Navigating Conscious Oneness or What to do about Tigers

The energies of these times support us to increasingly experience ourselves as one with one another.

We are receiving unprecedented support to release the illusion of separation and experience the complete realization that, “You and I are not we but one.”

Today I want to discuss a few of the complexities of expanding into an experience of oneness in a world in which many remain asleep to this truth.

Some of the complexities are challenges that empaths have long struggled with. More specifically the thought glitches wired into an empath can carry over when empathy expands into an experience of oneness.

Before I go further, here is a link to something I wrote about being an empath.

It seems worth going over some of an empath’s challenges, because I suspect most people who are beginning to experience our unified energy field more clearly began their lives as empaths.

An empathic child has an awareness of what others are thinking and feeling from an early age. I suspect most empathic children assume everyone is as empathic as they are. They assume everyone holds a similar awareness of interconnectedness and therefore is making decisions from this place of interconnectedness. When adults who are not making decisions from this place make decisions about them, empaths assume they must deserve what the adults in their lives are doing to them. They have no choice in their thinking but to assume this.

Many empaths have parents who have no natural empathy or sense of oneness. This assumption that the adults in a child’s life are looking out for the child from a place of empathy is an unavoidable misunderstanding on the empathic child’s part that can lead to a profound lack of self love as the child struggles to accept that he or she deserves what the adults are doing to him or her.

This sense of deserving what others are doing to them because we are all one often carries into adult life. It leaves empaths hurt, confused and disappointed by their treatment by others. The key here is grounding the truth that other people don’t feel connected as empaths do and are reacting from their illusions of separation consciousness. But this is very hard for empaths to grasp.

Once you know the answer to a riddle, you can’t go back to NOT knowing it. Empaths KNOW we are all connected. It is very hard for them to imagine there are really people who don’t know this.

Like everyone else, I have been at the receiving end of some harsh treatment from people wrapped in separation consciousness. I have wasted much time puzzling how they do not understand that we are all connected. It is hard for me to grasp that they do not, BUT THEY DO NOT!

When an empath’s understanding of the world blossoms into an expanding experience of the truth of our oneness, the same challenges continue to exist.

This is how it was explained to me by my guidance, “You can recognize a tiger as one with God, but this does not mean you should sit down and have tea with him. The tiger still thinks of himself as a tiger and may eat you!”

I was raised in a den of tigers. It is surprising they ate only part of me. Sometimes my survival makes me naïve about tigers. My wiring, laid down by my tiger mother, was an exhortation to live to serve tigers. This makes my default mind idea when faced with a tiger an idea that all tigers are my business. This idea kicks in with my own variations on the theme like, “As I learned a lot about tigers in my childhood, shouldn’t I take on any tiger thrown my way to try and tame them?”

The answer is always NO and frankly, you would think by now I would notice that I have never tamed a tiger- EVER!

This is where a gift of our expanding experience of oneness saves the day. As we grow in our awareness that we are all one, this oneness includes those beings in a state of complete conscious divinity. These beings stand ready to help us across the rocky terrain of our own expanding consciousness.

There are a million images for the spiritual path we are all on. One of them is the image of being led towards a high mountain peak by an experienced guide. The foothills of the mountain can be navigated by anyone, but higher up in the mountain we need a guide who has been there before.

This is to say, navigating our expanding sense of oneness is territory no longer in the foothills. It is easier in fact NECESSARY that we seek the guidance of others who have done this already. EXPERIENCED MOUNTAIN GUIDES so to speak- GOD REALIZED BEINGS THAT KNOW THE WAY!

One of the big surprises for me as I have sought guidance from God realized beings who are way out ahead of me is that I always am advised to leave the tigers completely alone.

Sensible advice of course, but having grown up with tigers who wanted me to take care of them, fix their problems, give them an arm or two to snack on, I still struggle with my hard wiring to think this is my business. Thank God, our guides are willing to say over and over and over and over to us, “NO!”

When a new tiger arrives in my ken, I don’t always notice the pattern until I have been dropped to my knees. But what comfort it is when I finally ask and get told,

“Just another tiger. Leave them alone. They are God’s business not yours.”

(My business appears to be keeping my hiking boots on and trying to keep up with my guide! )