneaking into the greenhouse to sit on the baby plants. While there was an entire greenhouse of plants to choose from, they never sat on anything BUT the plants for Boundless! I was not sure I would have enough plants for the garden because of this cat discernment.


When it came time to plant all the young plants, I had an ample amount- a boundless amount! In the dictionary boundless is described as not limited in any way. Not even the naughty cats could limit this garden!


To begin with Boundless looked a lot like its design. The waves of white Flowers could be seen flowing through the carpet of purple Flower gems. Then the garden took off in unexpected directions. Flowers I had not planted in the Venus Garden in many years appeared and grew swiftly to gorgeous maturity. Many tall plants rose up in a bevy of Flowers. In a garden I expected to be only purple and white, there were suddenly many vibrant colors. Pink hued Flowers were particularly abundant.


From the first weeks of planting, the Flowers extended themselves out from the garden into the encircling grass. The Snapdragons in particular launched themselves into the lawn. I mulched about two feet more around the entire perimeter to keep all the plants tucked into the garden and not in the path of the lawnmower. Many Flowers immediately reached out beyond this new edge. This garden declared itself boundless.

I savored this exuberant, unexpected garden, but I still didn’t know what it or the Boundless Essence were about. The Angels explained that as Boundless gives us a vibration that we seek but do not know, the sense of unknown and mystery was natural. Furthermore they wanted to explain this garden and its Essence’s gifts to all of us,

“We shower you with blessings night and day and at every moment. We love you beyond imagining. We are also so happy for you that you are here on this blessed planet at this blessed moment. We want you to look up and open your arms wide and receive the shower of blessings flooding in. We want you to let go of your worry thoughts about not deserving. We want you to accept the most personal of loving gifts from your Creator who loves you more than you can imagine.

The task for you is to open and receive. To throw out the doubts about your worthiness and simply ignore any voice that would say no to this YES moment. Take the gifts on offer. In fact, grab for them as you grabbed for the golden ring on the merry go rounds of childhood. Open your arms and your hearts and let us give you everything we want to give you and everything Divinity wants to give you.

This Flower creation, Boundless, is one gift on offer. It is roadmap of the movement of embracing the light and your boundless Self. It supports you to release all limits about who you think you are or can be. It helps you realize ALL you truly are which is, in truth, boundless. It helps you dissolve any self-definition that contains you to release you into self-expression that is beyond your wildest imagining.”

Question: In opening our arms and hearts wide, what is it we are opening to receive?

Angels: Your Self. Your Divine Self. This is not about manifesting a Maserati or having an unlimited amount of bubble gum. This is about letting illusionary limits be washed away by the incoming light so that you realize your Self with a capital S.

Question: This garden feels very beyond words to me. With all the unexpected Flowers arising through the ones I planted, someone might call this garden a hot mess, yet I love it and feel like it has nothing to do with anything I can see or grasp.

Angels: Your true Self is beyond language. Soon language that seemed to defined you will be understood as a limitation from an eternity ago. Your true Self is beyond your ability to conceive or contain with words. That is where Grace comes in, because you are heading towards an experience of Self that is not based on anything you know. What you now consider the reality of Self or the reality of the world will feel as limited and as false as the view through a kaleidoscope. Yes, looking through this tube is absorbing for awhile, but it’s not real.

This garden is not about its appearance either. It has nothing to do with its appearance. The physicality of the garden and the physical drops of its Flower Essence are strictly links to a vibrational experience of expansion and boundlessness. Consider Boundless like a key in the door. You can’t look at the key or the door and have any idea what lies on the other side, yet the key gets you through the door.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to share about this new Essence, Boundless?

Answer: Your work is to avail yourself to the spiritual gifts on offer. Boundless helps you abandon anything that stands in the way of you opening to receive these gifts. It helps you break down the walls of resistance and self imposed limitation to make the most of this unique moment in creation, this time in which so much Love and Light is here for the taking because of Divine Grace.