Flower Essences and the Rising Vibrations this Summer


This summer, like waves on a beach, higher energies have been washing over creation in a series of enormous waves.

It takes a lot for most of us over the age of about ten to assimilate these energies, and assimiliate these energies we must.

Today I am going to share the guidance I have been given about these waves, how to assimilate this energy and some of the Flower Essences that have been and continue to be particularly helpful for you and your animals right now.

No sooner do we seem to get our sea legs under us, having accommodated a wave of higher vibrational energy, than another wave of light comes in and we must begin anew to hold even more expansive light.

And this particular round of energy shifts is not yet finished. We are going to have quite a busy September.

Some years we have not even one spike like the many we have had in so many successive waves this summer. In asking the Angels why there needed to be so many energy spikes in just this one season, they simply say, “It’s time.”

For many years the Angels have reminded me that everyone here on the planet has been fully informed about this immense vibrational uptick underway. Yes, some of us are more conscious of the changes, but all of us are aware even if only on an unconscious level.

For most all of us, this is why we are here. The very planet where we are manifest is taking us forward in our spiritual evolution without us having to do nearly the work required for this kind of spiritual evolution in other eras. It is an incredible gift of GRACE from Divinity but also somewhat of a project for many of us to handle.

For a number of years I have been talking about how different aged people respond to these shifts differently. Why is this?

Technology gives me a vocabulary to discuss this.


When those of us born before 1979 incarnated, we had electrical circuit boards that were wired to plug into the existing circuit board of our planetary home. The vibration of Earth was a lot slower so our electrical circuit boards were wired for this slower vibration. However, we came into incarnation knowing the vibration would radically increase in our lifetime. And again, this was the very reason most of us came into incarnation at this time.

For many of us pre 1979ers, we have been upgrading our electrical systems most of our lives in preparation for these energy waves. We knew that if we wanted to accommodate this energy in our personal energy systems, we would need to continually upgrade our electrical system. We have done this in so many ways with so much help from Divinity. But this summer’s shifts have been particularly demanding for our electrical systems even if we did the work all along.

Why is this? It’s a lot of rewiring in a short time, and we have no choice but move and ground the energy in ourselves even as we work to rewire.

This is one reason Flower Essences are so useful for us. They show us the way. They help us reboot! They help us do the necessary rewiring swiftly and more easily. They are electrical information and electrical problem solvers, and they give our electrical system road maps for making the changes.

The younger you are, the more the electrical circuit board you were born with is in sync with the current vibration on the planet. Because children came from spirit so recently, they come in with the most accurately wired circuit boards for what is now happening. They have much less rewiring to do.

Yes, the children coming in really are wired differently than us. It’s the reason some people will choose to step out of their current earth bodies and come back in again soon in a new body. It is a lot easier to assimilate these energy shifts with one of the new operating systems than an old one!

Children will have their own issues with the energy shifts, but they can handle the light energy much more easily than most of us older folks. Like the rest of us, they came into incarnation right now because of these shifts and because of the spiritual opportunities these shifts are going to give them. They will need the steady presence of an older generation for many reasons but assimilating the light is not one of them. THEY WERE MADE FOR THIS LIGHT!

I am not discouraged for those of us who are older. We can make all these changes, but we need to do it with more intention and clarity.

As we work to accommodate these waves, we need to be very attentive to our inner guidance and follow this heartfelt guidance to the letter. We can’t just do whatever we feel like right now and get around to our spiritual work later. Our spiritual work is the electrical work of accommodating this new energy. We have to do this now, and only our heartfelt guidance knows exactly how to get this done. I can’t say this too strongly: the moment we are in requires us to pay attention and follow our guidance exactly.

This is unprecedented territory for earth and all humanity. Not even the Angels know exactly how this is all going to go down. It is a Planetary Improv!!!!

That’s why we need to stay in the now of our current guidance and follow it precisely. The electrical changes are happening swiftly. Our electrical systems are accommodating the shifts in unique ways with both moments of sailing along in bliss and hitting inevitable glitches. We need to listen to the still small voice in the heart and follow its guidance because this guidance is fine tuned to the exact situation occurring and exactly how we are responding to it.


One afternoon recently I was guided to sit under a tree and not move for four hours. I was asked to not even get up at any point. In general my guidance has been to slow down or even stop to give my electrical system a chance to catch up. I sat there for four hours, glad I happened to have a book within arm’s reach! I have noticed that if I try to circumvent my guidance by not asking what I should do, events run interference so that what I wanted to do doesn’t happen. I am grateful for the intervention of our “upstairs” beloveds, but it sure is easier for our energy systems and the Angels guiding us if we just follow our guidance from the get go!

It is that important that we give up all ideas about what we want to do in favor of what needs to be done.

Its time to surrender to both the guidance and also the amazing grace of this moment!

IMG_0317 (1)

What Essences have been flying out of here in a flood to support us?

GROUNDING- This is true even for the animals whom I think of as usually pillars of groundedness. So many of us have needed the wisdom of our Grounding mix to help us ground this incoming electrical data and keep our bodies grounded to Earth at the same time. This is the expertise of Flower Essences- to help us be Divinity in grounded physical form- and yes, this is where the energies are taking us: towards a greater experience of our Divinity.

Dizziness has been a symptom of needing Grounding Essence and needing to get more grounded. If you do a meditation to ground yourself, it is important to ground to the heart of the Earth not to Earth in general. This helps us anchor in the highest vibration of the Earth, not the places where Earth too is having challenges accommodating the energies.

BREATHE- For many, me included, I feel these incoming energy waves most intensely in my head. The upper chakras are where the energy comes into our systems first, so it is not surprising that we feel it there first with strange headaches and other symptoms in our heads. Check out the listings on the website for the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras to see what is calling to you. Your system will know what it needs so trust what you feel attracted to working with. We have send out an enormous amount of Breathe which serves the fifth and sixth chakra. The animals have also needed this one a lot.

TO HEAR THE ANGELS SING- This one helps us hear our guidance better. There is nothing more important than this except maybe following the guidance!

ALIGNMENT GARDEN, CORALITA, LARKSPUR, FLOW FREE and WATCH YOUR BACK- We are all going to run into some glitches and places in our system where we have difficulty moving the energies- This is just a sample of the Essences that help us keep things moving while untangling the electrical knots and smoothing the flow. As most of you know because I say it ad nauseum, the Angels have me use Flow Free every day.

VITALITY, PRECIOUS BLOOD, BALANCE IN A BLUE MOON, REDWOOD- We are birthing the new. A new planet and new selves! It’s not always comfortable. In fact sometimes it is downright exhausting. These help us summon the energy to do the work we need to do.

GOLDEN ARMOR, EYES OF MARY, ALL EGO CONTRACTS NULL & VOID, ALIGNMENT GARDEN- If our old habits take us into the territory of saying YES when we feel like saying NO it’s time to follow through on the NO’s. We need to take care of those we are called to take care of from our hearts and souls not because of habits, societal rules, personality bindings or anything of the ego. Then we need to give anything we are not to carry anymore back to Divinity which can handle this transfer of responsibility with ease. It is no longer enough to discern what is and isn’t our business. We need to save our energy for what is in Divine alignment with our purpose, not what others expect or we were programmed to do. This is why these Essences that clarify purpose moment to moment and help us break free of old habits are so important.

Again, listening to our guidance AND FOLLOWING IT is so vital. If you were climbing in the Himalayas you would need to follow the lead of your sherpa guide. We are in the Himalayas and our sherpa guide resides in our hearts!

One last thing- My guidance has encouraged me to drink a lot of water with Essences in it. As we raise up our vibrations we flush a lot of old stuff out. The more we hydrate the more easily the flush goes!

We are on email Monday through Thursday to help you find specific Flower Essences to serve your specific situation. It remains a heart felt priority for us to be there for you on email. Please email us if you are called to!

Lots of Love and Joy! Molly