Rhino Lives!

It’s been too long since we heard from Rhino, that noble friend of dirty dishes and tired mothers.

Good News!


Rhino not only lives, but he is on the trip of a lifetime.

Rhino has gone home to his true homeland.

Rhino is in Kenya.

And he is not alone.


He took some bears. Lots of bears.

Rhino departed for Africa with sixteen knitted bears. Once that afghan project was done and the afghans were on their way to Afghanistan, I couldn’t just sit back with empty hands during all the evenings when Rhino and the other men of the household were watching soccer, golf, the tour de france. Yes, yes, I could be in another room reading edifying literature, but sometimes I just want to sit with Rhino and company even when I have no interest in their sport du jour.

Sooooooo, I found another knitting project called Mother Bear. Mother Bear sends these little knitted bears to children in Africa and other countries throughout the world. I started a collection of bears to send to Mother Bear. Then when Ben and his girlfriend Megan got the opportunity to go to Kenya to help build a school outside of Nairobi, I decided to give the bears into their charge to share as they wanted.

Imagine Rhinos delight that Ben’s latest travel plans included Africa.

Imagine my delight at thinking of all the little bears I had knit being given to children by Megan and Ben.

So here they all were this weekend, right before they left for the airport. Rhino is perched on Ben’s shoulders in his typical supervisory role. Megan and Ben are preparing to stuff the bears in their suitcases.

Can’t wait to share the photos of Rhino, the bears, Megan and Ben in Africa.

Life is good!

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